Does your dog howl or whimper when you take it to the bathroom for bathing? Well, it is a common problem for all pet parents. Some dog breeds love bathing while others run away the moment you say it’s shower time. But you need to take care of your dog’s hygiene if you want your dog to have a healthy life. Here are some easy tips on how to bathe a dog.

But if it is your first time bathing a dog, then it is advisable to take your dog to a groomer. Talk to your vet first before you shower your dog. The vet will advise you how many times a month you should bathe your dog. Ideally, it will suffice if you bathe your dog once a month. But some heavy-coated breeds need to be bathed twice or thrice a month. So, it becomes imperative to consult a vet before you drop your pup in the bathtub.

Follow these tips on how to bathe a dog

1. Start bathing your dog when it is a pup

It is better if you start bathing your dog when it is a puppy. The earlier you start grooming your dog, the faster it will get used to the bathing schedule.

If you have an older pup that is two or three years old, then first take it to the groomer and learn the tricks to manage your dog while you bathe him.

As mentioned before, your vet can also guide you on how to bathe a dog if you are a first-time pet parent. Do not worry, and have one of your family members handy while you bathe your dog.

2. Get a treat mat while bathing a dog

You will find different dog treat mats online, so get one. They facilitate the easy bathing of a dog. All you have to do is place the mat on the bathroom wall and stick some peanut butter or edible treats on the treat mat.

It will keep your dog busy, and you will get to shampoo and scrub the dirt off your dog’s fur. Treat-mat is a boon because it will keep your dog engaged for a long time in licking it. And you will not get distracted from your pet in the bathtub.

3. Use a separate dog bathtub and a drain blocker

Many single-pet parents often worry about how to bathe a dog if they don’t have a helping hand. But you need not worry. You can get a bathroom leash and prevent your pet from running around the house with shampoo on.

Many groomers suggest that you get a separate bathtub and drain blocker to prevent blockage in the drainage system. You can get rid of the accumulated fur and dirt once you are done with your dog’s bath. A separate bathtub will maintain your and the dog’s hygiene.

4. Keep the shampoo, conditioner, fur scrubber, towels, and treats handy

Before you take your dog to the bathroom, make sure you have all the grooming products within your reach. That’s because keeping your dog in the bathroom for too long can irate it. The dampness and moisture agitate the dogs.

You have to be prompt and expeditious when bathing your dog. If all your dog starts whining or whimpering then, give him some treats. It will buy you some time to finish the bathing process quickly.

5. An important step in how to bathe a dog- Check the water temperature and use only dog products

If you stay in a tropical region, then use lukewarm water while bathing your dog. As far as cold regions are concerned, you have to check the temperature before you drop your dog in the bathtub.

If the temperature of the water is beyond the acceptable limit, then it can ruin your dog’s fur coat. Check with your hands or use a thermometer. And make sure you use only dog grooming products.

Do not use the products that you use. The chemicals used in products for humans may not be suitable for your dog. So, stick to dog products only.

These were a few tips on how to bathe a dog. Now let’s check out the washing steps.

  1. If you don’t have someone to help you, then put your pet on the bathroom leash. It will prevent your pet from moving away.
  2. Put on some soft music to calm your dog’s senses. Avoid using incense sticks as they may irritate your dog.
  3. Take some dog shampoo and dilute it in the water. It will get easy for you to rub on your dog’s fur. Scrub thoroughly and rinse the dirt. Repeat this process. The first time you wash your dog is to get rid of the foul smell and grime. The second time you do it, it will make your dog look clean.
  4. Scrub the dog’s body thoroughly. Do not miss the joints, tail, inner belly, and inner side of the legs. Rinse the fur with a good water force. Do not let the shampoo settle inside the fur, or it may cause itching.
  5. Take a wet cloth and dip it in an anti-septic liquid suitable only for dogs. Use it to clean your dog’s face, ears, and area around the eyes. You cannot wash your dog’s face with shampoo and water. That’s because shampoo water can irritate your dog’s eyes and nose.
  6. Brush your dog’s teeth. Many pet parents forget this. But oral hygiene is equally important as physical hygiene.
  7. Once you are done with the bathing process, take a dry towel and pat your dog’s body. Do not rub harshly. Just get rid of the excess water.
  8. Get a dog drying machine and blow it at the appropriate temperature. Do not brush when the fur is wet. Let it dry, and use then use the brush to dry the inside of the fur. This is how to bathe a dog.


Your dog cannot speak your language. So, you need to understand the behavior of your dog. It may not be easy to comprehend some body language of your pet. But over a while, you will learn the signs.

So, if your dog is giving you some hints that it isn’t happy with the grooming idea, then change your grooming technique. You may be doing something wrong. The other best solution is to keep treats nearby to avoid getting distracted by your pet while bathing. But always maintain your pet’s hygiene.

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