All my lovely single moms, you live in a digital era. So, you are free to live your life on your terms. You need not lie languishing about your disastrous past relationships. People who say that it is not easy to find love if you have a child, are wrong. How come if single fathers can find love, then why not single moms? Just for information- you need not date a conservative man. You must look for an educated man who knows the importance of emancipation and also values the feelings of other human beings. Single mom and dating may not be synonymous, but these two terms can go hand in hand. Is dating harder for single mothers? Is this question still making you nervous? Let’s read ahead.

Many digital apps help single moms find their love of life. Apps like Single Parent Meet, eHarmony, Mums Date Dads, Mingle2, Coffee Meets Bagel, etc. are some of the trustworthy apps. You can use them if you wish to find that one match in a short span.

Don’t get stuck on the question- Is dating harder for single mothers? Use these tips to simplify your dating life as a single mom.

1. Do not hesitate to share that you have a child

Always be truthful. There is no point in lying if you want to start a new life with a new partner. You may have read articles that you should not give away the information right away in the first meeting. But honestly, that would be cheating and lying.

If you tell your new partner in the later months of dating, you may have to face many unnecessary questions. And believe me, that will do more harm to your relationship. You may also end up being ditched. So, why keep a secret? Trust is the foundation of a relationship. You are a mother, so why keep this a secret? Let it be out in the open only then single mom and dating will be possible.

2. Try dating someone who is also a single parent

Here, the dating app can prove useful. Look for someone who understands what it means to be a single parent. It will increase the chances of your relationship becoming successful. If you find a partner who is also a parent, then you won’t feel any hesitation.

Also, the term single mom and dating won’t look so difficult; if you have a man who is also looking for a partner with a child. There is nothing wrong with compromising a little for your happiness and your child’s happiness.

3. Be open about your plans

Tell your new partner what you have planned for yourself. How do you see your future? Living with your kids means you need to make some adjustments. You need not share all the details. But you should give brief information on whether you want to leave the city or move to a new place. Or you wish to start working from home to take care of the children.

Ask your partner as well. How does he see his future? What plans? Discuss all the plans and synchronize your ideas. Bring a fruitful solution that will work best for you both. But while doing this, do not ignore each other’s happiness.

4. Date for a considerable amount of time

Why do most women often ask themselves is dating harder for single mothers? I agree the concept of single mom and dating can be quite tricky, but you should not rush through things. Take an appropriate amount of time to decide what works for you and your kid. Date your partner for a year or two, so that you’ll get to learn how your partner treats you.

You won’t get to learn about your partner’s behavior in a few months of dating. Some partners can be toxic and can hurt you and your child. So, take steps carefully before taking the final plunge. Do not rush into anything too soon.

5. Do not introduce your partner to your kid if you aren’t sure

It is the biggest mistake that most single mothers make. They immediately introduce their new partner to their kids either as a friend or as a co-worker. If you want to do this, then get your other friends at home and throw a dinner party.

But avoid introducing only your partner to your child. Children have delicate minds, and they also get vibes if something isn’t right about a person. So, unless you are sure whether you both will be together or not, do not introduce your child to anyone new in your life.

6. Never give up on your values

Oftentimes, women start undermining their values just to fit into someone’s life. But that is not how it works. You should not be desperate to start a new life with a new man. Yes, I agree it may not be easy to live a single mom’s life for too long.

But desperation will only make matters worse. You may become submissive and end up accepting something that is not even worth it. Be strong-headed and proud of your values. The values which you have imbibed in your child must not be undermined. That’s because the future of your child depends on the decisions you make.

7. Do not ignore your gut feeling

You don’t need any explanation for this point. But yes, you have to be very careful when dating someone who is a stranger. There are men out there who lure women to get married to them and then deceive them.

It is much worse than living as a single mom. So, before you commit, make sure that you won’t be left in despair. In the initial stages of dating, you will get subtle signs of whether you must trust the new man in life or not. It may not be easy to be a single mother and date someone, but it is worth experiencing the adventure.

8. Is dating harder for single mothers? No, if you let your partner know the expectations

Let there be clarity in your new relationship. Jot down your expectations from your partner in terms of raising his children and your children together. Leave no scope for negativity. Accept that it is not easy to be a parent to someone else’s child.

It applies to you as well. If you find a man who is single without a child, then it will be challenging for him to get along with your kid. So, before you commit to each other, share your expectations from your partner. So that he gets ready to take up the challenge.

9. Is dating harder for single mothers? No, if you close your Ex’s chapter completely

Once you and your ex go separate ways he should not come back into your life. Ensure that your child and your new partner have no influence from your Ex. If the court has given an order to allow your ex-partner to meet your kid, then decide on a specific day.

Do not let your partner meet your ex-partner. Also, you may have to mold your child’s mind with appropriate values. So that he/she learns to respect your feelings and understands why you and your ex-partner are no more together.

10. Never forget- your kids’ feelings matter the most

Your child always has to be the priority no matter what. It will be your responsibility to make your partner understand this. If he is already a parent, then he will not act like a jerk. But you never know how some men may react.

So, whatever may be the case, you have got to learn that your child’s future lies in your hands. Hence, you have to act wisely and make decisions that will prove fruitful to everybody in your life.


Remember, you only have one life to enjoy. Make the best of it. You can date someone of your choice even if you are a single mother. Have an open mindset when looking for love. Go on a date preferably with someone who already has a child or has lost love. Such men will be compassionate toward you.

Also, put all your expectations before your prospective partner and then proceed to commit. Have a clean slate before you embark on the dating journey. Never lie and do not keep anything hidden. Additionally, consider your partner’s views as well, and do not treat his views unimportant.

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