Every relationship starts with an exchange of impassioned words and an ardent proposal. However, as you grow in the relationship, you start getting too much comfortable. The levels of relationship comfort are defined by every couple in their own weird way. Maybe something that you are comfortable with may not be okay with another couple. For instance, sharing bank statements with your partner is no big deal to you. But some couples avoid sharing their financial details with their partner. Moreover, many couples prefer keeping some things to themselves rather than being completely vocal or out there in the open. And that is absolutely fine.

But before we jump into the levels, let’s first understand what ‘relationship comfort’ means

In simple terms, you will experience comfort in a relationship when there is a trust factor involved in your bonding. You don’t feel scared about being vulnerable anymore. The feeling of being your true self with your partner helps in laying a strong foundation for your relationship. Furthermore, it allows you to develop a deeper connection with your love.

So, how do you describe your levels of relationship comfort? Have you drawn a line where you do not wish to share a few things of your life? Are you willing to explore comfort levels? Let’s check out the ten levels of relationship comfort, and then you decide, you stand at which level.

1. You are free to use my mobile phone.

All right, this is the first thing these days that many couples avoid doing. Am I right or wrong? Your phone holds a lot of information about you, where you spend, which sites you surf, who calls or messages you, which apps you use, etc.

And to get access to all this information, you need to share your passcode with your partner. How willingly do you share the password of your phone? Looks like it is not easy? Are you at risk of jeopardizing your relationship by revealing the password to your phone? Well, you don’t even stand at the first level of relationship comfort.

2. Honey! Your friends invited me to a party, and sorry I attended it without you.

Well, well, well, will it be okay if your girlfriend attended a party with your friends without you? Let’s go a notch higher. What if only your partner was invited and not you? Will you be all right with your partner attending the party?

It is just an example. However there could be many instances in life where you will not be welcomed, and your partner won’t have any objection to enjoying without you. How far will you be comfortable? Well, I will always be under the fear of losing my friends. What about you?

3. Oh wow, isn’t she hot? I wish she were sitting next to me.

How often do you compliment the opposite sex in your partner’s presence? Is she comfortable with this attitude? Will you be comfortable, if your partner praised other men in your presence? Appreciating other’s partners may seem a bit uneasy, but some couples reach those levels of relationship comfort. However, some couples feel uneasy about expressing their disappointment. But they keep mum to let their partner feel how easygoing they are.

Additionally, when couples do not fear losing their partner, there is no envy or jealousy. The couples think that it is okay to appreciate something worthy of praise. So, they do it without any hesitation. Are you comfortable in your relationship to this level?

4. I would like to share a secret of my past relationship. The trust factor is intensified with this relationship comfort level.

To achieve this level of comfort in your relationship, you must trust your partner wholeheartedly. Not every couple trusts each other to this extent. Some level of fear always broods in their minds.

But if you have shared all the deep dark secrets of the past (no lies) then yes, you have achieved that level of comfort. But you have to understand that once you achieve that comfort level, it means that you have developed a strong attachment with your partner.

This attachment is way too complicated. And if you were ever to leave your partner or go your separate ways, then it will hurt you to the core.

5. Sitting next to each other and not talking, yet enjoying each other’s presence

Are you wondering how it may feel? Well, you will feel the same way, the way you will feel with your pet. Your pet doesn’t talk to you, yet it just sits beside you and makes you feel warm and comfortable.

Likewise, just sitting next to your partner and enjoying a book or watching TV without speaking with each other means you have reached a great comfort level in your relationship. Certain levels of relationship comfort are inexplicable. But they are worth experiencing.

6. Hey, I wish to take some time off. I am going on a trek, all alone.

The moment you hear these words, “I am going away all alone” will break your heart. But if you have developed a strong bonding with your partner and reached a great level of understanding, then you won’t feel bad at all.

Understanding follows once you start developing a good comfort level with your partner. Also, even you will feel okay if your partner seeks some time apart because that will allow you to enjoy your me-time.

7. Can we experiment? I wish to share my fantasies

How many couples experiment in their relationship? By experiment I mean, exploring life together, hanging out with unknown couples and bonding with them, going on an adventurous vacation, etc.

I believe only a handful of couples love experimenting with their life. Everyone has fantasies; let’s accept this. Some couples have funny ones while others may have weird ones. But do you work on your fantasies to experience them? Well, to do it together you may have to reach one of the exciting levels of relationship comfort where you don’t judge your partner.

8. Oops, it’s my ex. Come on, let’s go talk to him. This relationship comfort level defines the strength of your bonding.

Not everyone is comfortable interacting with their exes. But how will you avoid the conversation if you have eye contact with your ex accidentally on the road? It is not easy to avoid your ex, right?

But will you be comfortable introducing your new partner to your ex? Only those can introduce their partners to an ex if they have shared every detail about their previous relationships without any lies. It is not an easy task. But you can reach this comfort level only if you have immense faith in your partner.

9. Did you just fart? Oh, that’s okay! The cutest relationship comfort level.

A good comfort level signifies that you have a successful relationship with your partner. Couples who get uncomfortable at some uncalled occurrences can never reach this comfort level.

If you are living together and you have some restrictions on how to behave or how to conduct yourself, then you will never have a comfortable life with your partner. You have to reach a comfort level where you can be your true self. No restrictions at all.

10. Sharing the restroom or watching while you use

It is one of those levels of relationship comfort where you can proudly say, that you have opened up completely. You have no fear of losing your partner. Even your partner will become almost certain, that you will never deceive him.

Nobody says that you have to share the restroom to prove just to yourself that you are in a strong relationship. It has to happen naturally, and it does. You don’t force yourself to do it. If you haven’t reached this level yet, then don’t be disheartened. Give yourself some time, and things will fall in place sooner or later.

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