Okay, so how many times have you heard that you should let your man behave the way he likes? Don’t stop him from going wild, or do not suppress him? Accept his strange behavior or ignore it. I guess you have heard it innumerable times, and you know it is unacceptable to your self-respect. But you still do it anyway, right? Why? Have you ever asked yourself? Such odd behavior of your partner may be acceptable to other people because they do not live with him, but you do.

So, who is suffering? YOU, of course! It is time that you think about yourself. And take appropriate steps in confronting your partner. Make him understand that his behavior is irksome and tiresome to you. And that he cannot treat you like a minion that follows him and serves him at his demands.

But if you haven’t identified what kinds of odd behavior of your partner are frustrating to you, then check out the list here.

1. He messes the house and leaves you in charge to clean up

Firstly, all parents need to teach their sons to keep their rooms organized at the schooling level itself. Gradually, it becomes a habit, and they understand the importance of cleanliness and tidiness. It will be beneficial to him in his older years or when he moves out for higher studies or a job.

Additionally, if you imbibe in your child the importance of self-reliance, your child will never put others in charge of cleaning their mess. Also, cooking is a very important task that many parents do not teach their kids. So, it is high time that we all as parents teach our boys not to think of any job as inferior if it is about survival and living.

This one step can bring a lot of change in society’s views and opinions. Furthermore, the partner of your son will also be happy to have a caring and loving partner who cleans up the mess and keeps the house neat. This one change can contribute toward a drop in separation and divorce rate as well.

2. He makes you repeat the same question several times

Have you wondered why does this happen? That’s because your man lacks listening skills. And he does not pay attention to what you say or ask in the first attempt. But there is another side to this story as well.

When you speak to your male friend or to someone he does not like, he will pay close attention not just to your words but also become an expert in lip-reading. Ever wondered how? Such odd behavior of your man is a sign that he does not give you importance unless he thinks it is important or worth listening to you. Basically, you are disrespected. How can you ignore and forgive such behavior?

3. He becomes a child when he is sick

Maybe not all men, but a fairly large percentage of men behave like a child when they are going through some pain. Also, they expect their partners to comfort them, pamper them, and feed them like a child.

Additionally, they will never take the medicines on their own. They feel that you are the nurse and you will cater to their needs. Maybe out of love, you will do it. But for how long? Ask your man one day- will he do the same for you if you become a sick child? Such odd behavior of your partner is off-putting, and let him know that.

4. Even after he is home- he is inseparable from his mobile

Another addition to the list of odd behaviors of your man- “I can’t live without my phone”. Is this what your man does? You cannot see him leaving his phone unless he wants to take a shower or visit the loo. Some men take their phones even when they are taking a shower.

So, how will you rate this eccentric behavior? He doesn’t talk to you or listen to you because he is engrossed in his phone, and you wonder what is so interesting in his mobile that he has become an ignorant husband/partner.

I know it is irritating, so why don’t you speak to him and ask him to change his habit? Discuss and change the situation, if he doesn’t understand you, then you give him the same treatment.

5. He watches TV and you do the chores

If you are a working woman and you do the chores as well, while your man munches popcorn and screams on a goal, then you are nothing but a servant. Your man does not value or respect you. He treats you like any other woman who is married to him to serve him.

So, it is your job to let him know how to treat you. If he still struggles to understand and treats you indifferently, then you better quit doing the additional tasks that you were doing. Let him know how it feels when you are disrespected.

6. He enjoys the perks of solitude, isn’t this an odd behavior of your partner?

Okay, for some this may not be a big deal- to enjoy without your partner and the partner also does not have any objection. But the problem arises when you do the same, and your partner interferes every time.

How would you feel? You give him enough space, and when it comes to you, he never lets you enjoy your me-time. Isn’t it unfair? It is a sign that your man is selfish and does not understand that even you have feelings and some expectations from life. Yet, you still accept such odd behavior of your partner and forgive him.

7. He expresses his love in a strange way or at times doesn’t express it at all. Being weird is another form of odd behavior of your partner

Some men don’t like PDA, but they do not express themselves even when no one’s watching. It is strange. When you are in a relationship, you must express yourself to your partner. Let her know how special she is and that you love her a lot.

The more expressive you are, the happier your relationship will be. But if you have eccentric ideas to express your love, then you won’t be investing your time and money in the right place. For instance, if you plan a surprise and take her to a place she dislikes, then what is the use?

Talk to your partner, ask her where she would love to go, and then plan a short trip to that location. Expressing your love means you should be able to make her feel happy. She should not feel like you are doing it as a perfunctory task.

8. He takes you for granted

Taking you for granted is not only an odd behavior, but it indicates that your man does not value you or your views. He simply belittles you by ignoring you or giving you a condescending reply.

If this is how your man treats you, then why are you still with him? Why do you let go of this bad behavior? You must either confront him or teach him a lesson in his language. If you do not respect yourself, no one will. You allow people how to treat you.

9. He always lies; one of the most ignored odd behavior of your partner

Okay, do you consider lying isn’t an odd behavior? Maybe sometimes lying to prevent a fight is okay. But what if your man lies even when it is unnecessary? Do not term it as a psychological disorder, unless it is a genuine medical concern.

Lying and treating your partner as if she is dumb is wrong. Women are smart to pick up lies; they are naturally gifted. So, if you think you can fool your partner just like that, then maybe you should rework your thinking process.

Also, dear ladies, such odd behavior of your partner must not be forgiven. Talk them out, and let your man know what you think of his lies and how you get him every time. Hopefully, that will change him, or at least, he will stop lying to you.

10. You take the responsibilities seriously but he doesn’t; an odd behavior of your partner that must not be overlooked

Firstly, men become complacent after they get into a serious relationship. I do not mean to generalize, but a small percentage of men start behaving indifferently with their partners. So, when it comes to taking up responsibility, they will behave like they are immature.

So, the load is laden upon your shoulders. It is a very common odd behavior that you must not entertain. Let your man also take an equal amount of responsibility.

If you have ever come across another form of odd behavior from your partner then do share your views with me.

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