Some say happiness is a myth; it makes you buy stuff. But in reality, happiness is just a hug away if you have a dog. Your dog can be your source of happiness. In fact, every dog parent knows how dogs make us happier. A dog loves the presence of its owners. They wag their tails, shower affection on us with sloppy licks, and make us realize that money cannot value love. It’s priceless.

It’s your dog that makes life beautiful because no matter how imperfect you are, your pet will still love you. For dogs, you mean the world to them. And over a while, you’ll also learn that your life is incomplete without your dog.

Do Dogs Make Us Happier? Yes, Here Are the 15 Ways Dogs Bring Joy into Our Lives

do dogs make us happier

1. Dogs are Absolutely Cheerful

Your pet has the quality of making you smile without any effort. All you have to do is lie with it and scratch its belly. It will wriggle and make sudden funny movements that will make you burst into laughter.

They are the funniest and most entertaining beings that will make you forget how exhausting your day was. Dogs make us happy in a very unusual way that you would’ve never imagined. You must get a dog if you wish to know how beautiful life is to have a four-legged furry friend.

2. Dogs Have a Unique Ability to Understand Our Pain

When you feel low; and you don’t want to share your feelings with anybody, do you know who can come to your rescue? Your Dog! Yes, many pet parents say that their dogs have always been with them whenever they felt depressed.

Dogs make us happy by just letting us know that they are here for us. They show their affection and concern just by staying close to us. That’s true love!

Also, some scientific studies have shown that dogs can also detect malicious cells in the human body. That’s another powerful way that a dog can help you in discerning pain within your body. I have to say a dog is indeed a man’s best friend.

3. They are Ready to Play Anytime

We human beings may have a schedule for enjoyment. Dogs don’t have a play schedule. They are up any time of the day to play with you. You won’t have to nag them to play with you or with your kids.

Dogs are not just caring and affectionate, but they are also intelligent enough to understand how to play with a child. All you have to do is get some treats and play with your pet without any hesitance. That’s how dogs make us happy by spreading felicity around.

4. Dogs are the Best Companions

Many people have a strange belief that dogs are the best companions for introverts. Maybe that can be true, but they are indeed the best teammates when you are going on a trip or for a vacation.

Dogs are easy to travel with, they know how to behave in a crowd (if trained well), and they also attract other tourists and their pets to be friendly. So, if you lack a good friend circle in life, then you must get a dog to fill that void. It’s because their friendly nature dogs make us happy.

5. Dogs Never Fail to Make Your Day

The other most significant quality of a dog is it is furry. They resemble soft toys with absolutely funny characteristics. They try to chase balloons, chew toys, and get scared of cats or other pets that are smaller in size.

Also, they make our hearts melt when they look at us with their cute face and innocent eyes. Who wouldn’t like to cuddle a pet that has all the qualities that will make your stress vanish away? That’s how dogs fill your life with optimism.

6. They make us Laugh with Their Funny Actions- Dogs Make Us Happier In A Way You Have Never experienced Before

It is hilarious to see how your pet jumps and hops when you take him for bathing. They make funny noises when you rub their body with shampoo. But they love playing in a mud puddle and hate taking a shower.

Also, it is fun to see them chase their tail and take pivots to catch it. These are some eccentric actions of dogs, but you will see more when you get them. They are fun-filled and joyous; that’s how dogs make us happy.

7. You can Hug Them to Forget your Sorrows

Your pet can lighten up your mood when you feel down. Many experts say, that when you have puppies and pets around, they ease your mood and help your body release the oxytocin hormone. A cuddle and a small hug from your dog will refresh you no matter how hard the day is.

That’s the reason the USA has the highest dog population compared to other countries in the world. There every family will have at least one dog as a family member. Now I know why many US citizens have a pet as a friend.

8. One of the Beautiful Ways Dogs Make Us Happier- They Give You a Warm Welcome When You Come Home

The way your pet welcomes you is inexpressible. It’s a lovely feeling to see your dog happy and wagging its tail the moment you step into your house. Who offers such a warm welcome to you every day? Nobody would do it (except for toddlers and a loving wife).

But that’s an exquisite moment that a dog offers you. It’s this adorable quality of dogs that will make you forget how tedious your day was. You will immediately take your dog for a walk or start playing with it. That’s how dogs make us happy they are the cute little angels in our life.

9. You’ll Make Use of Your Spare Time to Play with your Dog

No matter how busy you are, you’ll make time out and play with your pet. Some people love having their pets even during their work. So, many pet parents take their pets to their workplace.

However, many people are not allowed to have their pets on office premises. So, those pet parents make use of their breaks to visit their dogs. Some also take leaves to spend time with their pets. Most of their spare time is utilized to play with their dogs.

That’s how dogs infuse happiness into our lives. You will develop an inseparable attachment with your dog. And this sense of belonging is rare; it’s found only in a mother and her child. That’s probably the reason dog adoption is increasing in the US and South Asian countries.

10. You Can’t Stay Mad at Them for Too Long

Dogs exude warmth and affectionate feelings for their owners. And also the fact that we know they are innocent living beings. When you own a dog, you know you have another child to look after, so you can’t stay mad at them for too long.

Just like children, dogs have a limited attention span. So, you have got to train them well to understand your commands. Even your pet understands if they have done something wrong, they show their guilt on their face, and it’s too funny to watch them in that state. How long can you stay upset with them? I bet you can’t.

11. When you See Them Play, you Learn the Importance of Enjoying Little Things in Life. That is How Dogs Make Us Happier

We all are engrossed in making money; where do we find time to enjoy the things we are already blessed with? Dogs are the lovely angels that remind us of our blessings. You take them for a walk; you give them some treats, and they will hop and run fervidly around you.

Sometimes I feel they are the messengers of God, which makes us realize that it’s not the big things that make you happy, but it is the little things that make your life beautiful. That’s how dogs make us happy and fill our lives with zeal and enthusiasm.

12. They Make Socializing Easy

It’s not easy to live a happy life if you have no friends. You need friends to share the ups and downs in life. But if you have dogs, it will simplify your life. Dogs are amiable, and they help in making friends.

If you take your pet to the park, you will find innumerable people playing with their pets. That’s one of the easiest ways to find like-minded people. If not anything else, at least you know you can find people to hang out with and have companions for your dog.

13. How Dogs Make Us Happier? You won’t Feel Lonely When Pets are Around

Many youngsters live a single life these days, either they get married late or never marry at all. But at some point, you may feel loneliness seeping into your life. That also leads to depression and anxiety attacks.

But if you have dogs, you will not feel lonely at all. They make you feel comfortable even during miserable situations. Having a dog in life is a blessing, and you won’t feel the urge to have temporary friends in life.

14. They Help a lot in Maintaining Your Mental Health

A busy life means a stressful life. It isn’t easy to find time to look after oneself. That’s where mental health goes for a toss. Relaxation and meditation do help restore your mental well-being but is that fun? No, right?

But if you have a dog in your life, you’ll know how easy it is to be happy. Happiness is the key to sound mental health. When you play with your dog or cuddle him, you’ll feel the healing process.

15. Do Dogs Make Us Happier? Yes, You’ll Learn What Unconditional Love Means

For your little pet, it will not matter at all how you look, how much you earn, and what’s your lifestyle like. For them, it’s all about just being around you and playing with you. There are no conditions when they shower love on you.

There is nothing more pleasing and blissful than having a pet as your best friend. Dogs will make you realize that you will be loved no matter how old you get or how much money is left in your bank account. Their affection is the purest form of love.


Dogs are fun and they complete your life. However, you must not get a dog just because you are lonely and wish to have a friend. Remember they are completely dependent on us. So, it is a huge responsibility. Get a dog if you are willing to commit to its well-being.

Dogs infuse happiness only when they are happy. You cannot expect a sad and sick dog to be playful in an indisposed environment. Create positive and joyful surroundings to let your dog enjoy itself. You also need to shower unconditional affection over your pet the way he does on you.

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