Love is a feeling, and it can fade away if you just start thinking that you aren’t happy in your relationship. But the truth is if your love is true, then you should consciously commit to your partner to be forever with her. Every relationship has problems, but running away and quitting isn’t the solution. However, if there is no affection left in your relationship, then maybe it is time that you go your separate ways. Lack of affection is also a sign that your boyfriend is losing interest in you.

But how does the lovey-dovey feeling fade away? Well, there are many reasons, but the most common reason is people seek newness in everything. Dull and stale bonding doesn’t interest anybody. Furthermore, sticking to one person for a lifetime sounds boring to many men. And this attitude drives them towards infidelity and detachment from their partner. Having this mindset is also a sign that your partner has lost interest in you.

Let’s check out the other important signs that will help you decide why your partner moved aloof from you. Maybe your boyfriend is losing interest in you.

1. He treats you like you don’t exist anymore

Let’s make this point simple to understand. For instance, you and your partner go to a formal party, and you are left alone among strangers. There is food, wine, and many men and women chatting to each other, but there is no one to talk to you because your partner is nowhere to be found.

He just left you in the crowd and is enjoying himself with his colleagues. How would you feel? You will have a bad feeling that you do not exist in his life anymore. If he behaves indifferently, then it is a sign that your partner has lost interest in you.

2. You have no idea when your partner comes back home

It is good that your partner is a workaholic. But if you have no idea what time he returns home and what time he leaves, then your relationship is in a mess. Your partner has certainly given up on the relationship.

Men often lose interest in marriage after a few years. But you cannot expect your wife to keep contributing to the relationship just to make things work. Every relationship requires input from both ends.

3. He treats you with warmth only when his friends are around

Yes, men can be dual-minded. They will show off to others what a lovely husband he is, but when no one’s watching, he will ill-treat you. Or rather, he will behave as if you aren’t alive and he is living alone.

It is a clear indication that your partner has lost interest in you, and does not want to be with you. Dual-faced men are dangerous. And when you are treated like a litter bag, then it is time that you leave this man and look for love somewhere else.

4. He always looks for excuses to stay away from you

It is a very common sign when your man is cheating on you. He will look for excuses to stay away from you. Or even if he isn’t cheating, then there is something else on his mind that is bothering him. And hence, he just wants to stay alone, especially from you.

When someone wants to stay alone, it does not necessarily mean that you are the cause of their problem. Many times men often do not realize that the problem lies within themselves, but instead of talking to their partner, they become distant.

5. He has also given up involving in verbal fights with you

You may have experienced this in your life- if someone desperately wants to get rid of you, they will stop all communication with you. They will even stop responding to your questions and won’t raise their voice during a verbal spat.

It is a clear sign that your partner has lost interest in you. And maybe he wants you to leave him without any questions. It is up to you to find out the cause of this rift. Either your man is in love with someone else, or his love for you has diminished.

6. He always talks negatively about the relationship

When you realize that something is wrong with your man and you approach him with some questions- he replies with a negative answer. You give him hope, but he is still adamant about his views. It is a sign that your boyfriend is losing interest in you and does not want to be in the relationship anymore.

For instance, if you ask him to go on a vacation with you for a few days, and he asks what is the point in going on a short trip when he doesn’t find happiness at home with you. Such negative responses will kill you from within. But if you wish to save the relationship, then ask him upfront what is the real issue.

7. There is no intimacy left in your relationship- This indicates your boyfriend is losing interest in you

You love your partner, and hence, you make efforts to get closer to him. But your partner is always ready with an excuse. It is a clear sign that your boyfriend is losing interest in you and doesn’t want to be physical with you.

Intimacy can reignite the spark in your relationship, but not for too long. If your partner has decided to stay away from you, he will never respond positively. So, what is the solution?

Talk to him about what went wrong. And if he is still mum about his problems, then you better leave him and find love elsewhere. You have every right to be happy. Don’t try to change someone who has already decided to stay happy without you.

8. You think twice before you speak to your partner

Do you remember your earlier days? You were free and open-minded to your partner. But now you are forced to think twice before you ask your partner something. Why is that? What has changed?

Well, the love and bonding have gone sour. Your partner may not be valuing your opinions much these days. That is the reason you are afraid to speak up. But is this a happy relationship? Why do you have to walk on eggshells around your partner? If he is not interested in you, then let him be. You set yourself free before anyone does it for you.

9. The most common sign your boyfriend is losing interest in you- He doesn’t let you see his mobile phone

Has your partner ever snatched away his phone from your hands? Or does he keep his phone hidden so that you never get access to his phone? Even when he goes to the loo, he takes his mobile with him.

Well, it is time that you take stern action against him. Maybe he is cheating on you. And that is the reason he doesn’t want to stay close to you either. He runs away from you at every opportunity he gets. Why do you even want to live with such a man? Better start your new life on your terms.

10. He doesn’t appreciate you anymore and often derides you- It is a clear sign your boyfriend is losing interest in you

If you are a non-quitter, you may pursue your man to be with you back. But your attempts to fix the relationship are often ridiculed. He does not pay heed to your efforts and leaves you to think that you are an unimportant person in his life.

Then, it is a clear indication that you must help yourself. And protect your dignity and pride by letting this man go away. You know you are a better person, and you will find a better man to love you back. Never lose hope.


Okay, let’s accept the fact that we all are human beings. Feelings fade away after a certain point in relationships. Some couples are dedicated to loving each other hence, they flourish in long-term relationships. There is a sense of belonging and commitment that makes them stick together.

However, now the times have changed. Everyone has better options available due to dating apps. People tend to lose interest soon. So, the problem is their mentality, not yours. So, try to stay collected when in a relationship. Do not blame yourself. Keep your mental health your priority. If someone is meant for you, he will stay with you forever.

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