Once a wise man said- actions speak louder than words. So, it is the same principle that is applicable here. You have to show your love to that someone special through your actions. Do what can give them a hint of how much you care for them. Girls are brilliant at picking up who is feigning and who is genuine. So, all you need to do is stay true to your words and let your intentions reflect through your deeds. It is one of the best ways to express love to someone.

Many couples lose faith in love after a bad breakup or a traumatic relationship. So, if your crush has been through a bad breakup, then stay by her side and give her some time to heal from the traumatic experience. Do not jump immediately to show your love. Instead, show care and concern. Make her feel happy and adored. Rebound relationships never grow or flourish, so let some time pass by, and in the meantime, you can do the following tips.

Here are the ten ways to express love to someone

1. Offer help whenever they need you

First and foremost, you have to become her confidant to prove how much you care for her. A woman approaches a man when she knows she can trust him. So, see how you can help her and offer her the appropriate help.

Your little support will help you indirectly to show your love for her. Also, keep in mind, that you need not go beyond your limits to show how much you care, but if you do, let her know that if she is in trouble, you are always there for her.

2. Express your gratitude more often

Couples need to understand that you have to make your partner feel appreciated whenever they go out of the way to help you. Or even if they help you out in a simple way and solve your problems without any hassle, they deserve appreciation.

So, if you wish to show your love to your partner, make sure that you make her feel treasured. A small gesture like a gift or card will do wonders. All you need to do is mention- Thank you. It will help you build some space in her heart.

3. Go with her wherever she takes you

Well, the motive behind this idea is to show that you trust her without a doubt. So, you know she won’t take you to any life-threatening place. It is a sign that you trust her blindly, and you know she won’t hurt you.

So, you just follow her holding hands, and let your trust do the magic. It will definitely, give a hint that you believe in her and she won’t hurt you. It may not be a stepping stone to showcase your love, but it will surely prove how madly you are into her.

4. Stand up for them

Yes, it is an important step to show your love to someone you care about. You have to take a firm stand when you are with them. Your thoughts must be aligned with that of them. For instance, if someone special is fighting for rights, then you must stand by them.

You need not participate in the protest, but you can show your support by simply saying that you are with them. And whatever they are doing, you understand that it is for a great cause. This one gesture will strengthen your bond even if you haven’t expressed your love to them.

5. Suppress or control your anger

Yes, in any relationship, you need to know how to control your anger. You cannot burst out on your loved ones, whoever it be. Negative emotions like jealousy, bitterness, or anger often ruin the bonds. And you cannot be risking your affection by showing anger.

So, what is the solution? Well, if you are angry do not react at that very moment. Move away from that place and think about what angered you in a calm place. When your mind is clear, you get the answers. So, yes, control your negative emotions and if you are hurt, explain it to them when you are in a relaxed state.

6. Let her know from others how well you talk about her- One of the workable ways to express love to someone

When you hear things from others, it leaves a mark on your mind. You contemplate more on the words when you hear them from others, especially if it is a compliment. So, if you love your crush dearly, then speak all the good things about her to your friends and her friends.

Give compliments, appreciate, and speak all positive points in her absence to her friends. You will soon see her coming to you with a smiling face. Of course, you need not overdo showing your love. But remember whatever you shared with her friends. Also, make sure you don’t come off as fake or desperate.

7. Shower her with compliments

Yes, it is in line with the above point. But there is a slight twist. You should be giving compliments not only on her good looks and behavior, but you should also compliment her intelligence and how she treats others.

Of course, she should be ideally doing all the good deeds to deserve such compliments. But do not sound superficial. You can also get gifts or cards to show how much you value her. Jot down the messages and the thoughts that you want her to know.

8. Show you care for them a lot- One of the easiest ways to express love to someone

Your simple words and gestures will do the talking. If you have promised something to them, then fulfill it. Your actions must speak louder than words. Only that will show how much you care for them.

Also, to show your love, you have to show their presence in your life means a lot. And that you can work harder to keep them happy. I would also like to add here, that showing care does not mean you should become over-possessive. Your feelings must be light and romantic. Your crush should not feel overburdened with your love.

9. Express your true feelings to them

When the time is right, share your feelings. Of course, you have to learn when to express yourself and how to express yourself. Use your instincts and gut feeling to express yourself. It may take time, but you will know when to hit the right note.

Let them know how you feel about them, what you like about them, and why you want to be with them. Show your love with some emotions and explain how your wavelengths match. If your words are true, you won’t have to persuade them.

10. One of the ways to express love to someone: When you say ‘I Love You’- make it feel real

You are the best judge of your actions. So, imagine if someone were to propose to you and you had to decide what words would convince you that the person is real and is not faking his or her feelings. Likewise, empathize and see yourself in her shoes.

What would you do to make yourself sound genuine about your feelings? Do that and stick to your words. Remember- proposing and building ties is easy, but the real challenge lies in maintaining and sustaining the relationship. So, better be ready with this.


Love is inexpressible in words. However, your actions can make your feelings evident how much you love that special one. Women approve of love through actions. If your words do not match your actions they will never find you a genuine person.

You have to be true and compassionate when in love. Also, just be your true self and let your feelings become apparent through your care and kindness. Being caring and empathetic does not mean you should let someone abuse your kind nature. Just set some boundaries and learn if you aren’t being used for your true feelings.

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