These days couples seek love but without commitment. However, it is not necessary that all women expect a relationship without any commitment. You have to be sure of what you demand in a relationship. So, before you start looking forward to having a bright future with your new partner, make sure that you are dating a genuine man. It may not be easy to get access to the details of his intentions in the initial days. But be sure, you date for a couple of days and then decide on your next step. If he is showing some unusual signs, then maybe you are easy to hook up with, and he is not into you completely. For him, you are just another hook-up girl

But how will you look for these signs? Well, for starters, his actions and words will not match. Also, he will never keep his promises, and you will be always in doubt about his behavior.

To know more about the other signs, read the following points. Do not be a hook-up girl for anyone.

1. He never expresses himself open-heartedly

Let’s not take the phrase hook-up literally. Many men and women love going on a casual date. And it is a personal decision or choice to get into an open relationship. But if you find someone too convenient to date, then that is a problem.

A guy may consider that you are easy to hook up with only if you are too open about your relationship rules. And when your man does not open up about his feelings to you, or he does not say I Love You, then it is a matter of concern. It is a sign he is not into you.

2. He has a habit of ditching you

Your man has broken your heart more than once. And yet, you are still with him. It is a sign that he doesn’t care for you and he is not involved in you. Also, he is behaving in such an erratic way because either you are way too friendly or you are easygoing.

It is not wrong to be amiable. But some men tend to look at the picture differently. According to them, when you are too friendly, you are available for free fun. So, if your man has dated you, and then dumped you multiple times, then he doesn’t deserve to be your partner anymore. Keep your self-respect high. You dump him once and for all. Do not be his hook-up girl.

3. He doesn’t want to be single, but he doesn’t want to commit either

Well, it is connected with the friend circle he has in his life. When all your friends are in a relationship or married or have partners, then you will expect your life to be like theirs. It is not any comparison, but it is a tendency to start expecting things to happen to you like your friends.

So, if your man approaches you with a proposal and is not expressive enough, then maybe he thinks that you are easy to hook up with. If you find anything that is bothersome, then speak to him. Let him know that you do not like how he is treating you. If you are demanding commitment and he is refusing, then you better leave him.

4. You are not on his priority list

It is an absolute clear sign when your partner does not seek your consent before making any decisions. He does things without your knowledge and demands you to accept his decisions. If such incidents have been a frequent recurrence, he does not consider you an important part of his life.

You have to set the standards high and expect him to treat you with respect. If he treats you like an option, then he accepts that you are easy to hook up with. So, once you learn this, it will be your decision to continue the relationship with him or not.

5. He is taking you for granted

Just like the point above, this one is also a clear indication that your man does not love you. He is with you just for the sake of being in a relationship. You need to understand, the way you respect your man, he should also respect you the same way.

If he has been taking you for granted for a long time, then he is showing disrespect and no love for you. You are only an option to him that he loves to show off to his friends. So, why stay with a man who doesn’t treat you like a human? Think about it.

6. You go to any extent for him, but does he?

If you are in love, you will go out of your way to keep your man happy, right? But will he do the same for you? For instance, if you have limited income, yet you save some money to buy an expensive watch for your man.

But he never gets anything for you, and he does not even recollect important dates. Will you be happy with him? It is not love; you are simply a hook-up girl in his life that he is only satisfied to have.

7. He keeps you waiting

If people tell you that some people don’t like to be punctual and that is okay, then they are wrong. You should respect other people’s time. If you have given someone a specific time, then respect their time and be punctual.

If you are asked to wait for a relatively long time when you go on a date, then your time is not valued. You should confront your partner and tell him to respect your time. If he still ill-treats you, then maybe considers you to be easy to hook up with.

8. You are always available for him, but he is never. That’s because he thinks you are a hook-up girl

You make things work for him, but there are no efforts from his end. He calls you or texts you when he needs you. But when you need him, he does not respond to your calls. Do you think he loves you?

He does not love you for sure. That’s because he does not respect you, nor does he value you. Maybe he thinks you are easy to hook up with and hence, he does not value your feelings or emotions. You deserve a better man. Don’t stick with such losers.

9. You see there is no future in this relationship. Why would a man plan his future with a hook-up girl?

When you discuss your plans with your partner, he simply diverts the topic. He does not respond positively, nor does he discuss his plans with you. If he thinks you are easy to hook up with, then you should ask him directly- why does he treat you indifferently?

Maybe you won’t like his responses and you will think that it is better you seek love somewhere else then, believe me, you are right. Do not stay where you see no future. Build your future with your hard work and efforts. If someone does not want to be a part of your future, then let him go.

10. You are not happy at all, that’s because you only have been his hook-up girl. You were never his partner

If you are trying to convince yourself that you are happy, then you are not happy at all. Compromising and sacrificing are altogether different. But if you are not valued or respected for what you do in the relationship, then you should not stay in the relationship.

Bid adieu, to this man, and look for someone who will have genuine feelings for you. Also, he should value you for what you are. You will be very happy in that relationship.

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