Nothing is wondrous to have a warm welcome from a four-legged angel with a wagging tail. If you like having a dog then you must get one. It’s just an addition to your family, but you’ll be happy to have one. Not everyone can manage to have a pet because it comes with a set of new responsibilities. But if you are already prepared with some important dog products, it will ease your worries.

You may also have to dedicate a lot of time to training your pet. Additionally, there are some dog essentials that you cannot avoid. And you must get them before you plan to have a dog. Dog products are easily available in supermarkets. But if you want to get specific dog products then you can buy them online.

Here’s a list of the top 20 dog products you must have before you get a dog.

dog products

1. A Multipurpose Dog Crate

A dog crate comes in various sizes and designs that you can use for multiple purposes. It’s similar to a cage but is spacious and bigger. You can use a dog crate as a carrier or as a blocker to prevent accidents during sleeping hours.

Pets are mischievous when they are younger, so unless they are thoroughly trained you must make use of the dog crates. Also, you’ll find dog crates extremely useful when guests are visiting you. It will become easy for you to control your puppy when it is too young to train.

2. A Tracking Collar- GPS Enabled

Now you might wonder why I need a tracker for my dog. But you need to even if your pet is a puppy. It will enable you to keep a watch on where your dog is and what is it doing. The tracking collar comes with an app that you can install on your mobile.

It’s one of the most sought-after dog products among travelers. People who go on hikes and mountaineering with their pets prefer a tracker for their dogs. That way you know how far your pet is and how to track him without much effort.

3. A Dog Training App

Many people train their dogs with the help of training books. It’s a wise idea. But if you want to keep a watch on how far you have progressed in training your dog you must get dog training apps.

You’ll find innumerable apps that will guide you on how to make your pet learn commands. An app is easy to use and you can easily learn new techniques to train your dog. GoodPup, Pupford, and Pup-to-Date are a few dog training apps that will prove useful to you.

4. An Adjustable Collar with the Right Fitting

The sooner you put a collar on your puppy the faster it will get adjusted to it. But when you get a collar make sure it fits your dog. It shouldn’t make your pet uncomfortable. If it’s too tight then it might be of the wrong size.

The collar must also have adjustable settings so that you can use it for a few extra years. Also, avoid getting an e-collar, as it may harm your pet. As it shocks your pet with electrostatic signals, it can cause psychological distress in your pet and lead to some phobias.

5. Meal Bowls- Washable and Reusable

Meals bowls come in different materials. But you must get bowls made from steel. They are easy to wash and can be reused. Also, do not use regular vessels you use at home. They may not prove useful to you.

The chances of spillage increase when the bowl isn’t appropriately designed. This dog product is necessary to prevent unwanted litter in the house.

6. Portable Pet Water Bottle

It’s one of the most preferred dog products that people love to buy. These dog water bottles are handy and portable. If you plan to go on a hike or for a long walk during hot days, then you can use these water bottles.

They have a side cup that extends out of the bottle which you can use as a water holder. Once your pet finishes drinking water you can you can slide it back and close the mouth of the bottle. Well, no wastage of water either.

7. A Separate Dog Bed and Blanket

Do not try to accommodate your pet in your bed. I know many people like to sleep next to their dogs. But it’s advisable to have an appropriately sized bed and blanket specifically for your pet.

That way you’ll be comfortable to sleep in your bed and your pet will be in his. Let your pet also enjoy some sound sleep. A bed and blanket will also let the dog understand that it’s his territory and that he should not lie on your bed.

8. Install a Hand-shower, Bathroom Leash, and Get a Towel

Still-showers or immovable showers in your bathroom will be of no use when you take your pet for bathing. You will need a sturdy leash as well that will prevent your pet from moving away during the cleansing process.

Also, you must always keep a dog towel handy. Do not use the same towel that you use for yourself. If you want your pet to be free from unwanted germs then do make sure that you use only dog products.

9. Food Containers Only for Your Dog- Yes, these Dog Products are Essential. Avoid Feeding Your Pet in Your Utensils

Containers specifically to store dog food will make your job easy. Most of these containers are air-tight and they prevent food from getting spoiled. Dog food contains non-vegetarian ingredients that are susceptible to deterioration.

So, just to be on the safe side use air-tight containers to store dog food. And prevent it from getting misplaced with other food containers.

10. Safety Gates to Prevent Your Dog from Entering a Particular Room

There are many places at home that you may not like your pet to visit. For instance, kitchen, bathroom, laundry room, or kids’ room. So, just like we use baby gates to prevent a baby from going to a room, similarly you can use dog gates to restrict the entry of your pet.

You may have to get safety gates of a specific size. That’s because if your pet’s height is more than 76cm or 86cm then it can jump over the gates and enter the space. So, just pay attention to this part and get the appropriate safety gates.

11. A Distractor While Bathing

Distractors are mostly available in a silicone material that can be stuck on the wall while bathing your dog. It is one of those dog products that will simplify your job and keep your pet busy during the wash.

They are called lick-mat or lick-pad. You can put cream cheese, peanut butter, mashed banana, honey, or sweet yogurt on the lick-mat. It works as an amazing distractor and your pet will enjoy the bathing process as well.

12. Another Important Dog Product- A Double Handle Leash for Walks

It is very important to have a leash that is sturdy and durable. You have no idea but dogs do have enough power to pull you or attack a stranger. So, you must have a double-handle leash that has one shorter handle to keep your dog close enough during unanticipated situations.

And the other handle will be long enough to let your dog sniff around the park. It’s better to have two things in one place than getting two separate things for a pet. Also, do not keep the leash on if you aren’t going for a walk. Set your pet free when it is at home.

13. A Hollow Rubber Toy

It’s definitely a must-have dog product, that’s because it can keep your pet occupied if you are busy with some important chores. Especially during sweeping the floor or cleaning the kitchen, you can make use of this hollow rubber toy.

It’s hollow so that you can stuff dog treats in them and keep your pet busy playing with the toy. The pets get engrossed in getting the treats out of the toy. And it does keep your pet engaged in that toy for a fairly long time to prevent it from disturbing you.

14. A Dog Grooming Kit

You will need a brush to comb the excess fur, a nail clipper, a bathtub, and a pair of shampoo & conditioner to keep your pet well-groomed. Consult a vet before you take your dog for a bath. Many vets recommend not to bathe your dog more than once a week.

If your dog gets dirty while running in a puddle then wash it off with mild baby shampoo and make use of a hairdryer to dry its fur. Do not bathe it every day unless your vet recommends it. Pets with double fur coats are difficult to groom. So, get a grooming kit appropriate for your breed.

15. Eye and Ear Wipes- One of the most Ignored Dog Products

Small dog breeds often get tear stains under their eyes and at times it looks nasty. So, you may have to clean it more often than required. But do consult a vet before you get the wipes, if the tear stains look more prominent and occur frequently then you must get medical assistance.

Also, you may need ear wipes to clean the wax formation and dirt around your pet’s ears. Some also get ear drops for their dogs but you must consult the vet before you get any medicine or ear drops for your pet.

16. Dog-Friendly Toys and Balls

You might be intrigued to know that dogs love playing with rubber balls. Almost all dogs love to fetch the ball, it’s their favorite game. So, get dog-friendly toys to keep your dog happy.

Making your dog play with the ball can also contribute to your pet’s fitness regime. All you have to do is throw the ball away and your pet will go running to fetch it. It’s fun and your dog will also enjoy playing with its toys.

17. A Muzzle (mouth guard)- One of the Dog Products to Protect Your Pet from Licking Harmful objects During Strolling and Of Course Dog Attacks

It’s one of the important dog products because it can prevent your dog from licking any unwanted thing during a walk in the park or when you are on a trip. Some pet owners use a muzzle to prevent dog attacks.

Most of the people who own hunter breeds like Pitbull or rottweilers prefer using a muzzle on their pets. If your dog has the habit of showing aggression then a muzzle can help. But do not overuse it or it can worsen your pet’s aggressive behavior.

18. A Large Packet of Dog Treats- The Dog Products You Cannot Do Without

Get a different variety of dog treats to keep your pet healthy and happy. Dog treats are helpful when you want your pet to obey your commands. Dog treats prove extremely helpful when you begin to train your dog.

So, always have large packets of dog treats handy. It will also prevent the risk of running out of dog treats at the eleventh hour. Keep track of dog treats on your phone.

19. A Dog Flea and Tick Repellent/Spray- Some of the Unavoidable Dog Products

Your vet can guide you on which flea or tick spray is the best. It is necessary to have these in your dog kit as well. If you are a hiker or traveler and carry your dog along, you must keep a flea/tick repellent with you.

A dog’s coat is susceptible to flea and tick attraction when you take it to moist and damp places. Many vets recommend keeping these repellents and sprays even when taking your dog to a park.

20. Poop Scooper and Poop Bags- One of the Essential Dog Products to Keep the Surroundings Clean

If you are a law-abiding citizen and you love taking care of your surroundings, then you must always have a poop scooper and poop bag handy. Do not let your pet do their job in public spaces, or even if it does, make sure you clean it up.

There is no better way to tell this, but yes, if it’s your pet, then it’s your job to scrape the turd and dump it responsibly.


Now, almost the entire world has turned dog frenzy. So, you will find innumerable dog products online. Make a checklist of the necessities for your dog care. First, search for them at the local market if you don’t find the desired product, then look on the internet.

Dog essentials and food products have come in different varieties and tastes. So, try to explore which dog food suits your pet. You can also seek help from other dog parents to learn which products they use to keep their pets happy and active.

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