Love is eternal, but you shouldn’t be waiting eternally for your man to love you back. Men have the habit of not taking the initiative once they get into the relationship, but they will always appreciate your efforts. Also, they will actively participate in the date plans and enjoy your company. But, if a man is least bothered about your presence in his life, then he will show some warning signs. Those signs will give you a clear understanding that you deserve a better man.

So, it will be wise if you let go of this man. I agree it won’t be easy for you to learn the signs in the initial stage. But, a frequent recurrence of these signs will show you the right path. Let’s check out the warning signs below.

Look for the red flags in your partner, you deserve a better man

you deserve a better man

1. He is always in the company of other girls

Being friends with other girls is not wrong. But if you spend too much time with them instead of with your claimed girlfriend, then it is wrong. Ladies, this is the first warning sign that you must keep a note of.

How many times does your man hang out with his other girlfriends than with you? How many times has he avoided you, saying that he has plans with other girlfriends? It is an indication that he doesn’t value you and that you deserve a better man. Find someone who will give you time and spend time with you.

2. You are the only one who plans the meeting

It is a noticeable warning sign, but most of the time girls fail to notice. If you are the only one who reserves a table at the hotel or asks for his time to meet you, or you keep waiting for his approval for a meeting. Then your man doesn’t respect you and is least bothered to spend time with you.

You deserve a man who will love you back and will also take an interest in meeting you every evening. If not every evening, then at least four times a week. But there has to be participation from both sides.

3. He does not value your time and is never punctual

Okay, so if you plan to go on a date, you ask your man to come at a specific time, and he doesn’t turn up. Or even if he does, he comes two or three hours late. This gives a clear picture that your man doesn’t value your time.

Couples need to spend time with each other and respect the fact that they make time for each other. So, if you don’t respect your partner’s time, then you deserve someone who does not treat you indifferently.

4. Oftentimes, he does not turn up on a date

A man is honest, loving, and caring if he truly loves you. But, if your man doesn’t value you at all, then he doesn’t love you as well. Imagine if you had a plan to watch a movie together at a movie theatre. And your man kept you waiting for hours and didn’t turn up either.

What do you think? Does this behavior justify his actions? If he had an emergency or met with an unfortunate situation, then it is an altogether different story. But, if he has kept you waiting in a coffee shop, or a restaurant several times, then it is a sign that you must get rid of this man. You deserve a better man.

5. He avoids introducing you to his friends

Have you introduced your boyfriend to your friends? Have you met his friends? Not yet? Well, it is another warning sign that he doesn’t want his friends or family to know about you. He is afraid of something, but he does not share his feelings with you.

If you could make him talk about this issue and get satisfactory replies, then continue dating him. But, if you see some unusual behavior or his body language changes upon asking him to introduce you to his friends, then you must let go of this man.

6. You never receive a call or text from him

You need not rack your brains to understand why your so-called boyfriend does not receive your call or call you back. He never even bothers to reply to your texts. You only get to hear excuses from him. It is a clear sign that he is not interested in keeping the relationship with you.

He either has found a new girl or is just playing with you until he finds a new girl. If you continue to be with this man, you will never be happy. And you may also possibly miss out on the opportunities to meet the other guys. Leave this man and date a man who respects you and loves you. Don’t forget you deserve a better man no matter what.

7. You look up to him as a soulmate, but he does not. If this is the case you surely deserve a better man

In every relationship, the feelings for each other have to be mutual. You cannot be tied up in unrequited love. That is not how a love relationship works. If you are the giver and not the receiver, then you will keep giving forever your life.

If you are giving something, you must also receive love in return. But, if your man is selfish and doesn’t shower love on you, then you must not stick with him. To you, he may mean the world. But does he feel the same about you? Don’t you think you deserve a better man who will treat you the same way you treat him?

8. You have no idea where he hangs out and where he goes. He does not share anything about his life with you

He knows in and out about you- where you hang out, who you hang out with, who is there in your friend circle, etc. So, your man knows everything about you. But, do you know where he meets his friends? Why doesn’t he tell you anything?

Well, men who like to keep their lives a secret are never truthful to their partners. If you are in a relationship, make sure you don’t have any secrets. The more secrets in your life, the more complicated your life will be. Also, secrets often make you tell lies about your personal life. Who wants a secretive man in their life? I believe no one.

9. His actions show he has no future plans with you

When you are in love, you start planning your future life with your partner the very instant. Also, maybe you have figured out how your life is going to be with your man. But has your man shared his life goals with you? Even if he has, are you an important part of his life goals?

No? Then why are you still with him? You must quit the relationship and look for a better match. Date someone who shares similar life goals. You cannot live in peace if you have a partner, who does not see you as an important part of his life.

10. You are never his priority- Why do you want him? You deserve a better man

Has your boyfriend ever asked for your opinion on something important to him? Or, if you make plans, does he consider asking you before making the final call? If he has a meeting, does he inform you beforehand?

If your answer is ‘No’ to the above questions, then your man doesn’t consider you as a priority. He may be a priority in your life, but you aren’t in his. So, what is the point of being his girlfriend? You better kick him out of your life because you deserve a better man.

11. He always tells you that he enjoys his life without you. Your existence in his life does not matter much

Does your man tell you that he loves being alone and he doesn’t prefer your company much? Well, it’s your cue to get out of his life because he does not look at you as a life partner. He probably values his friends and his other girlfriends more than you.

You may be an additional person in his life who does not hold any importance. If he makes you feel like a stranger in his life, then you shouldn’t be dating him. You may be just a glorifying object in his life that he uses when he wants to feel like he is at least loved by someone.

12. You feel like you are ill-treated- It is a sign you deserve a better man

Your man uses harsh words or hurls abuses at you because you did something wrong. But you take it sportingly. Well, that is where you are going wrong. If you did something wrong, then making you understand in the right way is the correct approach.

Abusing and using foul language does not justify his behavior. If you feel that you are often demoralized by your boyfriend, then he does not care for you. He is just looking for excuses to get rid of you. And you should be accepting this as a hint to get out of his life and start a new chapter without him. That’s because you deserve a better man who does not ill-treat you.

13. He has never asked you out for a vacation

All right, so you have been together for a while now, maybe for one or two years. But how many times in a year have you been on a vacation or short trip? Or a road trip? Not even once? Then where do you think this relationship is going?

A short trip for a day or two makes you come closer. Furthermore, it isn’t expensive as well. You could have been to a cheaper destination, but maybe your man wasn’t willing to share the expenses. This is not the real relationship.

14. You know every detail about his life, but he doesn’t- That is why you deserve a better man

Except for where he goes, who he hangs out with, or where he works, you know everything about him. Like his favorite dish, his favorite color, his favorite restaurant, etc., you know all this. But does he know what you like, where you love to shop, or what you love eating the most?

Well, if you aren’t aware of his primary details, then how can you term him as your life partner? Ideally, you shouldn’t be living with him or even sharing your life with him. You must remember that you should know everything about your partner. If your partner shows hesitance, then maybe he has some hidden agenda.

15. You deserve a better man if you feel he always takes you for granted

It is a crystal-clear warning sign that if your man doesn’t express his feelings to you, it means he doesn’t see you as a potential life partner. Whereas, you open up everything to him, but he always behaves like he is least bothered.

Always note this advice- if you are taken for granted at any point in life even at the workplace, then you must quit that place. Look for a man or a job where your efforts and feelings will be appreciated.


Let not anybody’s views or words or even actions for that matter overpower you. Feel the power within to control your emotions. Love is not the last chapter. So value yourself and learn that you always deserve the best in life. Do not let someone’s behavior alter your self-respect.

If your love toward someone does not make them love you back, you better move on to something better. You should have a self-belief that you cannot change someone unless they want you in their life. So, never force someone to love you back. Just move on and say Goodbye! Wish them good luck! And you head towards a fresh start.

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