We all live under the impression that only physical work leads to exhaustion. But the truth is even when you are unhappy with something, and you continue to do the same unhappy things, it leads to stress. And that eventually exhausts you both mentally and physically. It is especially true in the case of being in a hopeless relationship where there is no excitement or spark. You get mentally exhausted from the relationship when you genuinely see no happiness and growth in your bonding.

So, if you have been through such a stage in your life but did not notice how emotionally draining your relationship is, then here are the signs that will give you a clear understanding of how damaging your relationship is.

If you are mentally exhausted from a relationship, you cannot focus on the other areas of life

The way your bodybuilding comes to a halt once you suffer an injury, the same way your personal growth stunts once you slide into mental exhaustion and frustration. There could be many reasons for you being emotionally unavailable, but for most couples, the primary cause is their failing relationship.

Bad relationships and toxic partners can leave a massive impact on your mental health. You lose sanity and become extremely indecisive. Some people even lose self-worth and confidence in stepping out of a toxic bond. But how do you learn you are gradually descending into mental exhaustion?

Here are some vital signs that you need to check to keep you from emotionally draining.

1. You constantly think of flirting with others

Well, the very first sign is thinking about dating or flirting with another man. Why would you think of doing it in the first place if you were in a relationship? That’s because you are not happy in this relationship.

Okay, I agree some people also fantasize about being with somebody else even when they are in a committed relationship, and that is normal. But what if you think about being with someone else all the time and not with your partner. That is when you must learn that you are mentally exhausted from the relationship. And you don’t want to be in one anymore.

2. You don’t see your future together

The moment you start thinking about the future with your partner it bums you out. The thought of being together in an unhappy state itself kills the positive vibes in you. So, whenever your partner talks about the future, you tend to shrug off.

Also, the questions about the future perplex you, because you don’t see where your partner fits. You have an altogether different life plan for yourself in your mind where your partner does not exist. It is a clear sign that you are mentally exhausted from the relationship and you are looking ahead to renew your life.

3. Your partner’s presence irks you

Okay, have you noticed any change in your behavior when your partner is around? Maybe you don’t hate him, but you do not appreciate his presence in your life. His presence around you annoys you because of some inexplicable reasons. Does this happen to you?

Sometimes there will be a reason, but other times there won’t be any. It is just that you can’t stand your partner. Maybe it is psychological, or you have just developed some grounds that make you dislike your partner. That is also the reason you don’t want to be in the relationship anymore.

4. You pick up fights on purpose

It is one of the most common signs where you can learn that you are relationship is causing the mental weariness. That is- you pick up fights for no reason. You just want to keep your partner away from you somehow.

And picking up fights or staying in a disagreement for a long time is the only solution. So, that he doesn’t get to talk to you much. And that is why, you just show him how disappointed you are, and it makes you believe that he will distance himself from you.

5. You think this was all a big mistake to get into the relationship

Well, many couples think this way when they have a fallout. Also, after a few years of dating or being in a relationship, couples become complacent. And they start seeing their relationship in a negative light.

That is where you think it was a mistake to commit to someone so soon. And once you start thinking negatively about the relationship, you must accept that you are mentally exhausted from the relationship.

6. Your intimate life is a mess clearly indicates that you are mentally exhausted

Once you start disliking your partner, you will lose interest in intimate relationships as well. Despite taking an interest to rekindle the spark or to spice up things if you still don’t enjoy your love life, then you are descending into mental and emotional exhaustion.

So, even if you try harder to keep at least one part of your relationship healthy you won’t achieve any success. That’s because if you have only one piece of a puzzle and the other pieces are missing, how will you complete the picture? It is the same case with strengthening the relationship.

7. You don’t want to spend time together is a big red flag that reflects you are mentally exhausted from the relationship

Maybe your parents or friends might be telling you to work on the relationship by going on a vacation together. But the mere thought of being with your partner or spending time with him annoys you, how will you enjoy yourself with him?

So, what do you do? You simply make excuses and avoid situations where you will have to be near him. If you are only in a dating phase, then it might be easy to stay away. But what if you are in a live-in relationship or married? It may be a tough call to spend time together.

8. Resolving your relationship problems does not interest you anymore

Another reason why you do not wish to continue with the relationship could be because you have no interest in resolving your relationship issues. Maybe because either there are too many problems or you do not want to solve the same petty issues again and again.

Well, you have to accept that all relationships have minor problems. But if it is a never-ending situation, then you will start losing hope in the relationship. If this is the case, then it is a clear sign that you are mentally exhausted from the relationship.

9. You are no longer a fan of your partner’s cute habits means you are mentally exhausted from your relationship

Is your partner funny? Did you like his jokes before? But now you don’t like any of his humorous attempts? Well, that may be because now you find your partner boring. Also, when you do not enjoy seeing the same repetitive behavior, you tend to lose interest, and I believe it is purely psychological.

But if you pretend to laugh or love the quirky idiosyncrasies of your partner, then you will not be able to love your partner back. So, yes, it is wise that you tell your partner to polish his amusing skills.

10. You only think of making new friends to engage in new hobbies

Mental exhaustion makes you do things that bring happiness. When you have been doing dull and mundane tasks for too long, you will seek fun outside. That is the same case with a boring and hopeless relationship.

You try to make new friends and try to stay happy in new hobbies you picked up. That way, you see newness in life and feel that life is beautiful when you have no boring partner around. And it is a sign that you should not be in such a relationship where you have lost yourself in bridging the relationship.

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