It is perplexing to spot toxic people because they are common like us, only their mindset is different. You will never come to know about a person’s toxicity level unless you spend a substantial amount of time with them. When they open up, you will feel sorry for them. But you may not have any idea that in this process, you may be surrendering to them. And there are ten types of toxic people you should never befriend.

The Types of Toxic People and Their Traits

Feeling empathetic about such toxic people is the first step where we start losing our peace of mind. When I read the books by Daniel Goleman on emotional intelligence, I figured out how each individual is uniquely wired. And those books inspired me to share the different types of toxic people I have encountered in my life. But the question is, how do we learn we are living with a toxic person? Well, once you come across these types of toxic people, you will get a feeling that you are with a toxic person.

1. The Liars

The liars are the most common type of toxic people. They are not the regular liars who lie just to save their asses. These toxic liars lie more often than necessary, and they also portray themselves as the savior or someone who has averted an unfortunate event.

For instance, if you and your partner had a plan to meet at a park at a specified time. And you are informed that due to some unforeseen circumstance, you may have to wait longer than required. But when your partner arrives, he is in all good condition and has no visible bruises, yet he says he met with an accident but survived.

And this is a very common excuse that these toxic liars use. Also, their excuses are mainly based on how they managed to survive an accident or any other dangerous mishap. So, these are some of the types of toxic people you should never befriend.

2. The Rumor Spreaders

People who like real entertainment in life often cook their own stories. They like to see fights and verbal spats in their friend circle. I don’t know what kind of satisfaction they derive from spreading rumors. But they do it intentionally.

You may have experienced some of your friends always having a different version of an event. Why is that? Either they have heard it from the wrong people, or they themselves are toxicity spreaders.

And when you confront them, they again come up with a different version of the story. These rumor spreaders are not trustworthy at all. So, these are the different kinds of toxic people you should never befriend.

3. The Capricious Types of Toxic People

Some Emotional Intelligence experts have a different idea of capricious people. They believe there are both negative and positive connotations to erratic behavior. But have you come across people who have sudden mood swings?

Extremely moody people often become aggressive and impulsive. They make decisions hastily, and if they go wrong, they blame you. Such types of toxic people are way too moody and irrational.

Furthermore, if you tell them that their behavior is unacceptable, they will unpleasantly strike you either verbally or physically. Beware of such toxic people because they are the ones you should be avoiding the most.

4. The Emotional Blackmailers

We all come across such people who take undue advantage of your helpful nature. But how do they make you do things in their favor? They learn about the weakest part of you and use your weakness in their favor.

That is called emotional blackmailing. Most of these types of toxic people naturally hunt out your weakness. But if they don’t find any, they will simply develop one for you. The best examples are drug peddlers.

They look for people who are rich and stressed. So, the toxic people convince them to buy drugs from them to relieve themselves of stress. A majority of them get convinced as well. That is the reason we have so many unsolved cases pending related to drugs and abuse. So, these are those hidden toxic people you should never befriend.

5. The Worst Types of Toxic People are the Victim Card Players

These are some of the worst toxic people because you develop a soft heart towards them. But the reality is you are only trapped in their fake sobs. Also, when they are confronted with their wrongdoings, they will immediately come up with a super disheartening story.

Such types of toxic people pick out their victim cards when you make them realize what they are responsible for. And they will do anything to prevent the burden of responsibilities on their shoulder. If you find such people in your life, seek a way out and avoid such people.

6. The Egocentric Loners

Don’t get confused with the word loners. In fact, these types of toxic people hang out only with a selected type of people. The people who are inferior to them or those who are submissive are the best choices for such conceited loners.

When these toxic people learn that you are below their level, they will befriend you. And they won’t care about your feelings. They live in their mystical world. And they will expect you to hear them out every time. The only solution is- keep such people at bay. These are those toxic people you should never befriend because they will pull you down to their crazy level.

7. The Disparager- Never Befriend These Types of Toxic People Ever

These types of toxic people are the worst critics ever. They are never happy with what others do for them. Even if the work done is of better quality, they will always find some flaws and exaggerate it by saying you ruined their idea.

You will find such people mainly at work, especially the cruel bosses. They somewhere know that you have done a brilliant job. But their egoistic nature will stop them from complimenting you, and instead, they will belittle you.

You must never become friends with such negative people in life. But even if you do, ignore their harsh or foul words. You will come to know about their typical behavior the more time you spend with them. So to keep your mind in peace, never get close to such highly toxic people.

8. The Green-Eyed Monsters

Okay, so these toxic people are way too different from the disparagers. How? Well, the disparagers belittle you and the green-eyed monsters make you feel jealous of others. They will indirectly teach you how inferior you are and how your peers or significant other is better than you.

In short, they question your happiness and prosperity. So, even if you are doing well according to yourself, they will still make you compare your wealth and happiness with others. Either because they are not happy with their life or because they find happiness in making others sad. If you find such toxic people you should never befriend them.

9. The People Who Influence In an Unscrupulous Way

In simple words, these types of toxic people know how to manipulate others and get their jobs done. But they are toxic because they always have hidden motives. They take note of everything that you like or dislike and put these ideas to use to get a favor from you.

Their unethical practices and ideas can also land you in soup. Hence, it is wise to keep a safe distance from such people. If you are worried about how to find if you have such a friend in your life, then better look into the past and see how many of your friends have asked you to do some uncomfortable things.

10. The Insecure Types

People who have insecurities in life often mask their problems by avoiding sharing things with people. Instead, they behave arrogantly or rudely just to prevent people from asking any questions to them.

Also, they take everything at a personal level. Even the slightest remark is a blow to their ego. So, it augments their ego, and they respond rudely to satisfy their ego. These are some of the common toxic people you should never befriend. The best solution is to avoid hurting their ego and staying away from them.

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