Love is the only feeling that has no specific definition. You can describe this feeling as to how you perceive the emotion. I believe every individual has a unique description of Love. The amazing feeling of being in love has variations. You cannot realize it unless you stumble upon a few changes in your behavior. That’s the reason we keep asking ourselves Am I in Love?

But there is nothing to worry about the emotional topsy-turvy. It’s a positive feeling and everyone on this earth must experience it at least once in their lifetime. I have listed the signs from a positive standpoint. There can be some moments in your life that can make you feel stressed out. But it’s all good until you feel emotionally drained.

So, let’s check out the signs that will provide an answer to your question- Am I in Love?

  1. Your mind revolves around that one special person

You keep thinking about that person for no reason. A Thought of that special person warms you up, makes you perspire, and your limbs go numb. These are some normal physical signs that will give you a hint.

  1. The thoughts of that special person fill your mind with euphoria

It is a subtle sign; you accidentally start thinking of that person and you feel a wave of happiness and excitement. And at this moment, most of the people ask themselves- Why am I feeling happy? Am I in love?

  1. You start daydreaming

I guess it explains itself. Daydreaming is a common sign of being in love. You like being engrossed in pleasant and amorous thoughts.

  1. A sight of that special person increases your heartbeat

I don’t know how many of you have experienced it. But it really induces a strong feeling of affection towards that one person. It’s also a moment where you must ask yourself- Am I in Love?

  1. You instantly learn that you aren’t infatuated

After befriending this special person, you feel that this person is unique and you have developed a strong attachment with them. And somewhere deep within you realize that this intense feeling is not superficial, it isn’t short-lived passion, you truly admire them.

  1. You start enjoying little things with that special person

Every little thing that you do together will make you feel being closer to that person. Even if it means sharing an umbrella on a rainy day or sharing a popcorn bucket. You will start enjoying everything you do together- reading, listening to music, playing games, etc.

  1. Complimenting that special person for whatever they do

It’s a classic sign, when you start complimenting the person even if you don’t mean it, it means you are in love. Here you can ask yourself- Am I in love? Why am I complimenting when I don’t even care? While some jerks use this trick to pick up girls, but you will compliment him/her because you want to make that special person smile.

  1. You start working on yourself for being liked by that person

It may be your bad habits like smoking or boozing, that may not be liked by your special person. Hence, you take effective steps to get rid of those bad habits. Once you start discarding all the bad habits, you can ask yourself why am I doing this? Am I in love?

  1. Staying well-groomed becomes a part of your routine

Shopping, buying new clothes, trying new accessories, or make-up all become your top priority. You just want to ensure that you look appealing to your special friend. Your frequent visits to the salon will be an indication that you are falling for someone.

  1. You start promising yourself that you won’t hurt your special friend

I guess everybody who has been in love will take a vow not to hurt that special person. It’s because you will always wish to keep that person happy. You’ll treat the person in a special way the way you have never treated before. Then you can ask yourself Am I in love or what?

  1. You’ll become health-conscious

It’s all out there, once you get attracted to someone, you wish to look healthy and wealthy. You don’t like to get teased for being overweight or super thin. That’s what provokes you to either lose weight or gain weight. You join a gym, take up dance classes or yoga classes, or go swimming, just to look attractive to your special friend.

  1. You seek opportunities to meet them often

It’s an open sign, you will always be keen on meeting that special friend again. Here, you won’t have to ask yourself- Am I in love? It’s because you’ll have your question answered by then. Why would you wish fervently to meet this new person again? It’s because you love their company.

  1. Staying closer to that person will always be on your mind

If in case, you are flying out somewhere, and you wish that special to be sitting next to you. It means you genuinely want to spend time together. Spending quality time together will always on top of your mind. Staying apart will make you go crazy. That time you might ask yourself why am I in love?

  1. Watching romantic movies more than usual

Do you like romantic movies? No! Then, have you recently started watching any? If yes, then you are thinking of someone special while watching the movie. Also, if you have been a fan of romantic movies and of late you’ve been watching them all day long, then you’ve fallen head over heels for this new entrant in your life.

  1. You’ll like listening to the songs your special friend likes

Yes, you will definitely try listening to all the songs that your special person likes. Even if you don’t like them, you’ll try to enjoy them. That’s how the magic works on people who fall in love. While listening to the songs you’ll keep wondering- Oh god, am I in love with this person?

  1. You’ll try giving some signals to that special person

Once you become sure of how you feel for that special person. You will try to approach them to express your feelings, not outrightly but passively. For instance, you’ll ask them how they feel about you, do they like your company, you’ll often offer them chocolates, gifts, or help them with their assignments.

  1. You always talk about your special friend to your best friends

This one is quite easy because your friends will tell you immediately if they notice a change in you. If you talk too much about your love interest, your friends will start teasing you. By then you’ll know why you think about that person so much. You won’t have to ask yourself- Am I in love? Your friends will tell you that you are in love.

  1. Oftentimes, their name slips off your tongue while talking about something serious

One can say, it is psychological. And maybe it’s your mind that’s telling you that you are thinking too much about this one person. Hence, you accidentally speak of their name. It’s the most uncommon sign but you can’t ignore it.

  1. At some point, you start thinking things are falling in place

Being in love is a positive feeling. It makes you believe in yourself. It also helps in building confidence in you to some extent. And this confident feeling makes you do impossible things. Hence, you start believing that you can achieve anything you want and you work towards it. Making you realize that things are turning in your favor.

  1. You see yourself with that person together and hence start planning about the future

It is a fairly common sign for many youngsters. And you can’t deny that it is a part of daydreaming. You often see yourself with that person in the future together. So, your hormones stimulate you to think and plan your future with that special friend.

  1. You expect to meet their best friends

It is a clear indication that your mind will be drawn towards them more often than required. You’ll ask your special friend if you can meet their best friends. It is also a common sign, but a genuine one. You’ll seek to discover more about their life, their close friends, their likes and dislikes, and their opinion about you.

  1. You ask them if you could bond with their parents

I know it’s hilarious, but yes, you’ll feel like meeting their parents and bonding with them. It will make you come closer to your special person. Not everyone who is in love will feel like this, but if you are genuinely in love, you’ll make this move.

  1. The more you meet, the stronger your feelings grow

Maybe at some point, you will ask Am I in love with this person? Why do I like meeting them? You make efforts to meet them more often, and the more you meet, the fonder you grow.

  1. Compromising for that special person won’t be a big deal

Like mentioned before, you will grow fonder. Hence, you’ll become flexible with the changes. You won’t mind compromising for your loved ones. Instead, you’ll do anything to keep your special friend happy. For instance, you’ll purposely lose a winning game. You’ll learn new things for them, including sports or cooking.

  1. Negative thoughts just vanish away

Being in love is a positive feeling. It will overcome all the negativity in your life. So, if negative thoughts pass through your mind, you’ll suppress them by thinking positively. Here instead of asking Am I in love, you’ll say I am in love, and I have my strength beside me.

  1. Ego won’t stand in your way when helping your special friend

Ego won’t be a major concern when you are in love with that special person. If that person needs you in times of distress, you’ll go running to help them out. Keeping the conceit and ego aside.

  1. At times your friends belittle that person, but you still like them no matter what

Friends do play a significant role in our lives. And their views or opinions do influence us. But if you are madly in love with that person, the opinions of your friends won’t matter at all. You’ll just follow your instincts and be with that special friend.

  1. You learn to empathize more

You might have heard grannies and grandpas telling us, how love makes us compassionate. It makes you go soft on others. It’s because you tend to develop a feeling of not hurting others. You learn to step into others’ shoes and see how they feel when in despair.

  1. You feel protective of that special person

This might be a tricky one, but you will always look for opportunities to pick them up from their workplace or college and drop them back at home. You still might not be in a relationship with that person but you will continue to be a good friend who is concerned about their safety. At this point you may ask yourself- Am I in love?

  1. You may become possessive but not over-possessive

This feeling of possessiveness will be limited only to yourself unless you give out actual signs. Your behavior will reveal your actions. So, be cautious! Your demeanor can be misconstrued by that special person.

  1. Fear of losing that special friend constantly runs through your mind

It is obvious, isn’t it? You become possessive of every beautiful thing that you possess, and you often pray not to break it or lose it. Likewise, when in love, you’ll be fearful of losing that special person. Some atheists become theists in this situation, they keep praying all day not to lose that person. If you fear losing that person, it’s time you ask- Am I in love?

  1. You keep gawking at their photo

Isn’t it stupid to stare at a photo for a long time? If you keep checking out that person’s pictures on social media, then you just want to know everything about them. You often just mull over their pictures and dream about you getting together. It’s fine if you do that without anybody noticing it. But do not stalk that person.

  1. You like to invite that special person to your family get-together

This may happen only if you are serious about having a relationship with this person. You won’t invite a person to your family gatherings if you just wish to have a fling or a casual relationship. If you love this person through the core, you’ll want them to be a part of your family soon.

  1. Focus is sidetracked completely

It is easy to lose focus on important jobs when you are in love. Your mind wanders around that special person’s thoughts. So, if you are sidetracked from your task, then it’s a sign that you miss somebody and that you cannot focus on a particular thing for a long time.

  1. When that special person isn’t around, you feel narky

In simple words, you will become moody. When you aren’t around that person, you will be in a bad mood. You’ll long to be with that person. If they aren’t around, you’ll make excuses to visit them.

  1. The over-excitement and anxiety will kill your appetite

Experts say over-excitement about something will make you lose your appetite. You won’t feel hungry and you’ll step out of the house only to see or meet that special person. It’s fine if you feed on some junk food for some days, but it may harm your health. So, do not avoid having meals on time, preferably home-cooked.

  1. You’ll envy whomever your special friend talks to

Holding grudges and being bitter to those who talk to your special friend is an obvious sign you are in love. You won’t have to ask yourself -Am I in love if you are jealous of those people. But just don’t get disgruntled or else negativity will seep in.

  1. You keep thinking of how to preserve the bonding

This is another type of fear that will make you deliberate on special things that you both have in common. Friendship, for instance, you may be good friends with them, and you want to be friends with them even if your proposal is rejected. Ideally, the friendship goes for a toss once you develop lovey-dovey feelings for that person. But you still contemplate on how you can prevent the damage and keep the friendship on.

  1. You make efforts to ensure your wavelengths match

No two individuals can have the same level of understanding. The ideologies differ, the outlook towards life differs, and how you perceive others also differs. So, if you are in love, you will make sure that your thoughts match with each other. You change yourself so that you can have a delightful conversation every time you meet. And believe me, this will be in a positive way, you won’t be sacrificing anything.

  1. You try to be their Confidant(e)

This is an easy sign. You will prove yourself to their best friend and that you are trustworthy. So, that your special person can confide in you. Being faithful and sincere in a relationship is of utmost importance. And you will take all possible steps to be their confidant(e).

  1. It is not physical attraction and you know it

If you have lustful or salacious interest, it means you are just physically attracted to that person. It isn’t true love. But if you know your affections towards that person are beyond superficial beauty, then it’s true. I agree you get attracted to the physical appearance, but if it grows beyond that and you feel mentally connected, then it means you are in true love.

  1. Emotional Attachment becomes firm

Some of the true signs of being in love are that you grow a strong emotional connection with that person. At times, you have telepathic communication as well. For instance, you think of having a pizza for lunch, and immediately that special person responds- “let’s have pizza for lunch”. Also, you always think of never letting that person go away from you. That’s a genuine sign that you are emotionally attached

  1. You learn to do tasks that you don’t like doing otherwise

There are innumerable tasks that many of us don’t like doing. That includes doing laundry, doing dishes, cooking, and mopping the house. But you learn to do these unwanted things just for your loved one.

  1. You save money to buy gifts for your special person

It is altogether different when you save money for future utilization. But if you specifically save money to buy gifts for your special friend, then maybe you are accepting that person as a part of your life. You won’t care to save money to buy gifts for your friends, right? But if it’s for this special one, then you’ll save money without any second thoughts.

  1. You buy that special person’s favorite meal/ chocolates more often

Of course, you’ll buy your favorite dish until you find this new special friend. But once you learn about their favorite cuisines and chocolates, you’ll buy more often to impress them. If not to impress, then just to show how much your care for them.

  1. Everything changes around you and you like it

Some people like changes while some don’t. But if the change is positive, you will love it. When in love, the atmosphere around you changes. The positive vibes will boost confidence in you. Every little change that takes place will bring happiness to you.

  1. You too change for good and you accept it happily

Once you feel connected to this special person, many changes will take place. The changes won’t be limited only to the atmosphere, you’ll change from within. You will exude positivity and will willingly accept any challenge thrown at you.

  1. You will treat that person as a priority

We all know that unless it is going to reap any benefits, you won’t make that thing a priority. But, if you make a person your priority (without expecting anything in return), it means you are definitely in love with this person. You won’t take this special person for granted, and that’s a sign.

  1. You miss them immediately after you depart

If for some reason you leave on a long journey, and that special friend isn’t a part of that journey, you start missing them instantly. That’s how it is. Missing a person for no reason is a sign that you want to be with them. You want to have them in your life at any cost.

  1. Other prospective proposals don’t bother you

Many young adults have indefinite opportunities to have a life partner. You may even date several of them, but after having met that special person, you will realize that this is the one. And you want to be them for the rest of your life. You become least bothered about other prospective love interests coming up with their proposals.

Conclusion: The above signs may vary from individual to individual. These signs may not necessarily conclude that you are in true love. A combination of them may help you to analyze whether you are genuinely falling for somebody or not.

I would suggest, be in love with someone and experience it for yourself, it is an amazing feeling. You need not completely rely on these signs. Trust your instincts and follow your heart, but take your brain along. Remember- Don’t fall in love, rise in love!

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