One of the most adorable quotes I ever found online was- I may have lost someone who didn’t love me, but you lost someone who truly loved you, isn’t it moving? Breakup is tough, and healing oneself after going through heartbreak is all the more difficult. But, have you ever given it a thought, why do heartbreaks take place? Why do relationships fail after two years?

Why do couples fall apart after being deeply in love? Well, there are plenty of reasons; for you, some may be valid and some invalid. But here, I have listed the most common reasons why relationships fail after a few years of dating and how a strong bond goes sour.

The 15 Reasons Why Relationships Fail After Two Years of Dating:

1. Taking Your Partner for Granted

When you like someone, you persuade that person to get into a relationship with you. There are affectionate talks and exchanges of romantic ideas. But over a while, you start giving self-approval to be the least contributor in the relationship.

You start expecting your partner to do all the relationship stuff. You gratify yourself by thinking that at least you are in a relationship. Who cares now? Let my partner do the job. I will sit back and relax. That is where the thin bond of love starts growing weaker. Failing to appreciate your partner’s efforts is one of the reasons why relationships fail after two years of dating.

2. Only One partner Behaves Responsibly

I agree there has to be one who should be leading the relationship. But that does not mean the other becomes irresponsible. Behaving responsibly itself means you must know what it takes to build a strong relationship.

If you were to behave immaturely, then you shouldn’t have gotten into a relationship in the first place. A relationship is like a bike; you must balance it with equal effort. And fuel it with love every time the bonding suffers a minor setback.

If two people in a relationship are not responsible enough, then how do you think you would prevent a breakup? It is bound to happen. A strong relationship demands efforts from both parties involved. If one becomes indolent, then the other will start losing interest in the relationship.

3. Indulging in Flings or Cheating

The other reason why most relationships fail after two years is a lack of commitment. Couples promise each other to be together forever and then get involved in affairs. Flings and one-night stands ruin the attachments from the core.

Feelings gradually start fading, and the distance between the couples starts developing. If you reach a stage where you don’t want to be with your partner because you have been enjoying the debaucherous life, the breakup will become inevitable.

4. No Efforts from Either of the Partners to Rekindle the Romance

No doubt, at some point, the relationship hits a stagnancy. It occurs when you have been in a relationship for more than two years; you have no idea where you have been headed. This stage is more common in unsuccessful marriages or live-in relationships.

But if you are keen to restore the bonding, you can reinforce the magic with a love potion and be romantic again. Often, failure to reinstate the romance in the relationship leads to a breakup. In the case of a marriage, it leads to a divorce.

Romance and a sense of belonging are the two key components that can prevent a breakup. But someone in the relationship has to initiate it, and the other one has to reciprocate positively. Breakup reasons are not limited to loveless bonds; they also include non-responsive partners in the relationship.

5. Disagreements Rule Your Relationship

If your day starts with disagreements with your partner, then you will suffer from stress the entire day. Disagreements are the leading cause of concern that pave the way to break up or divorce. If you talk about the list of breakup reasons, then disagreements rank the chart.

Every couple has to devise an action plan to deal with disagreements. Or else, it may leave an impact on your mental health as well. Having different opinions is fine, but arguing about it furiously is not. Differences in views aspirate love from a healthy relationship and infuse negativity.

6. Alcohol/Drug Abuse by One Partner

When either of you indulges in excessive alcohol abuse or drug abuse, you lose the decision-making power as well. You cannot think straight, and become irresponsible, violent, and abusive as well.

Over 700,000 people are receiving treatments for drug abuse and alcohol-related disorders in the USA. That summarizes that many people in the US get addicted to bad habits and destroy their lives.

So, if you aren’t stable enough to make your life decisions, how would you resolve relationship matters? It will eventually lead to a breakup. This example is one of the worst breakup reasons that is indeed complex to resolve.

7. Lack of Concern for Each Other

When partners lose interest in each other often do not care about the relationship. When you fight, you are in a state of resentment where you want to be away from your partner. It is a common issue in every relationship, but if you keep your ego aside and sort the matters, it means you care enough for your partner and your relationship.

Lack of concern is the sole reason that you will not go to your partner and admit the mistake. At times you will not even know where your partner has been after the verbal spat. It is a sign that a breakup is on the way and you have failed to revive your relationship. It is one of the worst breakup reasons that often go unnoticed.

8. Narcissistic Behavior of Your Partner

Self-conceit is harmful to any relationship. If you love yourself and you don’t care for others, then you should probably stay single all your life. Loving, caring, and sharing are the other significant pillars of a relationship. If your partner is too much into himself, you’ll be the one who’ll acquiesce (always) to save the relationship.

A narcissistic partner is not just dominating but will also go to any extent to prove his point and worth. Such negative people can never be happy, and they often treat their partners condescendingly. Relationships with such people are bound to fail, and their narcissism forms the base for a breakup. Such breakup reasons are much more difficult to deal with.

9. No Effective Way of Dealing with Differences

In the initial stages of a relationship, couples ignore the differences. They are under the wrong assumption that they will find solutions to make up for their differences. But unfortunately, the differences build up to an unbearable level and lead to constant conflicts.

The better solution is, once you learn about the differences, you must acknowledge them and talk to your partner to sort them out. Incessant quarrels and verbal fights often cause damage to the strong bonding. That also makes your partner lose respect for you, and eventually, love starts fading away.

10. Comparing Love Life with Others- One of the Triggering Reasons Why Most Relationships Fail After Two Years

It’s a human tendency when you see others happy; you start comparing your life with theirs. That’s the worst thing when you make relationship comparisons as well. We all have to accept the fact that every relationship has some issues. It’s just that people don’t show it upfront.

So, if you have the habit of comparing your love life with your friends, you may increase the scope of disputes in your relationship. Both the partners are equally responsible for preventing qualms.

11. Over Involvement of Parents/Friends in Relationship Issues

Many couples have the habit of discussing their personal matters with parents and friends. That’s fine, as it helps in reducing stress. But, the problems start occurring when there is unwanted involvement from your friends or mom/dad in your relationship.

Some girlfriends or boyfriends find it immature to involve parents/friends in the relationship matters. So, that leaves an unfavorable impact on your partner’s mindset; and he starts having reservations about the relationship with you. And believe me, second thoughts always lead to breakups.

12. Intimate Relationship Woes- This One Contributes A Lot To Why Relationships Fail After Two Years

It’s a genuine reason for the breakup in many relationships. A physical relationship forms a crucial part of every love affair. When there is no clarity in the expectations from your partner in terms of romantic bonding, breakups take place.

If you have certain expectations from your partner, then you must be vocal about it. When it comes to intimacy, both partners need to be on the same page. Otherwise, that raises conflicts, and either of you will seek pleasure outside the relationship. Result? You cheat on your partner and that leads to a disastrous breakup.

13. Reasons Why Relationships Fail After Two Years- No Faith or Trust Left on Each Other

Trust plays a pivotal role in a relationship. But how many of us understand this? Every partner seeks reliability in the other. But when one fails to show the signs of being trustworthy, relationship status goes haywire.

For many couples, trust is the foundation of their relationship. That’s because either they work together or are business partners. And if the relationship lacks faith or trust, then the couples drift apart. That’s how a breakup takes place.

14. Imposing One’s Decision on Other Partner- One of the Reasons Why Relationships Fail After Two Years

A love relationship must ride on a two-way conversation. Discussing the issues in-depth and coming up with a unanimous decision will never let your relationship fail. Also, it will boost romantic vibes in the relationship.

But some partners impose their decisions on the other. Not taking your partner’s views or opinions into consideration is wrong.  It takes two people to make the relationship work, right? Then you should acknowledge your partner’s diverse perspectives as well. That’s what makes a relationship successful.

15. Last but Not the Least- Unresolved Financial Matters

Whether you accept it or not, money can either build your relationship or ruin it completely. A majority of the fights take place because there is mismanagement of finances. If only one partner spends on a date every time, then that is wrong.

Financial independence is of prime importance to be in a happy relationship. It is rightly said, that there is no freedom without financial freedom. So, if you are not ready to contribute to your relationship wholeheartedly, then you must not get into one. Financial matters can worsen the bonding if left unattended, leading to a breakup.

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