It is rightly said that your first impression is the last. But you can still change the bad impression by improving your social behavior. Social skills are as crucial as communication skills. They are interlinked. You may be blessed with a gift of gab, but if you come across as rude or disparaging, then people won’t like you. If you want to become successful and be the most loved person in your office or social circle, then you should know how to treat others. You cannot mistreat and expect them to like you back. If you are struggling with the thoughts- how do I get everyone to like me, then focus on the tone of your voice and your mindset.

Wondering, why mindset? Well, your thoughts and your beliefs will play a predominant role in making people like you. How gracefully you put your words forth and how sportingly you take bad treatment will make you iconic. But for that, you should put the following tips to use.

how do I get everyone to like me

Here are a few tips if you are wondering how to get everyone to like me:

1. Avoid making negative statements

Do you know the idea of saying no positively? How do recruiters and job consultants say no to you when you aren’t hired? They say- we will get back to you after a few days, right?

But you know instantly that you were not shortlisted. So, are they wrong for not telling you upfront that you were sub-standard and did not meet their requirement?

Well, I believe they are just avoiding negative lash by not stating the true words. And it depends on every individual how they perceive it.

So, if you want to say a negative statement, make sure you try to say it positively. It does not hurt the sentiments of the recipient, and you get to retreat from facing the blow.

2. Do not pass judgments based on rumors

It is one of the easiest steps if you want to be a likable person. Do not judge anybody immediately, and never let your thoughts be known to your close friends as well. I believe you cannot judge someone if you haven’t experienced that person’s demeanor for yourself.

People have different approaches towards certain people. For instance, in magnets, the opposite poles attract; and the like poles repel. Likewise, the people who are chirpy and cheerful are often admired by others. But the ones who are emotional, overly dramatic, or critical are never befriended by others.

So, you will come across many rumors. It is up to you to decide whether to believe these rumors or ignore them. But never judge anybody merely based on poorly corroborated hearsay.

3. First, listen, prepare your words, and then speak

If you want to be a likable person then you must learn to analyze your surroundings and the people around you. For instance, if you are sitting at a table and discussing an important project with your colleagues, then ask for everyone’s views.

Hear out everybody in the room. Take note of what everyone is trying to say. You can also give your opinions in the discussion. But once the discussion ends, appreciate everyone’s inputs and views. Applaud them for their efforts. This will prove that you were engaged in the conversation and you have considered everyone’s viewpoints. People will love you for this.

4. Mention the name if you are acknowledging someone’s good deeds

It is a psychological game. When you mention people’s names they pay more attention. So, if you are appreciating someone for their good job, then mention their name in your congratulatory note.

It will make other people feel good about you. Also, when you are speaking about somebody in their absence and you say good things about them, then people will tell that person how you appreciate him or her. It is another best way if you want to be a likable person.

5. Have a confident approach

There is a slight difference between being confident and over-confident. For instance, when you say, I believe in my abilities; and I will achieve success with my hard work- that is confidence. But when you say, I believe in my talent; and I am invincible- that is overconfidence.

Do you see the difference? The words sound good, but the meaning and intent behind the words seem different. So, when you first speak to someone, make sure you are calm and positive. Bragging or boasting will only make people hate you.

6. If you give someone your word, then keep the promise

If you want to be a likable person, then you must have an image of a man who keeps his word. What does this mean? People should develop confidence in you that if you promise them something, then you don’t turn your back on them.

You fulfill their wishes and never betray anybody. Your helpful deeds will make you a likable person. Along with that, people will also start to admire you for your philanthropic nature.

7. Radiate positive energy

How do we do that? Is that what you are wondering? Always have a cheerful smile on your face. Even if it is a stranger, smile at him and exude warmth through your lily-white smile. Apart from this, always stay positive by thinking only about positive thoughts.

If you find someone lonely and lying in the corner of a room, then strike up a conversation with that person. Share your positive mindset with him. You never know who will become your fan for being positive.

8. Maintain your emotional balance- Best tip if you brood over how to get everyone to like me

If you want to be a likable person, then make sure you keep your mind calm. You should not become unnecessarily over-sensitive towards others. Maintain a balance between your positive thoughts and negative thoughts.

If someone approaches you with his or her sad story, then keep your calm. Do not overindulge in their story. To make others like you does not mean you should become volatile. Help people in despair, empathize, but never go overboard.

9. Wondering how do I get everyone to like me? Avoid changing the topic in an ongoing conversation

Occasionally, people try to change the topic if they find it boring or irrelevant to them. But you must observe how many others are already into the topic. If you try to intervene and change the topic for your selfish motive, then people will start disliking you.

Always behave empathetically in public. Never try to become self-centered and brag about your achievements. If you intentionally try to bring focus to your interests, people will either quit the conversation or start spreading rumors about you. None of which will prove helpful if you want to be a likable person.

10. How do I get everyone to like me? Try to make everyone comfortable in your presence

All right let’s accept it, you cannot make everyone comfortable, right? But what if there is a possibility to comfort everyone? Well, the simple way to make people comfortable is by talking to them and making them feel good.

Ask questions and engage them in a thoughtful conversation. That way people will open up and will appreciate you for being considerate.


Set a goal to have a few close friends rather than a bunch of fake friends. In the event of making people like you more, you may lose yourself. So, be reasonable. Do not push yourself too hard to make people love you. If you want to network, let people know how talented you are through your actions.

If you keep boasting about your achievements people won’t like you. So, stick to being humble and try to focus on self-love. Mental health experts have suggested that the more you start loving yourself, the more people will come closer to you. So, self-love should be your priority.

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