There are various possibilities for why and how your relationship failed. However, you can still revive your relationship if you know you were the one who led the relationship to go sour. If you genuinely wish to save a failing relationship, then you must analyze what went wrong and what you can do to resolve the problem.

Furthermore, if your partner has been abusive or an addict, or irresponsible, then it is advisable to find a new way for yourself. Do not go on that path where your partner can never recover from his ill habits. Here, you can say, that your relationship didn’t fail, it is your partner who failed to stand up to his promises.

So, if you still love your partner and want to win her love back, then here are ten tips to save a failing relationship.

1. If you know there is still some scope to save your relationship, then do not accept it as a failed one.

The moment you accept that you cannot revive your failing relationship, you will never take effective steps to resolve the emotional matters. So, before you jump to any conclusion, think about the happy moments and see if you can still restore the broken bond.

Talk to your close friends and parents; they will help you to learn what and how you can resolve the issues. If you have been the main culprit, then you should take the initiative in fixing the marital problems.

2. Admit your mistakes- a primary move to save a failing relationship

If you have thought about restoring the failing relationship, then you must have come to a realization that you have made some unforgivable mistakes. So, study why did you behave in a particular way? What were your expectations from your partner? Did you treat your partner the right way?

These are some basic questions, but you have to get into the detail. Look for the flaws in you. Jot down the instances of your bad behavior and think about how you can work on your mistakes. Ideally, accepting your mistakes will show you the right path.

3. Meet your partner and have a heart-to-heart over a coffee

Another big step to revive a failed relationship is to have a conversation with your partner face-to-face. Talking over the phone or mailing won’t help if you want to win your partner’s love back.

Always remember communication is the key to a happy relationship. You have to let your partner know how you feel and why do you wish to have her back. Open up about your feelings. Tell her that you accept your mistakes and you have started working on your problems.

4. Be transparent as far as you can. It will help a lot to save a failing relationship

Of course, some things are best kept hidden to avoid disagreements and conflicts. But if you want to save a failing relationship, you have to maintain transparency. Let your partner know why you behaved in a certain way and why you want to have her back now.

Don’t be selfish. Take your partner’s feelings also into consideration. It is because of you she has suffered a lot. So, be kind and empathetic. It won’t be easy, but your efforts and struggle will be seen through your words and actions.

5. Try to befriend your partner’s friends

Before you got separated, if you had a bad relationship with your partner’s friends, then now is the time to fix the problem. Get in touch with her friends, and talk to them about how you wish to start afresh.

Also, do let them know that you are a changed man and you have accepted your mistakes. If you are lucky enough then her friends will try to help you out, but if you aren’t lucky, then at least your partner will come to know that you have approached her friends. And that you are sorry for your mistakes and wish to reconcile.

6. Let your partner know that she is the priority now

You will have to make some firm decisions with respect to your partner and the relationship. If you have already jotted down the past mistakes you made, then keep them in mind and avoid repeating those mistakes.

Once you meet your partner, tell her that she is your top priority now. And that you do not want to behave irresponsibly. You will fulfill all the responsibilities wholeheartedly. But once you say these words, make sure you stick to them. Do not engage in bluffing.

7. Ask your partner what she expects from the relationship, and this time promise her that you will never ignore her needs

After the separation, you may have realized what made you go the separate ways. Either you were ignoring your partner’s feelings and her needs, or you were just selfish to notice that your partner is also a human being.

In any way, let your partner speak about how she feels to get back. Is she happy or not? What are her needs and expectations? And you better pledge to keep your partner happy by acknowledging the needs of your partner.

8. Show that you are a changed person through your actions

Before you promise anything to your partner, promise yourself that you will never lie or cheat. If you wish to show your love and affection for your partner, then show it through your actions. No more fake promises.

If you cannot do something, then do not promise at all. But if you genuinely wish to save a failing relationship, then you have to work on yourself and your actions. Feigning or pretending will never help your relationship flourish. Mark a note of that.

You may feel that your partner does not understand anything, but after a breakup, all women become watchful of others’ motives.

9. Inculcate this habit- Listen carefully, then reply

Now before you jump to any conclusion, listen to what your partner has to say. Let her express herself. Try to understand what she means to say, and what are her needs. You as a partner have to respect your partner’s opinions and views.

Do not try to impose your views on your partner. The more you try to change someone’s viewpoints, the more you are likely to get rejected. And this is common in all walks of life. People like to express themselves, and they appreciate even more when they are heard in the right spirit.

10. Seek professional advice

If things are beyond reconciliation, then you must seek professional help. Take your partner to a counselor and try to resolve your problems. At times, it may not be easy to deal with difficult situations alone.

However professional guidance can help a lot in resolving personal matters.

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