Every relationship requires nurturing if you want it to last long on happy terms. It is easy to make a relationship, but it takes love and commitment to make it flourish. You have to invest your time, feelings, and trust in that one special person. However, if this comes only from one partner, then the relationship will never grow strong. Gradually, the giver in the relationship will start losing faith, and the relationship will start weakening. Here are some ways to fix your relationship if love and romance don’t exist in it anymore. Save your relationship from a breakup and rekindle romance again.

Use the following tips to save your relationship from a breakup

1. Ask yourself why and how you grew distant from each other

Yes, you have to deliberate with yourself before you go ahead and talk to your partner. First, look for the fault within. Ask yourself if are you contributing enough toward the relationship. If your partner makes an effort to bring you together, do you participate in it wholeheartedly?

Always remember, you cannot blame your partner for the mistakes. Somewhere even you are at fault that creates a rift in the relationship. So, sit in a quiet place and jot down all the things you did in the past that made you run away from each other. It is one of the best ways to fix your relationship problems.

2. Accept your mistakes if you have come to a realization

There is no doubt that you may have made some mistakes. So, if you have come to a realization, then acknowledge your mistakes. Admit that you were also at fault. And work on the solutions to resolve the gap between you and your partner.

You should not feel an inferiority complex while admitting your mistakes. Keep an aim- if you want to build a strong relationship then you must be humble. You won’t be judged for your wrongdoings. Instead, your partner may love the fact that you have accepted your mistakes. And he/she may welcome you with a warm hug.

3. Embrace each other with love

Initiate with an affectionate hug and tell your partner that they mean the world to you. There have been some misunderstandings that led to rifts. But now, you are ready to do things that will lay a stronger foundation of love.

Nothing is more convincing than a tender touch. It is also one of the positive ways to fix your relationship issues. A hug will melt your partner’s heart, and you will also experience a rush of positive emotions. While you hug your partner, tell her how you feel about being in love again.

4. Begin with a fresh start

Make a list of things that you never liked about your partner. Ask your partner to do the same about you. Talk to each other and share the list. Learn about the things that your partner dislikes about you. And let your partner also do the same about her mistakes.

Once you come to know about each other problems, you can work on them. You both can draw the solutions to each other’s flaws. Give each other suggestions and advice on how you can sort the problems. That way, you can promise each other that you won’t be repeating the mistakes, and you can start on a fresh page.

5. Do not be aggressive when you explain yourself

During the conversation, you may come to know some peculiar things about yourself. Obviously, your partner may have never disclosed it to you before. But, you must not respond aggressively. Take all the negative statements in stride.

Assure your partner that you will work on your flaws while explaining why you behaved in a way that your partner found you in a bad light. Make sure that you aren’t giving any excuses. The reasons that you give should be valid and acceptable. These are a few tricky ways to keep your relationship from getting severed.

6. A bad temperament can also give rise to new issues- Control your anger to save your relationship from a breakup

Once you decide to mend ways, then you must keep the bad temper and sad mood at bay. It is not easy to accept the flaws and start afresh. So, you may need strong willpower to digest the negative statements.

That’s because some bad points about your behavior can enrage you. And that will further deteriorate the matter instead of resolving the issues. And if you can come this far to start a new life with your partner, then you should be doing everything to avoid the problems from getting worse.

7. Make your relationship your priority- This tip will definitely help you save your relationship from a breakup

I am pretty sure all these years that you have been apart, you never made your partner a priority. So, now, if you want to be happy in the relationship and want to get your relationship back on track, you have to make it your top priority.

When in love, always remember, your relationship with your partner has to be nurtured. You cannot sit back and relax thinking that the relationship will take care of itself. You have to put in an equal amount of effort as your partner does. These are some of the different ways to fix your relationship woes.

8. Go to those places where you’ll be able to refresh your happy memories

It does not necessarily mean going on a vacation. You can visit a coffee shop or a park where you used to meet when you were dating. Every relationship has a beautiful beginning. The first few days and months are always fascinating.

So, if you want to get those days back, then you must visit the places where you first met each other often. You may not be able to re-create the magic, but yes, at least you can relive the moments again. This will infuse positivity and may help to rekindle the fire in the relationship.

9. Ditch the blame game forever

When you blame others, it is easy to get away with the core problems. That’s because then you won’t have to worry about mistakes. But then that leads to a rise in the gap between two happy people.

Most of the relationships die because people get too much involved in blame games. And it doesn’t help. It only worsens the problem. So, now that you decide to fix your relationship, make sure that you stop blaming and accept each other’s flaws wisely.

10. Promise and forgive- One of the best ways to save your relationship from a breakup

Finally, once you decide to reconcile, promise that you won’t hurt each other anymore. Believe me, promises play a vital role. At least you say those words that will work as an assurance that you won’t fight.

Whether you keep the promise or not is an altogether different story. But when you promise, you also forgive each other and decide that you won’t hold grudges against each other. And that relationship will mean everything to you from here on. Forgiving each other and promising are the best ways to fix your relationship problems.


You must show immense understanding towards your partner to save your relationship from going sour. Relationships are weak and you need to nurture the bond with kindness, love, and forgiveness. Also, being compassionate towards your partner can strengthen the bond.

Acknowledge the mistakes and promise you won’t repeat them. Also, it would help if you stuck to your words. Actions speak louder than words, remember this. Make loving your partner a priority. Offer support and help each other in times of distress. That will keep your partner loving you always.

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