Why is there so much negativity around? Have you ever asked yourself? Why people are least compassionate about others? It is because the art of being selfless has been long forgone. People are worried only about their lives. Their focus lies around only making money. Altruism doesn’t exist in the true sense. It’s just a few people who are financially sound and have the liberty to let go of some of their fortune practice selflessness. But ideally, we all human beings can be selfless and help others in need. And it is possible if we all practice meditation. But you might wonder why meditate, how is meditation going to help us become selfless and compassionate?

Well, the answer is quite simple. The more you concentrate on positive thinking and consistently focus on molding your mind to be kind to others, you will lead a happy and peaceful life. Meditation helps a lot in improving your brain functions and enhances cognitive empathy. But it takes regular practice and dedication to make meditation work for you. This is one of the reasons why meditation should be a part of your daily life. Got the answer to why meditate?

The following are some of the other convincing reasons to meditate.

Strengthens your Aura

Aura is a layer of energy that surrounds the human body. Some scientists say it’s an energy shield that prevents negative energy from affecting us. Meditation helps in fortifying this layer of energy around us.

A positive and happy man emanates a playful, inspiring, and optimistic aura, and it’s yellow in color. Whereas a depressed and negative man exudes a black aura. Also, a man has a gray aura who is skeptical and dubious about others.

You can Unblock Your Chakras

You must be aware that we have seven chakras in our bodies. These chakras when get imbalanced can cause physical or mental pain. So, here’s the question again, how to rebalance the chakras, and why meditate for that?

Meditation helps you to engage with your core body. The chakras are known to be the power centers. They are placed in the astral body running through the base of the spine to the crown. Once you activate or open the chakras you start living a fulfilled life. You start to learn the true meaning of life and your purpose in this life. It all leads to being more caring, loving, and empathetic towards others.

Boosts Concentrating Power

Lack of focus on work and stressful life deteriorates your mental health. You are overloaded with unwanted thoughts that’s why it gets difficult for you to concentrate on things. Especially negative thoughts often lead to major distractions.

Different types of meditation can help you to concentrate your energy on a single task. You can be more focused on your studies or work. And gradually you can increase the power of concentration through meditation.

De-clutters Your Mind

Meditation helps in a great way to unwind yourself. It makes you feel relaxed. Why meditate? I often asked myself if I can simply watch TV and relax. But after I started practicing meditation, I realized meditation has divine powers.

It helps you to clear your mind. I found meditation to be an opportunity to heal oneself. In your routine life, you may come across people who bicker over petty issues. Having to deal with them all day can be extremely stressful. But if you practice meditation regularly, you’ll learn how to deal with negative people and keep your mind clutter-free.

Relieves You of Stress

As mentioned before, meditation unloads your mind. It can boost positive hormones in your body. Oxytocin and endorphins are released in the body once you commence meditation. And once your mind and body are filled with positivity your stress level declines.

Various psychologists say, your mind and body need to work in coordination. Only then you can live a happy life. If one thing is at variance, your stress levels increase. Hence, meditation can prove helpful to you if you make it a part of your life.

Helps in Anger Management

A happy mind learns how to let go the annoying things. Dalai Lama once said an angry response to a rancorous dialogue will further lead to awful events. And it is true; you cannot calm the other person by being spiteful.

You need to control your anger and focus on resolving the issues. Meditation helps in better anger management. It helps in calming your senses and makes you see the brighter side of things. It is said that if only half of the people start controlling the anger, the world would be a better place to live.

Helps You to Be Productive

We often don’t like performing jobs that we dislike. Lack of motivation and drive can make you lose focus on work. Doing the least interesting job can make you unproductive. The job could be anything, it may include doing household chores.

Obviously, who likes sweeping and doing dishes & laundry? I hate doing that myself. But meditation helps you to simplify things. Your mind is shaped up to deal with unwanted things positively. Additionally, it helps you to learn how to multi-task. How is cleaning the house being productive? Well, the regular maintenance of your house will keep the germs at bay. You’ll prevent yourself from falling sick. And you’ll always have a spick and span place to live in.

Maintains a Good Emotional Balance

Why meditate for your emotional well-being? Well, concentrated breathing brings emotional stability. A wandering mind can make you impulsive. A healthy mind without any emotional disturbance can help you in analyzing things in a better way.

Especially, if you have relationship issues, you can deal with the problems in a more structured way. Only meditation can help you to have your focus in one clear direction.

Helps in Good Decision-making

The aforementioned point clearly specifies when you have a stable mind it is easy to make decisions. Any decisions taken haphazardly are futile. Meditation soothes the tensed nervous system and improves neurological function effectively.

It is easier to make decisions when you are cool-headed. A resentful mind not only takes bad decisions but also loses the ability to make constructive decisions. Meditation can be a great solution to stay even-tempered and composed.

Improves Blood-circulation

You may argue as to why meditate for an increase in blood flow? You can simply jog and do heavy workouts. Yes, that’s true. Exercising regularly can increase blood circulation but meditation can also help you with that.

If for a day you couldn’t manage to work out, then you can meditate instead. Breathing during mediation increases the supply of oxygen and nutrients to the brain and other vital organs of the body. Hence, it is best to spare at least 20 to 30 minutes of your day for meditation.

Helps in Strengthening the Immune System

An article on Labroots.com specified that meditation helped a lot during the quarantine phase. Every human being was on a house-arrest and had no way to exercise in the open air. But meditation helped in boosting their immune system.

People who practiced meditation regularly had a much calmer mind than the other panicked people.

Meditation Makes You a Congenial Person

Of course, there are no second thoughts to this. Meditation makes you a calm person. Being calm doesn’t mean you become a recluse or introvert. Instead, you become more approachable.

Once you get rid of the toxic thoughts you automatically become open to the world. You start seeing the positive elements more widely. That’s what meditation does to you. It makes you a positive and affable person. It is indeed one of the most relevant answers to why meditate.

You Become More Patient

Pandemic is the best example to explain the power of patience. People who had patience survived the pandemic peacefully. But those who were ignorant about the consequences of not following the COVID-19 instructions succumbed to a sad reality.

So, what’s the conclusion? Patience is the key. Meditation improves your tolerance level to survive unfavorable situations.

Stirs-up Your Creativity

Do you have any idea why people who follow their passion become successful in the long run? It’s because they realize the potentiality at an early stage. People who work from nine to five don’t realize what they are capable of.

Meditation helps them to unlock their capabilities. How creative they can be. The world pushes you to do the same things that others do. But if want to discover your talent, you need to connect with yourself. Only meditation can help you to connect with your true self.

Kills the Dullness from Your Life

When you have clarity of your true purpose, you’ll exploit your potentiality. Meditation will make you realize how important it is to take care of your mind and body. You will continue to do activities that will keep you healthy.

Meditation also improves your sleep disorders. It will keep you energized all day and make you feel rejuvenated. Furthermore, it will keep you positively excited about life.


There are innumerable benefits of meditation. You can learn how to practice meditation by watching videos online or even read books. But do make meditation a part of your daily life. You’ll see the results for yourself.

You will grow into a grateful human being. You will also become an altruistic and kind person. The world needs more generous people. And every individual should begin to become one by changing himself positively.

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