The psychological aspects, behavior, and lifestyle of transgender (LGBTQ) people have been misconstrued by society at large. There was an acknowledgment of their existence in society in the early years of the 1600s. They were termed as the third gender in the Native American Tribes that played a unique role in structuring the society. Their roles differed from every tribe including their way of living and clothing style. That is the reason the cisgenders did not hire transgender for work. Instead, the transgenders faced ostracism and were left in the lurch. Transgender meaning is not difficult to comprehend, in fact, the so-called common people have always ignored their existence.

Transgender Meaning

In simple terms, transgenders are people who do not correspond with their sex assigned at birth. Their mental makeup and psychological attributes are different from their physical appearance. For instance, some transgenders may look like a man but they inherently feel and perceive themselves as a woman and vice versa.

Transgenders in the USA

Everything about transgenders has contributed to the rich history of American culture. As a non-conforming coterie, they realized how to work in the community and stay in unity. Thereafter, they commenced living their lives on their own terms; because the cisgenders did not accept them as a part of society.

Transgenders in India

Likewise, in India as well the community of transgenders has been a part of society for a long time. Ancient history also recognizes their existence. But the Indian community did not accept them as a part of their community. And no one took the effort to look for the transgender meaning and make others understand that they belong to the society as well. It took ages to give them credence irrespective of their reference in various mythological and religious texts. The most popular deity Mahadev’s divine avatar “Ardhanarishvara” is one of the prominent examples that they are an integral part of society.

Also, the Bible explains, “all children are equal in the eyes of God.” There are several compelling reasons to give a respectable status to transgender people, including the LGBTQ community in our society. That begins with giving them equal opportunity to earn and live a quality life. It’s high time we break this stereotype of not hiring people belonging to the LGBTQ community.

The Laws that protect Transgender workers in the USA

Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 clearly states that there should not be discrimination against any employee based on their sexual identity. The act clearly defines transgender meaning. Also, various federal courts and the EECO disapprove of the discrimination of employees because they are transgender or belong to the LGBTQ community.

The human rights agencies and the state & local authorities forbid the practice of non-hiring of employees because they are transgender. Various counties and over 200 cities in the USA have enforced these laws, including California, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Washington State, Utah, and New Mexico.

Additionally, Executive Order 13672 prohibits gender-based discrimination (including anti-transgender) by federal contractors. It specifies, if you are a transgender employee of a company, that is in contract with the federal government, you’ll have equal rights to protection.

The Laws that Protect Transgender Workers in India

The Transgender Bill 2016 (Protection of Rights), prohibits sex discrimination in employment. The bill also includes protection against unfair treatment and denial of access to education, healthcare facilities, and public goods.

Furthermore, the Supreme Court of India struck down section 377 of the IPC and decriminalized homosexuality. Also, transgender meaning clearly specifies that they are ordinary people and are eligible to work in all streams of the working community. Today the LGBTQ community has equal rights to employment without any prejudice.

Now that we are clear about transgender meaning, let’s understand why should you hire transgender.

It is undoubtedly acceptable, to hire a prospective employee, but the prospect must possess the required qualification and related skill set. But if you study statistics from National Center for Transgender Equality (NCTE) 2015, about 17% of transgender students left school because of mistreatment. Around 22% of transgender women, 15% of transgender men, and 15% of non-binary people left education due to harassment.

In such a hostile environment you cannot expect human beings to study and upgrade their skills. Schooling is a medium through which you mold young minds, but in an adverse environmental condition, you harm their mental makeup and destroy their innocence. The transgender meaning clearly specifies that they are fit to work in any industry. It is our perception that we need to change. When inculcating knowledge among transgender students one should not forget, even they are ‘Human Beings’.

So, as the facts are clear, you may find limited transgender (LGBTQ) people with quality education. They may also lack proficiency in a particular field. But you can hire them for jobs where no degree or higher education is necessary.

Now, let’s have a look at some important points as to why transgender can prove an asset to the organization.

“A majority of the following points belong to human qualities they possess.”

They Practice Integrity

We normal people have lost the dedication of practicing honesty and integrity in our work. But transgender people understand the importance of keeping words. They stick to their commitments and complete the assigned task in accordance with the deadline. Hence, it is best to hire transgender.

The other most important aspect of them is that they surround themselves with positive and honest people. They study the environment around them and act accordingly. Also, they stay focused on their goals and take complete responsibility for their actions. Some of the famous Indian transgender people in India are Lakshmi Narayan Tripathi and Gauri Sawant.

They Know How to Work in Unity

Since the only option they had was to live a communal life. they imbibed the values of staying in unity. Being a minority in the majority of the nations, they know the importance of working in unity.

Every organization needs employees who can work in teams and achieve objectives together. Unity is strength; united we stand and divided we fall, this is the proverb we have been reading since childhood. But how many of us really put it to use? If you have a team of transgender at work, you will never face the issue of disputes or conflicts.

They are Empathetic. The Society Compelled them to be compassionate, that’s the real transgender meaning

In today’s world, every employer aims only to generate profits and he disregards his employees. But it is crucial to understand your employees, their needs, expectations, and the problems they face at work.

Very few corporate companies have an active grievance redressal forum. Employees work for a few years and quit their jobs because they do not enjoy job satisfaction. The reason is, employers or superiors need to be empathetic towards their employees.

Only a transgender employee can empathize and understand the issue of other employees. It is because empathy is deeply rooted in transgender people. So, hire transgender employees and place them in a managerial post. You will not only reap benefits in the business but will also have a reduced attrition rate.

They will Never Practice Biased Approach

Some of the youngest leading transgender activists and TV personalities from the USA, namely Gavin Grimm, Jazz Jennings, Marci Owens, Trinity Neal, and Lucas Segal have struggled to make their lives easy. They followed a clear path and fought for their rights. 

Transgender meaning advocates to have a non-biased approach and it has greater significance in running your business, isn’t it? When you have transgender employees governing the operations, you can easily eradicate favoritism and nepotism. Which is essential to attain organizational objectives and goals.

They have a ‘Never Quit’ Mindset

Struggles make you strong both mentally and physically. The kind of lifestyle they have been living for years has not only made them psychologically tough but they have also learned how not to give up. If you go through the history of transgender people, you may learn that they have always been below the poverty line.

It is society’s fault that we did not accept them as a part of us. If it hadn’t been this, then, probably today many transgender people would have been living a life like normal human beings. Now is the time that we give them an equal opportunity to work and live a respectable life.

Transgender meaning Defines their Commitment to the Welfare of the Society- They will always be Loyal  

The pain of disownment is awful. And transgender (LGBTQ) people have been going through that pain for ages. Hence, they understand the importance of faithfulness and allegiance. Transgender means acceptance of who you are.

As far as today’s business world is concerned, nobody has loyalty toward their organization. This is why there is a need for revolutionary change in corporate affairs. Hire transgender employees because they will work wholeheartedly, and remain loyal as long as they receive appropriate compensation.

They will Prove Themselves No Matter What, That’s the True Transgender Meaning

The hard work and struggles polish you. A few decades ago, nobody was even aware of the existence of the transgender community. But they raised their voice and made it heard. Today their struggles are still on, and their undying fighting spirit is experienced in every nook and corner of the world.

This indicates that if they are given opportunities, they will go to any extent to prove themselves. And while doing so, they won’t even complain about the tough times. It is because when people have everything, they are least bothered. But when someone has to fight even for basic needs, they value everything they possess.


It’s time for social reform; hire transgender for work. They have been going through the ordeal and yet struggling to be heard. Let us all work together in offering a helping hand to the most underprivileged class of our society. It’s time that they are given equal rights and respectable status in the community. We all human beings are blessed with one thing, we can express ourselves. So, let’s make them heard and stand by them because even they are ‘Human Beings’.

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