You may have suffered from an inferiority complex because you don’t have a love partner. And the feeling is more intense when you have friends who are either in a relationship or are married. But have you ever given a thought to this- is it better to stay single? What are the benefits of staying single? Can you live a single life happily?

Well, the answer is yes. You don’t need someone to validate your life. You have the right to live life on your own terms. And it is possible only when you start loving yourself and stop expecting to have love in your life. Many celebrities like Oprah Winfrey, Leonardo DiCaprio, Owen Wilson, Tyra Banks, and Mary Louise Parker have never been married.

The better you build a relationship with yourself, the happier your life will be. Here are the reasons why to stay single and start loving yourself for what you are.

  1. No fear of anyone lying to you or cheating on you

You may have heard from your friends how wonderful it is to be in a relationship. It is all lovey-dovey in the start, and then the negativity creeps in. And the worst is your partner lying to you or cheating on you and then the unnecessary rumpus.

However, being a single man, you will never have to deal with such high-voltage drama. You can enjoy your life without any fear because no one will be lying to you. Furthermore, if you hang out with more than one woman, you won’t be held accountable for your actions.

  1. You can enjoy casual relationships

Ask your friends how many of them have enjoyed an open relationship? Or a relationship that doesn’t restrict them from having fun? When you stay single, you can date many men or women, of course, not with an intention to cheat or hurt.

But more of like to have fun together and then bid adieu after a couple of drinks. You cannot enjoy these small impromptu parties when you are in a relationship. You will also have to consider your partner’s feelings.

  1. No restrictions on flirting

It is similar to what I have mentioned in the above point. Why will anyone stop you from flirting when you are single. Flirting is good for your heart, and it keeps your mind fresh. But it has to be healthy flirting.

You must not hurt the other man or woman. But when you have a girlfriend or boyfriend, can you be flirty with others? Ask the ones who are engaged; they may be missing flirting. But if you stay single, you can flirt all your life with innumerable men and women. Who is going to stop you? No one!

  1. You can go on a trip and befriend strangers

Point worth to be noted- travel as much as you want. You can make impromptu plans with your friends or go solo traveling. No one will dare to restrict you. Additionally, if you have the gift of gab, you can befriend anybody easily.

It’s not just random girls or boys, but you can ideally befriend anyone in your life- old men or women, single men or women, travel freaks, tattoo enthusiasts, fitness freaks, etc. There is an endless list of people you can be friends with. That is the reason why it is better to stay single.

  1. You’ll have ample time to enjoy your hobbies

Most of the couples do not find time for themselves or to enjoy their me-time. They struggle to relax or enjoy their spare time all for themselves. That’s because they are obligated to meet their partner whenever they find free time.

But if you stay single, you can book a slot in the gym, or join a painting class or Zumba class, and enjoy practicing the hobbies you like. Furthermore, you won’t be compelled to spend only a few minutes or hours practicing your hobby. You can spend the entire day doing the things that you like. No one will bother you.

  1. No nagging or criticisms from anybody

When you are in a relationship, you have got to have an open mind to accept criticisms. Yes, most couples criticize each other over petty issues. They do praise each other as well. But about 80% of the time it is nagging and criticizing.

Some are constructive criticisms, but most of them are demoralizing taunts. At first, it may not sound rude to you, but over a period, you’ll feel victimized. That is the reason why most men prefer to get married after the age of 35 or 40 in the US. By the time, you are matured enough to handle the situations amicably.

  1. You can eat, sleep, and party whenever you like

Ask your friends who are in a relationship how often do they party or eat the food of their choice? When you are in a relationship, you also have to consider your partner’s taste preferences.

And if you want to party late at night with friends, you may have to seek consent from your partner as well (if you are sharing an apartment). So, what is worse- staying single or seeking approval every time? I guess you know it better.

  1. No reporting- You won’t be answerable to anyone

Another best reason to stay single- no one will ask you why you are late? Where had you been? Why aren’t you punctual? Why did you talk to that girl? And the list goes on. Of course, if your partner asks you some romantic questions or shows concern, then you will love it.

But the questions that make you feel like you are an employee and the boss will fire you if you don’t respond in his favor, then obviously, it is better you stay single and enjoy the life guilt-free.

  1. You become more self-sustained

Yes, you don’t need anybody’s assistance when you want to be single. In fact, that is the unique aspect of staying single. You do your job on your own without asking for anybody’s help.

Indirectly, you become and behave more responsibly towards your health and life. What else do you want when you can manage your life without anybody guiding you or giving you unwanted suggestions.

  1. You get to call friends for a sleepover party

Okay, so you thought men don’t like slumber parties? Of course, they do. But they don’t chat or gossip about other guys. Instead, they watch movies or football matches and booze all night. Try going to a boys’ party someday; it is fun.

So, if you have a girlfriend, you can rarely call anybody over to your place. Even if you call, you may have to inform your girl why are you partying with your friends and why she isn’t invited. But, if you are single, you won’t have to go through this stress.

  1. You work only on self-improvement

In relationships, partners don’t improve themselves. Instead, they try to fix their respective partners. That is the reason why breakups and divorces take place. Whereas the reality is, you must focus on self-improvement.

So, this is another benefit of staying single- you work only on your mistakes and try to fix them. There won’t be any other agenda in your life. You will learn the importance of becoming self-reliant and resolving your issues.

  1. You will be making decisions only for yourself

As the headline says, the best relationship you can ever have is with yourself; you will be happy to live a fulfilled life when you’ll be the only one to design your life. Why would you ask for anyone’s suggestions or advice if you are wise enough to make your life decisions?

But when in a relationship, you will be forced to consider your partner’s opinions and views. And since you will be a team, you won’t be making the decisions only for yourself. The decisions you will be making must be suitable for both of you. That is the reason being in a relationship is tough, but yes love helps you to get through.

  1. You can date potential matches

Who said you should not date if you wish to stay single? Of course, you can date whoever you like without being judged. It is all up to you to keep the single tag on or to lose it forever by getting hitched.

I don’t mean that you should be cheating on multiple women at a time. But yes, you can keep dating until you find the one who understands you and wishes to stay single and loyal to you. No commitment fuss and no unnecessary drama. How does it sound?

  1. No frivolous expenditure

Do you know the other benefit of staying single? You save a lot of money. Dating, having girlfriends, flings, etc., all come at additional expense. But if you decide to stay single, you will save a lot of money.

That’s because you won’t have any reason to spend on unnecessary gifts. I am not saying that showering affection on your partner by buying gifts or giving treats is extravagance. But you know it can impact your bank balance. You won’t have money to face an emergency.

  1. No unwanted responsibilities

Relationships are tough because they come with responsibilities. Staying single doesn’t over-burden you with any responsibilities. That is also one of the reasons why many men prefer to stay single.

There is nothing wrong with having responsibilities. But it is the commitment to take up the responsibilities, that many couples lack. And because of their unwillingness, they often go their separate ways.

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