According to American Psychological Association (APA), COVID19 was found to be one of the major reasons for the rise in stress among US adults. Post-pandemic the stress levels soared even higher because the cost of living increased. And while some were laid off, others had to work under immense stress. Particularly the people involved in essential services had to undergo a lot of stress. So, the question is how to de-stress yourself?

Some studies claim that chewing gum is an effective stress reliever. In fact, it improves blood circulation to your brain. Which further also reduces anxiety and fatigue. But apart from this are there any other stress-relieving activities? Yes, there are! Let’s have a look at some of the best ways to de-stress yourself a post-tedious week.

Go for A Long Walk in Greens

Some research suggests that you must walk barefoot on the grass. It helps in reducing the stress hormone ‘cortisol’ from your body. The stress hormone is the main culprit that makes you crave sugar and fried food.

Walk in a lush green garden that also has plenty of blooming flowers. Colorful and fragrant flowers have the ability to de-stress you. They are not just soothing to your senses, but they also make you feel relaxed. Being surrounded by greenery and flowers will relieve you of stress in no time.

Drink Coconut Water or Lemon Water

We all know the benefits of coconut water and lemon water. Coconut water is low in sugar and has a higher variety of electrolytes. It’s a delicious substitute for water that keeps you hydrated. Coconut water also reduces blood pressure and improves heart health.

Whereas, lemon water is rich in natural minerals and high in vitamin C. Both these drinks can effectively reduce your stress levels. Additionally, tasty drinks elevate your mood and you can de-stress yourself immediately. Also, you become rejuvenated to start your day with a smile.

Make Some Nutritious Smoothies

Smoothies are power-packed with nutrients. A lot of fitness enthusiasts prefer smoothies over other energy drinks. Also, when you are stressed you go on binge-eating. Mostly junk food and other unhealthy diets form a part of binge-eating.

Smoothies are said to cut out the cravings. There are different varieties of smoothies that include nuts and dry fruits as well. Smoothies are mostly a blend of crushed fruits and vegetables. They aid in weight loss as well. Hence, smoothies will not only brighten up your mood but will also make you feel full.

Practice Yoga or Do Some Light Exercises

Yoga has a magnificent impact on your mental health. Ancient studies claim, practicing yoga can help in minimizing the mal effects of anxiety and depression on your mind. Stress is the precursor to an increased level of depression.

You can watch videos on yoga and practice it at home. Additionally, you can work out on your own if you know some easy exercises. You can also join a yoga class only for the weekends. An hour of yoga practice can enhance positivity in your mood.

Take Long and Deep Breaths

Lack of enough oxygen supply to your brain can also make you feel dull. Breathing exercises can help in boosting blood circulation and decrease stress. There are different types of breathing exercises that help in increasing the oxygen flow.

Most of these breathing techniques are a part of yoga-abhyas (yoga studies). Some of the known breathing techniques are Anulom Vilom, Bhramari, Sheetali Pranayama, Kapalbhati, Bhastrika, and Sama Vritti.

Watch your Favorite Web Series

Comedy flicks and your most loved web series can elevate your mood. Watching TV for some time can make you forget about stressful thoughts. Laughter is said to be the best medicine for a gloomy mood.

So, if you wish to forget about the tiresome week you had, just switch on the TV. Do not binge-watch the web-series or movies. Just take some time out. And get some entertainment to de-stress yourself.

Play with your Dog

Psychological studies claim that having pets around can boost your mood significantly. Petting your dog and walking with them in the park can lead to a notable drop in stress hormone- cortisol.

A dog is a man’s best friend, and it is true. Dogs are super-friendly, they shower unconditional love, and they are approachable. If you play with them in the park, you can increase the chances of making new friends. That means, they offer great social support.

So, if you don’t like pets, then it’s time to change your perception. Get a dog and witness the positivity infusing into your lives.

Pick-up a New Hobby

If you already have a hobby, then practice it. It is a great stress-buster. But, if you wish to charge-up yourself for the coming week, then get a new hobby. A new hobby will freshen up your mind. Hobbies are known to enhance your creativity and innovating skills.

Also, a new hobby will keep you engaged throughout the weekend. It will make you feel energized for the next challenges. Furthermore, when you forget about the negativity in your life, you automatically learn to de-stress yourself.

Read Some Pleasant Books

Reading books will never go out of fashion. Knowledge is power, so when you read books, you get to learn new ideas and perceptions. You must read a book that you find motivating. Avoid drama and fictional books, they’ll ruin your happy frame of mind.

Pleasant books are those that teach you how to live a quality life. Some of my favorite books are Ikigai: The Japanese Secret to Long and Happy Life, Think like a Monk, and The Power of Your Subconscious Mind.

Learn a New Recipe

During the weekends, you should not just keep yourself engaged. You must focus on preparing yourself for the coming week. You have to declutter your mind by learning something new.

If it’s about something new, then why not a recipe? But make sure the recipe you learn is nutritious and healthy. Do not learn a new method of baking cakes. If you don’t like cooking, then you can learn other things as well. Just make sure whatever you do, is enjoyable, constructive, and productive.

Call Best Buddies at Your Place

Instead of going to a pub or restaurant and spend frivolously, better call friends at your home. It is a beautiful idea of get-together and you won’t be spending too much. Just get some can of beers, order some pizzas, and watch your favorite movie.

When friends are around you can share your cherished childhood memories. Positive thinking and sharing good memories can de-stress you to a large extent. Also, the feeling of having good friends around will motivate you to live a good life.

Go on A Bike Ride

Bike rides are fun, exciting, and inspiring. Either you can go alone or ask your friends to join you. You can plan a road-trip in advance. But just don’t plan for a long distance. Riding a bike for longer hours will exhaust you.

The main intention is to de-stress you. Hence, you must plan your trip accordingly. OK, you don’t like bike rides? Then go for a long drive! Hire a driver or get a rental car and swift away. It will motivate you to plan the next trip soon. Also, when you plan on new things, it means you are in the process of de-stressing yourself.

Soak Yourself in Hot Water-tub- Try Aromatherapy

All right for Aromatherapy, you need not take any appointment with a Spa Service. Just get some scented candles and lit them up. Also get some essential oils, fragrant bathing foam, and bathing salts. Add them in a bath-tub and immerse yourself in the hot water. Studies show relaxing in a hot water tub can soothe your senses.

Also, the fragrance will cheer you up and calm your mind. It’s a promising way to de-stress yourself. India is the country that has been practicing Aromatherapy for the past 3000 years. It has been a part of Ayurveda and is also significantly popular in Indian mainstream medicine.

Prioritize Your Tasks

The main reason behind you getting stressed is that you do not prioritize things. You keep the things on hold and put it off for some other day. Avoid delaying your activities, set a time-table, and finish your tasks on time.

For instance, if you have limited supplies at home, then prepare a list and stock up. Running errands at odd hours will make you stressed. Hence, keep a check on your things, and get them replenished before you run out of them.

Sing, Dance, and Laugh

Be high-spirited and exploit your ‘Me time. Play some music, dance to the tunes, and sing along. There is nothing more joyful and fulfilling than enjoying your own company. Just be yourself, do whatever you like, and do whatever makes you happy.

Hang out with your close friends and family. Laugh aloud with them and share your experiences. The more you share, the more you release the tension. Being with your loved ones is one of the best ways to de-stress yourself.

Conclusion: I believe every human being has his own tricks to de-stress himself. But when it becomes imperative to practice some de-stressing ideas, no one follows their own solutions. It is important to look for assistance if you are too stressed. There is nothing wrong with asking for help. But you must take effective steps towards decluttering your mind. A healthy mind is a sign of a balanced mental and emotional state.

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