I recently read an article on Animal Wellness that dealt with how pet parents become negligent when it comes to taking care of their dog’s health. They don’t do it on purpose because all pet parents love their animal friends. However, some common dog parenting mistakes often go unnoticed and cause damage to the pet’s health.

There is nothing to worry about if you have been making these mistakes. But now, after you learn them, make sure that you avoid repeating them. Also, take your dog to the vet if you see some unusual signs on your dog’s body. Or if your pet behaves indifferently on touching it.

Let’s have a look at the dog parenting mistakes.

1. You feed them human food instead of dog food

Quality of food matters, but the type of food also plays a vital role. You cannot feed your dog what you eat. Most of the time, people get dog food but mix it up with home-cooked food. Home-cooked meals are not dangerous to your dog as such.

But you must consult a vet before feeding anything to your dog. Feed your dog what is meant for it and make it a habit you buy only dog food. It is not advisable to feed your dog with cat food or other animal food.

2. You do not check the portion size before feeding your dog

Okay, I agree you love your dog, but that doesn’t mean you overfeed him. This is one of the most common dog parenting mistakes. It is necessary to check the meal portion before feeding your dog. Every meal packet has the portion information mentioned on it.

Also, if you are confused about the bowl size for your dog, talk to a pet’s dietician. Ask the doctor how many times you should be feeding your dog. Various dog breeds have different requirements. So, the feeding times and portion sizes also differ accordingly.

3. No idea about how to take care of a rescue puppy

Most pet parents adopt a rescue dog to give a home to the poor animal. And that is a good deed, but they aren’t aware of how to treat such dogs. Abandoned puppies or abused dogs avoid coming closer to new human beings.

They are scared of the touch and also fear being shackled again. So, before you get a stray dog or a rescue dog, get some information on how to train a rescue puppy. Love, care, food, and training are the solutions to having a happy rescue dog.

4. You raise your voice instead of understanding your pet’s behavior

It is one of those dog parenting mistakes that is often overlooked while training. You must understand that dogs cannot communicate with you. That’s because they aren’t humans. You need to figure out what is in their mind through their actions and body language.

Consistent training can make your dog learn what is appropriate and inappropriate behavior. But till then, you have to be patient with your pet. Treat it like your child; yelling at your dog will only worsen the matter. Furthermore, your dog will lose confidence in you.

5. You do not follow a proper exercise routine

Like humans, even dogs require exercise to keep themselves fit. It can be one of the worst dog parenting mistakes if you don’t follow a strict workout routine for your pet. Make a schedule and stick to it.

Walking your dog and making it play the fetch game are the best exercises. But there has to be consistency as well. You cannot take your dog for a walk for a couple of minutes so that it answers nature’s call. Making your dog exercise is a must. And when you get a dog, you commit that you will be taking good care of your dog.

6. You keep your dog tied up outdoors for too long

Okay, dogs are animals, and they love nature. But they also need the freedom to run and play. You cannot keep your pet tied up or on the leash all day. Many pet parents keep their dog on the lawn tied to a pole.

It simply means you are just showing them what freedom means, but you aren’t letting them experience what it feels like. Set your dog free if you have a big lawn. Train it how to be friendly with unknown people or visitors. So that you need not keep him tied up for too long in the open.

7. You assume that friendly breeds don’t need the training to be friendly- One of the ignored dog parenting mistakes

If you have been thinking this, then you are wrong. All domestic animals need training on how to be around humans and other animals. You cannot live on the assumption that your dog will get friendly once it grows up.

Beagles, Poodles Golden Retrievers, Labradors, etc., are known to be the friendliest dog breeds. But they also need training because a dog will grow up how you raise it. It is just like molding a child’s brain. It requires thorough training.

8. You frequently bathe your dog

People who are germ freaks and love cleanliness around must not get a dog. That’s because dogs are animals, and they love to get dirty. They love to play in the mud puddle and run in the filthy running water.

You have to accept these nasty acts of your dog. If you try to shower your pet every alternate day, then you will be increasing the scope of infections in your pet’s fur. Too much moisture and frequent scrubbing of your pet’s body can do more harm than good.

Talk to your vet and seek guidance on how often you can get it groomed to maintain hygiene. It will be one of your worst dog parenting mistakes if you try to bathe your dog every day.

9. Getting an e-collar for your dog- This dog parenting mistake does more harm than good

You may have read online that getting an e-collar can make your job easy to train your dog. But it is brutal and inhumane. I am not against any company that manufactures these products. But imagine, how will it feel if you are exposed to some shock waves for not obeying some commands from your senior?

Isn’t it cruel? So, it is for you to decide, whether you wish to get an e-collar to train your dog. Or you can watch some dog training videos online and train your pet in a simple and fun-loving way. It may take time, but it will not be inhumane.

10. Ignoring your dog’s oral hygiene

I know many pet parents do not consider it important. But oral hygiene is a must for your dog. When your dog licks you, it gives out bad breath, right? And that is the reason you don’t like your pet licking you.

So, here is the solution, brush your dog’s teeth every night before going to bed. The way you take care of your oral health practice it in the same way for your dog. But get a vet’s advice before you start with the practice of oral hygiene on your pet.

11. You leave kids with your pets without any supervision- Most times it isn’t harmful but you avoid this dog parenting mistake

Children develop a great bond with dogs. But your pet needs sufficient training to let it play with your kids. Children have the habit of scratching and biting the tails of animals. If they do this to your dog, it can irate him, and he may react violently.

So, the kids and pets need to be taught how to play with each other without hurting anyone. Both your dog and children need to get comfortable with each other. Though dogs mature faster as they have a limited lifespan, if you let your kids play with a puppy, then you need to get someone to watch over them while they play.

12. You do not watch the signs of sickness

Prevention is better than cure, right? So, how often do you check for dog sickness signs? Some of the common signs are frequent discharge from the eyes, excessive licking to one part, labored breathing, redness around the eyes, and a rise in body temperature.

There could be other signs as well. But you need to keep a close watch on your dog’s behavior. If it lies inactive for too long is also a sign that it may have a stomach ache or any other internal problem.

Take your dog to the vet for a check-up as per advice. Do not ignore check-up routines. It can contribute to your worst nightmares. And it can also turn out to be one of the worst dog parenting mistakes.

13. You give human medication to your dog- One of the dog parenting mistakes you must avoid at all cost

First and foremost, you need to understand that dogs do not belong to the human family. They are different species; their anatomy is different. You cannot treat them with the same medicines that you use for human beings, even if it is a minor fever.

Never administer any medication without consulting your vet. If there is some health issue in your dog, then take it to your vet. When you get a dog, it becomes a family. And you commit to taking care of its well-being. You have to give attention to its health, the way you would do for your kids.

14. You don’t groom your dog well

Grooming is inevitable not just for your pet’s well-being but for your health as well. Forget about the stray animals; nature takes care of them. But when you live with an animal in your house, you should be taking responsibility for your pet’s health.

Clipping the nails, trimming the excess fur, and vaccinating it on time, all these activities are necessary. Some dog breeds are double-coated, so they shed a lot. But you have to take your pet to the grooming center to keep your dog’s fur in good condition.

15. The most common dog parenting mistake- You don’t vaccinate your pet on time and forget to use flea repellents

A majority of pet owners forget to vaccinate their dogs. And it is one of the worst dog parenting mistakes. You cannot ignore your dog’s health at any cost. Or else, it can cost you a hefty price later.

Also, when you take your pet outdoors, you need to spray your dog’s fur with flea and tick repellents. Heavy-coated dog breeds are more prone to tick fever and other illnesses related to insects. You have to take care of your dog to give it a healthy life.


Conclusively, your dog is your family, you have to take care of it just like your baby. Remember the dog loves you more than you love him. So, taking care of your dog should be your top priority. Timely visits to the vet can prevent health issues in your dog.

The mistakes mentioned in this blog post are the most common pet parenting mistakes. There could be more and hence watch your actions and see if your dog is not harmed. Only your dog’s well-being will keep you happy if you love your dog more than you love yourself.

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