At a certain age, we all are called immature and irresponsible for our actions. Also, some people never grow mature even after they cross the 50s. So, is there any right age to become mature? Well, some science experts report that most people do not behave maturely until they reach the age of 25. However, the law recognizes people as adults once they turn 18. But still, it is confusing, right? Why don’t people become emotionally mature once they turn adults? Also, what are the signs of an emotionally mature woman?

Well, no guide can help you learn whether a person is emotionally mature or not. But here are some signs that will help you to understand how emotionally mature a woman you are.

20 signs of an emotionally mature woman

1. You do not let anger overpower you

Well, it is not easy to control anger when you are in your teens, right? There is hormonal upheaval, study pressure, and emotional turmoil within you that does not let you think straight. But, certain situations and experiences in life help you to control your negative emotions.

Anger being one of the most negative emotions, can ruin the bonding with your loved ones forever. And if you have learned how to manage your anger, then you are an emotionally mature woman.

2. You avoid judging someone too quickly

Weak-minded people judge others too soon. But you know why you should not judge someone because you haven’t been through their journey. There may be many instances in your life that may have led you to think this way.

It could also be because you were judged too soon. So, you changed your approach towards others and stopped judging instantly.

3. You are a compassionate person- Being solicitous is a sign of an emotionally mature woman

If someone comes to you with some problems, you help them without second thoughts. That means you show care and concern towards other people. You are compassionate enough to let go of others’ mistakes.

Helping others in distress and showing sympathy is a sign that you are an emotionally mature woman. But at the same time, you also know how not to let others misuse your compassionate nature.

4. You ignore the flaws of others

I would like to share an anecdote here. Once, I had been to an interview for a content writer’s position. And the interviewer was inept at speaking English. He used rich vocabulary in the wrong context with several grammatical errors.

Half of the time, I spent comprehending what he meant while he went on riding high with his incomprehensible spoken English, believing that he was using eloquent speech. So, did I make fun of him? No, I just felt that he should not be the one interviewing me.

But there was no feedback box, so, I left that place without judging him. Some people are not good at something, but maybe he was good at something else, hence, he was at that level, right? So, I ignored the shortcomings in him and instead thought about all the positive things in him. Was I selected? Yes, I was hired, but I didn’t take the job. If you wish to know more, drop me an email.

5. You are comfortable saying- I don’t know

Many people hesitate to accept if they don’t know something. Instead, they will go beating about the bush and still won’t say that they didn’t know it. But when you are an emotionally mature woman, you won’t feel uncomfortable saying that you don’t know something.

It is absolutely fine if you have no idea what people are talking about at a meeting or a get-together. Stay in the conversation and listen carefully, you will get a hint, and then you can ask one of the members to throw some more light on the topic.

6. You believe in showing than in saying

Actions speak louder than words, right? So, you go by this phrase. You believe in showing your work rather than giving away fake promises. If you have promised something to someone, then you will stick to it and won’t budge until you fulfill the promise.

You are the ‘woman of action’ and not of mere meaningless words. It is also one of the noticeable signs that you are an emotionally mature woman.

7. You follow your dreams- Being self-motivated is a sign of an emotionally mature woman

Emotional maturity is at its peak when you learn to accomplish all the goals in your life. You seek advice from experts, your friends, and colleagues, but in the end, you do what suits you the best.

Following your heart and working hard to fulfill your dreams is always your priority. You don’t get stuck by others’ views or opinions.

8. You know where to compromise

Another likely reason that you are emotionally mature is that you value friendships and relationships more than your ego. So, if there comes a situation where you are forced to take a stand and compromise something, then you will not hesitate to let go of what is hurting your loved ones.

You love to value people and bonding more than anything in this world. So, even if you have to compromise, you will do it without any second thoughts.

9. You are always ready to offer emotional support to your near and dear ones

I believe you become emotionally mature when you have already been through emotional turmoil before. You know how it feels when you don’t get any emotional support from your close friends or spouse.

So, you always offer a helping hand and emotional support to anyone in need. That also shows you are kind and compassionate enough to understand others.

10. You laugh more and sulk less- Staying positive is a sign of an emotionally mature woman

You know life can be hard sometimes. So, you look for ways to keep yourself motivated. You seek opportunities to hang out more with friends, enjoy with them, and laugh with them. You avoid being in a state of resentment.

A quality life is what you aim for and hence, you avoid negativity at all costs. Happiness and no controversy in life are what you desire. And that is a sign you are an emotionally mature woman.

11. You have clarity in your thoughts

A decluttered mind is a sign of a healthy mind. When you are emotionally disturbed, you tend to lose your temper easily. And that makes you make bad decisions in life. So, having clarity in thoughts is very important to you in life.

Also, you make efforts to bring clarity to every aspect of your life by having a decluttered mind. Ideally, emotional maturity begins with clear thoughts.

12. You work on your flaws instead of finding them in others

Many successful entrepreneurs and business tycoons say that perfection is a myth. The key to being successful is to be consistent in your work and rectify the flaws in yourself. There is no point in pointing out mistakes in others.

Instead, you should work on correcting your mistakes. The logic is simple, if you drop the glass, you make an effort to pick it up. Nobody else is going to do that for you.

13. You know over expectations lead to disaster

It is always better not to expect anything from others. If you do something good for others, then never expect them to do the same for you. The more you think this way, the happier you will be.

If you don’t want to help or you can’t help, then don’t do it. Nobody will think bad about you, but when you help and you don’t receive the same treatment, it will hurt you.

14. You know how to deal with distractions

Okay, so by distractions, I mean alcohol abuse or drug abuse. Sometimes, addictions of different natures are also harmful to your mental health. And you know how to deal with those distractions.

You keep yourself aloof from negative people who drag you into such activities. And it is a sign you are emotionally mature.

15. You take responsibility for your actions- Being self-accountable is a sign of an emotionally mature woman

You know it takes courage to accept your mistakes. So, if you have done something wrong, you admit it and take full responsibility for your actions. It shows integrity and maturity. So, emotional maturity comes when you are a responsible person as well.

You know how to behave responsibly when no one’s watching. Also, when you take responsibility on your shoulders, you fulfill it without any mistakes.

16. You don’t compare yourself with others

Another sign that shows, how mature you are concerning your emotions. You know you are unique, and no one else can be like you. You take inspiration from others to become successful, but you never compare yourself.

Also, you avoid giving others advice based on your success. So, for you, the grass is always greener on your side, you are least bothered about other’s grass.

17. You apologize and forgive others soon- Being able to forgive quickly is also a sign of an emotionally mature woman

Yes, experiences and bad decisions teach you a lot. But if you haven’t been hurt, you haven’t lived. So, mistakes and wrong people are the greatest teachers. Well, if you understand this then you learn how to be sorry for your mistakes and be mature enough to apologize for the wrongdoing.

Similarly, if someone hurts you, instead of thinking of taking revenge, you let them go by forgiving.

18. You think rationally, not emotionally

There comes a time when you need to gauge both the rational side and the emotional side of a problem. But when it comes to making a final decision, you go the rational way. And it is necessary in today’s times because no one cares if you are emotional or not.

Everybody here is to take advantage of your good nature.

19. You do not hesitate to ask for help

Okay in this context, I don’t mean asking for financial help. What I mean is- that you seek assistance from elders or superiors to help you get through a problem. If you lack some decision-making skills or you are stuck on something, you don’t feel inferior to asking for a solution from someone more experienced.

And that my friend this is a sign of an emotionally mature person.

20. You love to be your true self: Being free-spirited is a sign of an emotionally mature woman

Last but not least- you don’t feign. You love to show what you are, even if it means people may pass comments about you or build preconceived notions about you. In this case, you are pretty clear that no matter what people will judge so why fear? Let them do their part and you be your true self.

You love to live a fearless life with independent opinions.


Emotional maturity comes through different experiences in life. When you are hurt or you go through some tough phases in life, you learn how to keep yourself calm and collected. It takes time but once you grow through some ups and downs you grow emotionally mature.

Books won’t teach you how to be mature, but yes, elders, renowned authors, legends, and their life experiences can give you some tips on how to gain emotional maturity. But eventually, it is up to you to decide whether you wish to be mature or not.

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