Human beings long and crave love throughout their lives. And it is a natural characteristic of every living being to look for affection and belongingness. But many toxic people misuse this feeling of others for their minacious benefits. It is also one of the reasons various people in the age group of 15 to 35 suffer from PTSD and panic attacks. Additionally, the spiteful behavior of one partner in love affairs turns the bonds into toxic relationships. However, there are some toxic relationship signs that can be interpreted through the behavior of the toxic person.

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According to an article by WHO, about 30% of women worldwide commit suicide, due to heartbreaks and divorces. The other sources also confirm that men and women both fall prey to such nasty endings, but the worst cases lie where money matters are involved.

Another terrible factor associated with people who cheat or hurt others is that they are far more toxic than normal human beings. It is their toxicity that makes them capable of hurting others and using others for their own benefit. But the question arises here, how can we find out if someone is toxic and has malicious intent?

I have enlisted a few of the most obvious actions of these toxic people which can help you in recognizing their evil agenda or motives. Let’s have a look at them.

Their talks are sugar-coated, one of the most obvious toxic relationship signs

First and foremost, there is a difference between sympathetic/kind talks and people who show unwanted concern. Most people who like showing extreme affection and the good side of themselves are dangerous creatures on earth. They will say a few things that will tempt you to share your personal feelings or any personal experience.

Once you open up with them, they will use your bad experiences as bait and show off themselves as your life savior. While the reality would be that they will be opening the doors to toxic relationships. I agree it is not easy to make out their ulterior motives in the first instance itself. But, when you spend some time with them and get closer to them, you will start getting negative vibes. You will have intuitions that this person is way too sweet than required.

Also, there are people on earth who are helpful and they do not expect anything in return from you except for true love and friendship. But people who indulge in fabricated talks will exploit you to such a level that you’ll start feeling drained. Their only intentions will be to exploit you and believe me your instincts will give you signals that you are being exploited unknowingly.

They will call you or message you only when they need you

In this digital era, long-distance relationships do exist. We also have friends staying in far-flung areas, we rarely meet them but still, the love and affection for each other are intact, isn’t it? But you will also come across people who will connect with you only when they are in need of something. And probably, you might be their only source of help when they need something at any cost. It is also a crucial sign that you may fall into the trap of toxic relationships.

So, you will be the first person they will approach because they might be under the false impression that you are easy prey. It is also an effortless catch if you could analyze such sick people’s intentions once they call you. Many of them also stay in touch but they will force you to do things that you are unwilling to do. For instance, you have a college friend and he is not your best friend but he calls you when he wants to use your bike. Also, when you are in college he never talks to you much. Once you let him use your bike out of kindness, but this incident occurs several times, and he calls you only when he needs your bike.

Such people are parasites; they thrive on others’ things for their own benefit. Likewise, you will face similar situations in life. All you need to do is stay alert. Do not let people use you without your willingness. You must help and share things, but be careful when someone is trying to make a fool out of you.

Your existence in their life is only for the sake of monetary benefits- one of the primary toxic relationship signs

Money is one of the cruelest objects that makes evil people do unpleasant things. About 95% of the problems arise because money matters are involved and are also one of the root causes of toxic relationships. It indeed makes one choose the wrong path. When toxic people have no access to money, they often choose to lure people into fulfilling their desires. That’s where the term ‘gold digger’ came into existence. And it does exist in society and this term will continue to flourish unless every individual becomes financially sound; which is highly impossible in the current market scenario. Otherwise, in economic terms the world would have been a ‘perfect market’, wouldn’t it be?

So, it becomes conspicuous when you come in contact with people who choose to be with you only for monetary benefits. But the people who use others for their materialistic pleasures are the most hideous human beings. Most people get married only when their partners are filthy rich. And post-marriage they come up with certain conditions that lead to the end of their relationship. Marriage and live-in relationships often turn into toxic relationships where partners start taking each other for granted. Believe me, such marriages set a bad example for society. So, how to deal with such people? Once you realize that you are being used, stop the financial aid. Either the person will show true colors or will leave you permanently. In either of the cases, you will be the winner. Better to stay alone than continue a hopeless charity lifelong.

They will make you feel vulnerable: Toxic people thrive on your misery, never overlook such toxic relationship signs

What do you think, how do these toxic people become successful with their evil maneuvers? They play with your emotions. It begins when you get closer to them and start sharing your secrets. Maybe at times, you may also disclose one of the worst experiences of your life, which helps these toxic vultures to use your bad experiences for their benefit. Yes, making you feel vulnerable and helpless is the key to their successful entry into your life. You unknowingly allow them to take control of your life and give away vital information to use against you.

Celebrities, artists, businessmen, and social activists are the most targeted people in this scenario. When you are famous, everybody wants to associate with you and live a life as you do. And this is the reason why many celebrities fall prey to cruel people’s intentions and get dragged into toxic relationships. You allow them to be a part of your life, but just to keep you in their life, they keep telling you that you are alone and nobody would be with you if it wasn’t for them. They read out all the scripted words before you and try to make you feel debilitated. When you start experiencing such things in your life, just kick out that person. Running away from these negative people and keeping your doors closed is the only solution to a happy life.

They will try to keep you away from your true friends and family

 If you study the psychological behavior of people with unfavorable motives, you will learn that they fear losing their host to someone else. Hence, in that process, they try to keep their ‘Gold-laying Chicken’ away from their family, relatives, and close friends. Their real motive is to keep you aloof from your beloved ones and make you dependent on them (toxic people). The more you start relying (emotionally) on toxic people, the more you’ll start losing yourself.

In terms of losing yourself mean that they will feed your brain with unwanted thoughts about yourself. For instance, a toxic girlfriend will always compare you with other men. She will make you feel inferior in your own eyes. Also, if you try to get rid of her, she will threaten you with suicide notes. Your weakness to control your emotions and unable to stay collected feeds their hidden motives. Remember hidden motives could be in any form leading to extremely toxic relationships.

Mostly, those motives are to drain you of money, some sadist satisfaction to themselves, or to satisfy their ego. Some motives cannot be even defined in simple words. So, as a precautionary measure never let out your secrets to someone whom you have met recently. Watch others’ actions when approaching you for help. Also, avoid attachment at an early stage, and learn to read their minds.


Beware of people with hidden motives. They are the most toxic people who lure others with their fabricated talks. Not only do they destroy your mental peace but they also make you hate yourself. And believe me, it takes ages to heal yourself post-trauma.

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