Are you a fan of the most loved TV show of the 90s- Friends? Even if you aren’t a fan, you’ll discover here why people love this TV show. First, I would like to share the title song that has always been close to everyone’s heart.

So, no one told you, life was gonna be this way
Your job’s a joke, you’re broke
Your love life’s DOA
It’s like you’re always stuck in second gear
When it hasn’t been your day, your week, your month
Or even your year, but….

I’ll be there for you
(When the rain starts to pour)
I’ll be there for you
(Like I’ve been there before)
I’ll be there for you
(‘Cause you’re there for me too)


Yeah, that’s right! These are the most popular lines that captivated the youth in the 90s. And these lines have a becharming effect even today. The opening song not just enchanted the young adults but the theme and the title also engrossed the people’s attention. But you might wonder why and how ‘Friends’ garnered popularity in that era and why it is still ruling the young hearts?

Well, the answer to that question lies in its title – ‘Friends’. The show flawlessly represents friendship, relationships, and the lives of young adults. And because of its relatable content about highs and lows in life, people still feel connected to this TV show.

It’s Appealing to the Crowd in 20s and 30s

The plot of Friends revolves around dating, hookups, and quintessential platonic relationships. Also, you cannot miss talking about the coffee house- ‘Central Perk’. Around 90% of the shots are taken in the coffee house itself. It is central to the theme of the TV show.

I believe when the show was first aired on NBC in 1994 no one even had any idea about lesbians and gays. I guess those were the days where words like lesbian and gay were heard for the first time on a TV show.

The sitcom indeed has a universal appeal. People in their 20s are more into friends. That’s the age where people believe that friends are life and nothing else matters to them. We all go through that stage. And since Friends sitcom focuses on hilarious punch lines along with bonding with friends, they made a room in people’s hearts.

It Talks About the Life of Youngsters and Their Struggles

‘Friends’ sitcom managed to showcase the troubles of youth distinctly. When in your 20s you don’t have clarity in your career path. You struggle to make a mark in your job. Financial uncertainties are common issues. You have a troubled relationship with your parents. And you are often sidetracked because of your whims and fancies.

No doubt, when you thoughtfully represent all these ideas in one TV show, you are bound to be successful. But I won’t give credit only to the plot or idea, but to the actors as well who portrayed their characters remarkably.

More of Thanksgiving and Christmas Celebrations

Another best part about this TV show? It talks about celebrations and dining together. If you check out all the 10 seasons, you’ll find at least one or two episodes dedicated to the thanksgiving and Christmas festival.

Oh yeah of course how can we forget Hannukah? Remember when Ross decides to teach Ben about the Jewish festival. He enters Monica’s house saying “Hello I am the Holiday Armadillo!”. Isn’t it amusing? So, yeah Friends had an appealing impact on its viewers with its idea of incorporating episodes dedicated to festivals.

A Perfect Picturization of the Idea – ‘Follow Your Passion’

I don’t know how many of you have noticed this while watching the ten seasons. But those who have watched all the seasons more than once will find this relatable. For instance, Monica is a great chef that’s because she loves cooking. Joey has a passion for acting and that’s why he struggles to be an actor.

Ross has a Ph.D. and is a paleontologist because he loves the studies of fossilized remains of prehistoric organisms. Rachel moves into a fashion stream after realizing her love for fashion. Phoebe and Chandler just go with the flow, so nothing to share about them. But I found that this TV show stirs up your reasoning process about career and passion.

It Shows Life is Fun Even Without Cell-phones and Internet

The other most convincing part of Friends- Life is amazing when your buddies are around. You don’t need a mobile phone or internet to keep you happy. Although, it’s impossible today to make people live without wi-fi and mobiles. The people have altered Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. In addition to the basic requirement for survival along with food, clothing, and shelter, we have added the internet to it. (LOL)

Anyway, jokes apart, this TV show helps people to understand that life is easy and pleasing if you don’t have digital distractions. We don’t need digital assistance to keep us connected with our loved ones all the time. Physical presence matters the most. Today even if we are blessed to have these tech benefits, we still need to stay connected to our family and friends with our real presence.

Few Friends but Friends for Life

I had a strong connection with the TV show when it made me realize that it’s always quality over quantity. Having hundreds of friends won’t bring in any happiness. It’s all about having true friends in life.

Friends who can be on the side during ups and downs. Friends who will give you wise suggestions. And friends who understand you well so that you can share your sorrows when in despair. That’s why ‘Friends’ sitcom became popular in a short span and managed to build a huge fan base.

The Engaging Characterization- Chandler Bing, Monica Geller, Rachel Green, Ross Geller, Phoebe Buffay, and Joey Tribbiani

Chandler Bing- The Master of Sarcasm

I found the character of Chandler (Matthew Perry) most witty and jocular in this show. He works in a data processing company and dislikes his job. The way he uses sarcasm as his defense mechanism to avoid embarrassment is indeed promising. His first impression always goes for a toss because of his sarcastic remarks.

Chandler’s character comes off as emotionally immature as well as insecure. He lacks love in his life (initial seasons), finds dumb women, but eventually ends up with a good-hearted woman (Monica). Although chandler’s character may sound unheeding and foolish, he is portrayed to be financially sound among all others.

Monica Geller- The Mother of OCD

Monica (Courtney Cox) is a chef and is obsessive about everything she does. Right from keeping the house spic and span to cooking delicious meals. Her character plays a significant role in the TV show.

She is always on the tip of her toes and doesn’t allow others to make changes to her place. Her character may sound hyperactive, energetic, and intimidating. But she is prudent and wise among all the other characters.

Rachel Green- The Fashionista

Oh, the most adorable character of Friends is Rachel Green (Jennifer Aniston). Rachel is a spoilt rich daughter of a doctor. She is free-spirited, conceitful, and indecisive. In the initial seasons, she works as a waitress and eventually decides to quit the job and work in a field of her choice- that is fashion.

Rachel’s character is engrossing to every girl as it showcases the ambiguities in one’s life. She has innumerable affairs, flings, and crushes, but ends up having a baby with Ross Geller. The chemistry between Rachel and Ross is intriguing and a perfect representation of how mysterious love life is.

Ross Geller- The Loving & Caring Academician

I don’t think without Ross Geller (David Schwimmer) the TV show would have been a success. Ross’s character is an integral part of the show. He is Monica’s brother and an unfortunate ex-husband of a lesbian.

Friends would have not been complete without this clumsy romantic character. Ross holds a Ph.D. and works at a museum. In the following episodes, he grabs a professor’s job and experiences many undesirable love encounters. But I loved this character because whenever he lands in the soup, I used to go “aww… poor guy”.

Phoebe Buffay- The Silly Guitarist

There’s one word that describes Phoebe Buffay (Lisa Kudrow) brilliantly- ‘Eccentric’. She is weird, stupid, and quirky at the same time. She works as a masseuse, plays guitar in Central Perk (the café), and sings lame songs written by her.

In some portions of the episodes, she is said to possess the power of clairvoyance. It was hysterical when a dead old woman’s spirit enters her body. The dead woman’s husband visits Phoebe and she asks him what were his wife’s last wishes. The old man brazenly tells her that his wife wanted to sleep with him for the last time. He then looks at Joey sitting on an adjacent table and replies – “worth a shot, huh!”

This is one such character in Friends that has many shades. I also found phoebe’s character cute and puerile. She had an abnormal childhood with little or false information about her mother and father. But I loved her character and is the funniest one after Chandler Bing.

Joey Tribbiani- The King of Flirts

“How you doin’?” Oh yeah, I don’t know how many girls fell head over heels to this pick-up line, but I found the catchphrase funny. Joey’s (Matt LeBlanc) character may come off as playful, flirty, and ebullient but I won’t say it was promiscuous.

He loves eating and often barges into Monica’s place for food. The character is sweet, loving &caring, and showcases loyalty towards his friends. I also found Joey’s character similar to phoebe’s of being kiddish. But overall, he completes the team.

Towards the end of the series, Rachel and Joey start falling for each other and I so wished Joey & Rachel to end up together. But the storyline would have changed drastically. In any case, the storyline of this TV show is amazing and has all the necessary elements that keep it topping the charts.

Conclusion: Friends is an amazing representation of friendship and unconventional love lives. That’s how the storyline elevates your mood. If you have crossed your 60s, it will take you back to your youthful days. And make you feel that you are back to your life. It will kill the dullness, and fill your heart with mirthful thoughts. If you haven’t watched it yet, then go ahead and watch it before you start regretting having missed it in your younger days.

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