Many young adults quit their jobs to travel the world. It’s because either they are passionate about traveling or they just wish to take a break from mundane duties. Additionally, the pandemic has had a huge impact on our daily lives. It led to losses in business and many people got laid off from their jobs. So, one can say that a majority of the population all over the world has faced a financial crisis during the pandemic. So, what if you still wish to travel even when you are running low on a budget? How to travel on a budget, is that what bothers you?

Then here is the answer to your query. There are some viable tips that you can put to use if you wish to travel on a budget. You can either combine the tips and travel with limited expenditure or you can simply put all the tips to use and save money for future travel. Check out how to do that.

Here’s How You Can Travel On A Budget

travel on a budget

1. Start Planning a Few Months Before the Actual Trip

Impulsive planning won’t help you if you want to save money for traveling. Check with your bosses if you can take paid leave during your travel months. It’s possible only when you haven’t exhausted your paid leave. So, please do not harass your HR for that.

Planning well in advance will also help you to know which is the best month to travel. How much the airfares are? How much the accommodation will cost you? Which destination is budget-friendly? How much savings do you have to plan a trip? Once you answer all these questions positively then you can go ahead with the bookings and reservations.

2. Keep a Tab on Airfares

The airfares differ according to the travel seasons. Also, premium airlines cut their costs if there aren’t enough travelers in a particular month. You can take advantage of that and travel in a luxurious and spacious aircraft.

Most of the low-budget airlines also drop their rates to accommodate more passengers. So, if you keep tracking their prices you can choose the best airline that will suit your pocket. It’s one of the easiest ways to travel on a budget.

3. Start Saving At Least 20% of Your Income Every Month

The percentage of savings may vary as per your income. But I always go by this rule, save a minimum of 20% every month before six or seven months of your travel month. Avoid taking travel loans.

Stick to savings and plan a budget-friendly trip. Loans incur interest and that will make you lose more money. Savings is also the best option to have some additional cash in hand. So, try to plan the trip with the money you have. Do not borrow loans, it isn’t a favorable idea when you travel on a budget.

4. Choose the Off-Peak Season

Most frequent travelers know this trick when it comes to saving on expenditure. When you choose an off-peak month, you don’t just save money but you also find many options open to you. There will be a variety of popular hotels and flights open for booking at a limited cost.

So, who wouldn’t like to take advantage of such an opportunity? Furthermore, you can also plan to visit some exotic locations during the off-season. That’s because during those months most of the locations are less crowded, and you can have a sand chair, a room, or a ride all to yourself.

5. Join A Travel Group

You’ll find various travel apps that can help you to find specific travel groups. There are solo women travelers’ groups, senior citizens travelers’ groups, and student travelers’ groups all around the world. Also, there are destination-specific travel groups that allow new members to join at a nominal subscription fee.

Surf the internet and choose your travel group. The benefit of joining a travel group is that you find like-minded people and you save money on traveling with them. They cook meals for their fellow members, travel on contribution, and offer help during a medical emergency during the journey. It’s safe, fun, and easy on the pockets. To me, it’s one of the best ways to travel on a budget.

6. Traveling for a Long Duration? Then Look for a Teaching Job There

English teachers have a demand in many Southeast and European regions. So, if you are planning to travel to any of these locations then get an accredited TEFL certification. It’s a certification required to teach the English language abroad. Also, you do need some teaching experience before applying for a teaching job in different countries.

I suggest looking for a job if you are planning to stay for a long period. Some universities or schools and colleges offer accommodation facilities as well. You can earn, while you travel. But make sure you have all the required documents to work in a different country. Many countries prohibit employment on a tourist visa. So, you may also have to apply for a valid visa. Isn’t this the best idea to travel on a budget?

7. Dorms and Hostels are Budget-Friendly

Before you book any hostel or dorm make sure that you read the reviews. They are undoubtedly cheap compared to plush hotels and premium accommodations. But they might lack some important facilities (kitchen or separate washrooms) that can ruin your travel experience.

So, if you are willing to share a room and washroom then go ahead and book a hostel. It’s one of the best ideas to travel on a budget. They are reasonably priced and you can stay for a longer time if you wish to by paying an additional charge.

8. Travel on A Budget by Sharing the Room and Rent

This is in line with the aforementioned point. If you don’t find a vacant hostel or dorm at your price, then you can book a room and share it with a fellow tourist. It won’t just save you money, but you’ll also have a travel partner if you are traveling alone.

Additionally, renting a space is an ideal option if you are planning to stay for a longer duration. Many local people offer a bedroom or a small living space in their homes to foreign tourists. If you manage to befriend any local people then ask them if they have any room for rent.

9. Become a Fitness or Yoga Instructor

Ideally, a yoga instructor’s job is an in-demand job. Many tourist hotels hire yoga/fitness instructors to boost their footfall. Furthermore, if you get a job there as an instructor you get to stay there for free, meals at a subsidized rate, and a weekly salary.

What more do you want if you could earn while traveling? So, if you wish to travel on a budget, then get in shape and become a certified fitness instructor to support your traveling dreams. Other lucrative jobs also include scuba-diving instructors, foreign language teachers, and guide jobs.

10. Ask for Sponsorships if you are a Vlogger/Blogger or Influencer

To increase the popularity of their hotel or business, many people hire influencers to promote the business. If you are an influencer or a vlogger/blogger then ask for sponsorships to travel to their place to promote their business on your channel.

Even if you aren’t an influencer then start a channel and gain a decent number of followers. Once you reach the desired numbers, you can approach the prominent hotel owners in the market. Easy Peasy! But this requires hard work and dedication. You can’t grow your market value overnight.

11. Work at the Hostel and Stay for Free. One of the Best Tips If You Want to Travel on A Budget

Many hostels offer part-time employment to tourists and backpackers. If you wish to save on rent then you can work at the hostel or dorms and stay without any charge. Some hostels also offer free meals. So, you can save on food expenses as well.

When you search for a hostel or dorm online, look for in-house job offers. Not all mention on their webpage but you can call them and ask whether they hire outsiders for a job. It’s the most convenient idea to save money when you travel on a budget.

12. Use Local Transport Instead of Cabs

This is one of the wise decisions when traveling on a budget. Hiring cabs or other private conveyances can be pleasing but it can be expensive. You won’t have some spare money in case you need it in times of emergency.

So, if you have a local transport facility available at your destination then use it. Some remote locations or private islands do not have local transport. In that case, you can share a ferry ride or a car ride. But do not use private cabs.

travel on a budget

13. Choose the Least Popular Place to Stay. This Tip Proves Useful When You Want to Travel on A Budget

When I say least popular that doesn’t mean, it has to be an old poorly constructed hotel or dorm. It simply has to be the least visited because it may be far from the primary locations or in a remote location.

Tourists usually prefer accommodation that is close to an airport or is situated in a most renowned location. That’s the reason most of these places are expensive. If you want to travel on a budget then ensure that you book a place that is cheap and offers a comfortable stay. That would be more than enough. And for sightseeing, you can share a cab ride or bike ride.

14. Book in Incognito Mode

Of course, it’s evident when you search for hotels or flights online, that the websites track your activity. They keep track of prices quoted in the past and then they display the raised rates.

But if you want to prevent these websites from tracking your search then look for the prices in a private window. You’ll save a lot when making the final bookings or reservations.

15. Make Use of Traveling Points/Cards. Works Best When You Want to Travel on A Budget

If you are a frequent traveler, you can ask for a premium flying card or traveling card from the airlines you frequently fly with. Also, many hotels and tourism websites offer points or privileged customer cards to frequent visitors.

You can avail of various discounts or offers when you book the next time. It does not just save money but you also get additional treats when you fly or book from the same website. For instance, you may get an upgrade to a suite at the cost of a deluxe room. Or you can also get an upgrade to a business class (in-flight) with a minimal charge. You can use all these benefits if you have a valid travel card with travel points.

16. Book a Hotel or Flight When there are Anniversary/Special Discounts

If you are registered with an airline or a tourism website, you’ll receive notifications about anniversary discounts or special annual offers. That’s the best time to book your accommodation or flight if you want to travel on a budget.

Many flyers have a different opinion about booking with such discounts. Some say there is no major difference in the rate as such. While some prefer to make bookings with such discounts during peak time as well. So, eventually, it’s up to you whether you wish to take advantage of such offers. Do take your past experiences into consideration.

17. Avoid Heavy Luggage

You must check the airline’s guidelines for check-in luggage and cabin luggage. Many airlines charge luggage fees if you carry bags weighing more than a stipulated weight. So, if you want to travel on a budget make sure that you don’t carry unnecessary stuff during the trip.

You won’t just save money but you also won’t have to carry weight on your back. If you are traveling for a longer duration then that’s an altogether different story. But preferably you must carry a single bag which can be allowed as cabin luggage.

18. To Travel on A Budget, Travel Solo- That’s the Best Experience

When you travel alone, you have the freedom to discover places at your own pace. There are no restrictions on where to stay, where to eat, how to travel, etc. But when you travel with friends or family, you are overburdened with their choices.

Also, if you want to save money and to travel on a budget there’s no point in traveling with friends. Unless all your friends are broke but they are travel freaks. But solo traveling will give you the best experience.

19. Use a Bicycle to Travel Short Distances

Another best option to save money is to use a bicycle. If you are going sightseeing to a nearby place why hire a cab? You can simply ride yourself there and save money on cab expenses.

Also, many hostels and dorms offer a rent-a-bike facility to their visitors. Some charge you a nominal fee to use the bicycle for an entire day or some let you use it for free. So, in short, you can either rent it for a day or your entire trip and decide as per your requirements.

20. Don’t Tell People You are Traveling (Except Emergency Contacts)

I know this may sound hilarious, but that’s how you can prevent spending money on buying souvenirs or gifts. Friends and relatives always have their lists ready. Or even if they don’t have any, they’ll come up with one.

It’s only you who knows that you are traveling on a budget. Others won’t understand that. So, better you keep it a secret and travel for pleasure.

21. Choose the Airports Wisely. It Helps A Lot When You Want to Travel on A Budget

This may sound weird, but the air distance matters. That’s because the airfares are based on air distance. For instance, if you are traveling to Thailand, but wish to visit Phuket first, you must choose an airport close to Phuket.

Thailand’s most visited airport is Suvarnabhumi Airport which is far from Phuket. So, instead of landing in Bangkok, you must book a flight directly to Phuket. The airfares may differ depending on the location you’ll commence your journey from.

22. Ask for Tips from Other Travelers

You’ll find many tourists who travel most of the time during the year. If you come across such travelers then ask them how they manage to travel the entire year. They’ll give you many tips related to cheap food, inexpensive accommodation, and reasonable rides.

You can use those tips for your future travel. It’s fun and easy to travel on a budget if you know where exactly to spend.

23. You Can Travel on A Budget If You Learn to Cook Your Meals and Buy Stuff from Supermarkets

If you stay in a hostel, you may receive a one-time free meal coupon every day. While not all hostels offer this coupon facility, you can find many online. And for lunch and dinner, you can cook your meals in the hostel kitchen.

Make a list of things that you require of cooking beforehand and visit a local market. If you get the groceries in bulk, you can buy them at cheap rates. You can cook your meals and save a lot when traveling alone.

24. Use Your Bargaining Skills

As per my experience, almost all developing countries are open to tourism. That’s because they can have an inflow of foreign currency into the economy. So, if the country you are visiting has a poor economic condition, then you can use your negotiating skills to get things at your desired price.

I am not undermining any country’s financial growth. But most of the countries have a depreciated currency value in comparison to the US Dollar. So, if you are spending in dollars, you’ll have the power over other currencies. Use your bargaining skills at best.

25. To Travel on A Budget Choose A destination According to the Currency Exchange Rate

This is again in line with the above point. The US Dollar has a good exchange rate compared to other currencies. Obviously, Euro and GBP are also a few dominant currencies. However, when it comes to exchange rates, USD is the preferred currency in a majority of nations.

So, choose a destination that has a favorable currency exchange rate. And is cheap & affordable because you’ll be traveling on a budget.

Let’s Recapitulate

With the digital platforms doing the rounds, you can find the most exotic places at lower rates. All you need to do is explore, contact, network, and join clubs. You may also find multiple travel groups and clubs that travel regularly on a budget. You can participate in their travel plans.

Most budget travelers prefer traveling solo. Once you get a hang of traveling with groups with no more than three or four people you can jump into solo traveling. It saves a lot of money and lets you explore more with minimal expenditure.

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