How many of you can proudly say- “I have true friends in life?” Friends, who know in and out about you? I am pretty sure you may not have more than two or four best friends. I agree it’s hard to find true friends once you leave school. Of course, it’s even more difficult to find friends in this fast-paced world. But if at any point in life, you find a couple of friends whom you can confide in, then keep them for life. That’s because it’s better to have a few true friends than a bunch of phonies. Try to learn the difference between fake friends and true friends

Eleanor Roosevelt once said, “Many people will walk in and out of your life, but only true friends will leave footprints in your heart”. Also, you may come across many people who will feign to be your best friend. But you won’t come to know when they’ll stab you in the back and leave you helpless. So, don’t try to increase your friend circle just to show off how amiable you are.

The Following List Will Show You a Few tips to Analyze Who is A Fake Friend and True Friend.

Stick to a few close friends who love you and are trustworthy. Here’s why?

fake friends and true friends

True Friends will Never Break your Trust

Friends whom you have known for over seven years are bound to stay in your life. Unless you fight and part ways. However, verbal spats and minor misunderstandings are all part and parcel of a healthy friendship.

Despite that, true friends never misuse your affection to their advantage. They will never break your trust, unlike fake friends. The swindlers can deceive and betray at any point in your life. It’s safer to have a few true friends than to fall prey to unwanted feigners.

True Friends Throw Light on Your Misdeeds

Just, for instance, how many of you have been confronted by your best friends for being rude to others? Not all friends share the truth about you. Of course, some fear losing the friendship and others just ignore your bad behavior.

But, in the long run, you may become more arrogant and ruin others’ happiness. So, if your friends let you know how badly you behave, and guide you in the right direction, you can change yourself at the right time. That will help you to grow into a better person in the near future.

Fake Friends Manipulate A Lot

If you are trapped in a friendship where your friends manipulate you against some other friends or your girlfriend/boyfriend, then it’s tough for you to get away from them. Manipulation not only ruins friendships but it wreaks havoc in life.

You start losing faith in others. Trusting others won’t be easy for you. That’s the reason you must avoid friends who say bad things about your loved ones. If you feel you must pay some heed to their words, then investigate the matter yourself. Do not blindly trust your friends who always speak wrong about others. Trust your instincts and go with the gut feeling.

If you do not find any legit proof, then discard those fake friends from your life. Better to have a few true friends than to have such parasites in life.

True Friends Stand by You Through Thick and Thin

Fake friends run away during trying times. Test them someday! Only true friends stand by you no matter what the situation is. Friends must not be only to celebrate life. They must be with you in all situations be they good or bad. And so should you in their tough times.

How many such true friends do you have? How many of them will stand up for you in your tough times? Ask yourself. If you find only one or two friends you can trust, then only they are your true friends. Rest all are temporary friends.

Fake Friends Use You for Their Benefits

Friends do not necessarily ask you for monetary help. Unless it’s an emergency. But fake friends will come up with some or other excuse to deprive you of some money. It’s also a part of the manipulation, where you’ll be tricked into lending money to those fake friends.

Anybody on this earth who uses you for their benefit is a fake human being. Never trust them, and never be friends with them. You never know when they might backstab you and run away. So better have a few true friends and be wise when choosing new friends.

True Friends Will Always Come to Your Rescue

We all have a few people in our lives whom we can trust blindly after our parents. You know they will come to help you whenever you are in an unforeseen circumstance. But not all your friends will come out to help you, and that’s the time when you must learn who are your true friends.

True friends will help you and won’t expect anything in return. So, avoid hurting your true friends and stick to them through their hard times. Eventually, friendship is all about giving and receiving love without expectations. And to have a positive feeling, that you have someone in times of despair.

There is a Sense of Belonging with True Friends

It is self-explanatory, isn’t it? When you find friends with whom you can share your innermost feelings, then they are your true friends. You share your deep dark secrets only with those with whom you feel a sense of belonging.

A strong affinity with your best friends is a sign that your mindsets match. You have similar life goals (if you are in your teens), you share a similar purpose in life, and you wish to achieve all the missions together. That’s the feeling of belonging. You can’t have that with fake friends. So, better to have a few true friends rather than be a part of a bunch of aimless losers.

Fake Friends Visit You Only When They Need You

We all have friends that don’t see us every day. Also, you may have friends who live on a different continent, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t your true friends. Distance doesn’t define any friendship. It is the affinity, trust, and loyalty that binds two friends together.

A simple text or a call is more than enough to keep the friendship on lifelong. But with fake friends the story is different. They will talk to you only when they need you. Additionally, fake friends specifically keep in touch, so that they ask for money from you whenever they are in trouble. Beware of such phony friends. Remember fake friends and true friends are everywhere. You need to make the right choice of friends.

True Friends Never Bitch About You to Others

If you have friends who talk nonsense about others to you then understand one thing, they aren’t trustworthy. If they can talk bad about other people to you then they must be talking bad about you to others.

So, be careful when being friends with such iniquitous people. They can hurt you or harm you by using your information against you. Never befriend a hypocrite, instead have a few true friends and enjoy your life with them.

True Friends will Always Give You Good Advice

We all seek advice from our best friends. That’s because they have a huge influence on us. And also, the fact that we trust them without any hesitance. Oftentimes, we do not follow the advice of our elders and parents. But if you get the same advice from your best friends, you accept it. That’s why we love our best friends.

But fake friends will always give you advice that won’t favor you. They will give you advice that will look promising to you at first but once you follow it, you’ll see the disastrous output. For instance, you have exams in the next week, and you haven’t been preparing at all. But your true friends have been advising you to study with them and you spend time playing video games with your other loser friends.

And the losers advise you to study just a day before the exam, it’s a sign that your fake friends don’t want you to score good marks. So, define your version of true friends and be with them who wish success for you.

Fake Friends will Drag you Down to Their Level

Just like fake friends won’t like to see you flourish, they will be happy to see you being broken and disheartened. Unlike such evil friends, your best friends will always motivate you to do the right things to become successful. So, you better have a few true friends whom you can rely on.

Fake friends will give some random suggestions about the career and bring you down from where you are. Most teenagers fall prey to such evil-minded tricks. I agree it’s hard to recognize who is your fake friend and who is not. So, just trust your instincts; your heart will guide you on whom to trust and who shouldn’t be trusted.

You Aren’t Your True Self with Your Fake Friends

It’s the best sign to analyze why you are different when with fake friends. You aren’t your true self when you are with your fake friends. Even you start feigning just to get accepted in that circle. Remember, if you are forced to be someone else, just to fit into that circle, then it’s not meant for you.

Leave that friend circle! Be with those who make you feel comfortable for what you are. And where you don’t have to change yourself just to fit in that group. That’s why many relationship experts say, have a few true friends who make you feel at home and don’t turn you into something else that you are not. It drastically affects your mental health.

Trust Your Gut When It Says Don’t Share a Secret

You won’t have a negative feeling about your true friends. That’s because deep within you know they are your confidants. But you won’t have this same feeling when you are with a fake friend.

Your instincts will give you negative signs. The fake friend will give you negative vibes. So, if you feel that something should not be shared with that person, then don’t share at all. Don’t make that person your confidant. Be friendly with them, but do not trust them. One of the best tips to analyze between fake friends and true friends

True Friends Crack Jokes on You but They Never Demoralize You

All friends make fun of each other. And we do enjoy it when they make fun of us as well. But they apologize immediately if you are hurt. Also, their style of mocking never disheartens you, because you know it’s just for fun.

But with fake friends, you’ll always be the object of ridicule. They will greet you with derision and taunt you for what you are. So, yes, if you experience constant mockery and ragging, then it’s a sign that you must stay away from such wicked people. They aren’t your true friends.

True Friends Are for Life- They’ll Never Leave You

There is a fine difference between fake friends and true friends. This doesn’t need much of an explanation. Genuine friends are for life. When you have found your true friends, they will be with you no matter what. True friends will always be on your side even if they aren’t meeting you every day.

You’ll find tons of fake friends everywhere, but you should be wise enough to choose your set of friends. Don’t misjudge anybody too soon. Just go with the flow. You’ll see their true colors in no time. Then you can decide whether to be friends with them or not.


Friendship is a two-way approach. It’s a give-and-take relationship. You offer love and support, and you’ll get that in return. But some people misuse your good behavior. So just beware of them. Don’t let them be in your life and spoil your mental peace.

It’s fine if you have only one or two best friends. But they must be trustworthy and loyal to you, and so should you to them. You and your friends should be for each other no matter how bad the situation is. That will define your true friendship.

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