The initial days in a relationship are fun and romantic. There is a lovely vibe, and you find yourself attracted to each other. It is indeed a delightful feeling. But over the years, this feeling reaches a stagnation stage, where you both love each other, but grow complacent and distant. You may be spending time together, but it won’t be quality time. Now, you may be wondering why the bonding goes weak. The answer is no compatibility with your partner creates rifts between you two. There are some signs of an incompatible relationship. How compatible are you with your partner?

When you talk about compatibility, it means how harmoniously you live together. Do your interests match? Or are you always on the same wavelength? So, these are some questions that will give you some insights into how your relationship is and whether you are having a good relationship with each other or not.

Let’s have a look at the signs of an incompatible relationship

1. Your partner pays heed to others’ opinions but not yours

Well, it is the first sign that indicates that your views and opinions are always overlooked. If you have ever faced such a situation where you advise something to your partner, but he responds negatively or often neglects them, then maybe you are not compatible with him.

Secondly, it is also about how much your partner values your input. When you suggest something and he avoids accepting it, it means he does not value your help. Or he thinks that your advice is not worthy enough to accept because it may result in nothing. It is a vivid sign that you are not compatible with your partner.

2. The life you are living now with him is altogether different from what you had imagined

During your courtship days, you may have planned your future with your partner. And so maybe even he had, but when you see your present, nothing looks similar. Your present life is messed up, your partner does not ask you anything before making any decision.

Hence, your life is completely different from what you had imagined. Also, as you contemplate your current situation, you think your future is also in danger because you don’t see any personal growth or happiness in your life. Another dreadful sign is that you are not compatible with your partner, nor is he compatible with you.

3. You are much more successful than him, and that bothers you

In this scenario, where you have been together since high school days and then you went on to live together, started small, but you picked up pace whereas your partner is struggling to build his career. And that is disturbing you a lot. What does that mean?

It means you care about him, but you want to see him succeed, yet he lacks effort in making the mark. And that has affected you negatively, so it is a sign that you both do not see eye to eye with each other. And that means you are not compatible with your partner.

4. You both enjoy different things

Another sign of incompatibility is that you don’t enjoy the same things. Your taste preferences are different, your hobbies are different, and your lifestyle is also different. Earlier, you got together because you may have thought that opposites attract, but now you feel like living apart because you both enjoy your lives apart.

What is the point of being in the relationship if everything is a mismatch? Don’t you think it is better to live alone than to have a partner whose areas of interest aren’t the same? See, if you can sort out the differences, or else, the best option is you quit living together.

5. Your partner often belittles you

Constructive criticisms are welcome, but nagging and negative criticisms are not. When your partner disparages you and often passes negative comments about your looks, attire, and demeanor, then you are not compatible with each other.

Your partner expects something different from you, and you don’t want to change yourself. And I believe, it is okay to be yourself. You should not be changing yourself just to fit into his good books. If he demoralizes you often, you better quit the relationship because you are not compatible with your partner.

6. He never offers you his support

In times of crisis or depression, a man runs to his spouse and parents. But what if you are in a similar situation and when you approach your partner for some support, he is not available for you? He behaves like it doesn’t bother him about your situation.

It is a sign he does not care for you. Rather, you should not be with him if he is unavailable. That’s because it is clear that he will never be with you or for you when you need him. Then why should you be with him?

If this continues, you will always feel that you are left helpless and unsupported despite having a partner. You should find a new partner who will offer you support if not financial, at least moral support. That counts a lot.

7. He does not feel sorry for his wrongdoings- One of the obvious signs of an incompatible relationship

When two people are in a relationship with each other verbal spats and quarrels are inevitable, right? But you have to apologize when you hurt your partner or make her feel bad. If your partner shows no signs of remorse, then he does not love you.

Or the other sign is that you are not compatible with your partner, because you may be apologizing when you are wrong, but he does not when he is wrong. So, eventually, you are at a loss. In that process, you are also losing your self-respect. Better take a wise call.

8. You don’t see a confidant in him

Okay, so every woman seeks a best friend in her partner. But what if you have a partner who is only a partner and not a friend? Experts say, when a partner is also a friend, the relationship lasts long and is a happy one.

If you want to confide in your partner but when you share your personal feelings with him, it feels like it fell on deaf ears. Then what is the point? There is a higher possibility that you both are incompatible.

9. Your ideologies aren’t synchronized- One of the signs of an incompatible relationship that can weaken the foundation of your bond

To live a happy life together, your beliefs should be common. A majority of the time, if your ideas and views are similar, life becomes easy. But when your beliefs differ, bickering takes place.

It all the more affects your relationship when you are confused about how to raise your kids. Different beliefs and ideologies lead to conflicts. So, of late, if you have seen that your ideas are way too different from your partner’s, then it is a clear sign that there is an incompatibility between you two.

10. The other signs of an incompatible relationship- His idiosyncrasies are not as cute as you thought before

Quirky habits look cute when you are in the initial days of a relationship. But once you grow together, these odd habits start irritating you. For instance, he always wants to ride shotgun and never drives. Or he always wants to take a shower first because he does not like going last.

So, there could be some other odd behaviors of your partner that you may have found funny before, but now these habits are messing up your head. It means you are not compatible with your partner anymore. Better you make him understand this or leave him for better.


Every relationship is unique and different. The way you knit the bond defines your love for each other. An incompatible relationship cannot be determined in the initial days. It takes time to understand how you two get along. The more you spend together the more you will learn about each other.

Do not jump to a conclusion in just one go. Try to understand each other’s life and backgrounds. If there is love, you can sort out the things. If you genuinely feel that the relationship cannot stand the test of time and that you guys will never be happy together then take a call. Seek advice from professionals and experts to develop better compatibility in the future.

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