“Oh Yeah! Let’s get high.” “Pass me the doobie, bro!” “Get me some cream!” Does it ring a bell to you? These are the slang that many youngsters use to address psychoactive substances. Looking at these fancy terms for drugs, makes me wonder why youngsters use drugs.

I don’t know how fortunate or unfortunate this is, but some European countries have decriminalized the use and possession of drugs for personal use. Also, these countries have made investments in rehabilitation centers and damage reduction programs. The Netherlands, Portugal, Switzerland, and Czechia are some of the few countries that have decriminalized the use of drugs. If the government itself is lifting the ban, then why wouldn’t youngsters use drugs?

The Youngsters won’t just use it but abuse it. I am strictly against substance abuse. It ruins your mental health and paves the way to your deathbed. Why destroy a lovely life when you can enjoy it?

According to Schaeffer’s Model– patterns of drug use, begin with experimenting, gradually move towards recreational purpose, then go into situational use, which then grows into intensive use, and then finally into compulsive use. However, the reasons for abusing drugs differ at each stage.

Let’s have a look at some of these common reasons and learn why youngsters use drugs.

Influenced by Trending Music, Movies, and Web-series

The A-Team, Semi-charmed Life, and Sweet Morphine these songs are incredible. But they do influence young minds, don’t they? Ok, I agree movies, series, and music videos are only for entertainment purposes. Also, they do come up with a disclaimer, but teenagers follow blindly what they listen to and watch. And, when youngsters are in adolescent age, it is very difficult to stop them from following something. Even if you attempt to stop their actions, they turn rebellious.

The content shown in multimedia incites youngsters to experiment with things. It piques their interest to try something new and experience how it feels. This feeling of excitement draws them towards drugs. Furthermore, the drugs are made easily available to them through local drug peddlers. Studies show that peddlers often target high school and college kids because they are easy prey.

They Look for a Substitute for Alcohol

Of course, alcohol is equally harmful to your health. And there are no second thoughts to this, but youngsters always look for substitutes. Alcohol gives out a foul smell, it makes you puke, and it isn’t as effective as drugs. Alcohol takes time to mix into your body and it gradually gives you a dizzy feeling, unlike drugs.

The psychoactive substances give you an instant high feeling. Many young adults term it ‘euphoria’. These chemical substances have an immediate impact and last for a long time, whereas alcohol’s impact is only for a limited period. That’s why youngsters use drugs.

To have a Good Social Life

When you are young, friends play a significant role in your life. A social circle holds more importance in one’s life when you are in your teen years. This is a common trait of youngsters; they get easily dragged to eccentric ideas.

To fit into a circle, they consume drugs and show off. They feel that consuming drugs will make them look cool. I have no idea how this ideology got accepted, but yes, many teenagers feel this way. And that’s why youngsters use drugs to get recognition in a circle.

To Derive Pleasure

Psychotropic substances act as a stimulant to your brain. The blood pressure goes up and boosts the adrenaline rush. You get excited about things but essentially you are sedated. Additionally, youngsters also listen to psychedelic or trance music to up their pleasure.

The youngsters try drugs mainly for recreational purposes. In simple words, teens say that drugs are for fun. In reality, that’s the reason why youngsters use drugs, just to sedate themselves and stay in a trippy mode.

Living with Abusive Parents- This is one of the Most Common Reasons Why Youngsters Use Drugs

An environment turns hostile when your working parents aren’t happy together. Their relationship goes sour and they vent on each other. Around 58% of the children in the US choose the drug path to seek freedom from disturbances.

Also, studies show that children start consuming drugs whose parents have already been abusing drugs. There is a strong connection between drug-addicted parents and children abusing drugs at a younger age. These children are also exposed to emotional abuse, physical violence, and sexual abuse.

Being Bullied by Other youngsters or Forced by Friends

It is crucial these days to choose the right friend circle. Youngsters happen to bully each other when their mindsets do not match. Also, friends at times force each other to try new products in the market.

Likewise, they often compel each other to experience new versions of drugs. The loophole of drug abuse is, you try it once or twice, and then you get addicted. Getting rid of this addiction becomes almost impossible by then. It is because your body starts craving for it. This is also one of the reasons why youngsters use drugs and then abuse them.

Parents are Filthy Rich and the Kids are Pampered

I read an article on Financial Samurai – Confessions from a spoiled rich kid. In the article, the kid mentions how at an early age he took drugs because he had easy access to money. This is one of the most common reasons why youngsters use drugs and then abuse them. Parents should pamper their children with love and care, but not with money.

Even if the children receive money to buy some gifts or chocolates, the parents need to ensure that the money is spent only on the right things. They should keep track of where the kids go and where they spend their pocket money. It is imperative to teach every child the value of earning money at an early age. That way they will learn to be less stubborn and won’t choose the wrong path in life.

One of the Dangerous Reasons Why Youngsters Use Drugs To Make Quick Money Children Peddle Illicit Products

Youngsters do not necessarily use drugs just to consume them. But sometimes, they sell drugs to make easy money. According to a blog on Independent, drug dealers hire twelve-year-old children to peddle drugs.

This racket has been widespread across the globe. Where children are either bribed or forced to sell drugs. Some children certainly fall into this trap because they may have financial issues at home. But imagine the level of negative impact on these young minds. Such children start believing that this is how one makes money and they continue to follow that track.

To Enjoy Reclusiveness

Drugs make your nervous system go numb. Some even claim that you don’t feel any pain once you take a dose. Youngsters who like to stay aloof and enjoy their disposition to seclusion often move towards drugs.

Isolation and enjoying their own time become their priority once they hit puberty. Also, they prefer hanging out with friends who enjoy solitude. That’s why youngsters use drugs to enjoy their private lives and avoid large noisy crowds.

A Development in-laws of Western Countries Becomes a Trend in Eastern Countries

It is an economic rule, a developing nation always follows a developed nation. For instance, gay marriage was first legalized in the US in 2015, following which India legalized gay marriage in 2018, by abolishing a judgment passed in 2013.

A majority of the European countries and some states in the US have decriminalized the use of drugs. This influenced the youngsters in the eastern regions to use drugs. Although many Eastern countries have strict laws against the use of drugs, still people illegally deal in the supply of drugs.

Another Interesting Reason Why Youngsters Use Drugs- To Avoid Certain Life-situations

Many youngsters undergo a lot of trauma during their teenage years. Some are bullied, while some flunk their exams, pressure from parents, etc. Such situations can be tormenting to many children.

Oftentimes, children aged between twelve to seventeen are difficult to deal with. Experts say they become incorrigible because of hormonal changes in their bodies. It gets tough to make them things understand. This is the stage, where many youngsters drifted towards drugs.

They are Going Through Depression

Depression can seep in due to many reasons. Teenagers often undergo a lot of pressure, it could be in the form of studies, fighting with friends, low performance in a football match, etc. The fear of failure causes emotional disturbance in these young minds.

And when you are unable to think with a stable mind, you tend to look for a way out. For young minds, drugs are often the source of relief from depressing thoughts. That’s why they choose drugs to soothe their minds.

In Some Cases, Why Youngsters Use Drugs- Because They are Trying to Cope with Breakup

These days relationships in schooling years are quite common. Most of the young kids have partners. Gen Z got onto a fast track because they were born in the digital era. Ideally, there is nothing wrong with having close friends. But after a verbal spat, following the path to drugs isn’t the solution.

But many are influenced by their friends to choose the wrong way. Drugs aren’t the right way to deal with things. You just tend to forget for some time, but in reality, you still have to face it someday. Breakup is not a trivial issue, so to deal with it you need to talk to your parents or teachers, or someone whom you can confide in.

They Use it as Self-medication

There are cannabis dispensaries in the US that sell medicinal cannabis to those who carry a valid health certificate. The certificate specifies that if an individual suffers from certain disorders, then they can use medicinal marijuana to minimize the pain.

But many youngsters get a fake certificate and buy medicinal marijuana to calm their senses. Carrying a fake medical document is illegal in the US, but only a few felonies are reported. And this way the youngsters continue to use medicinal marijuana as self-medication.

Lastly, Why Youngsters Use Drugs- Because They Believe Drugs Boost Confidence

Some Medical studies claim that certain drugs boost self-confidence. But these drugs also come up with a few side effects, like, skin rashes, sleeplessness, anxiety attacks, etc. These are some of the common symptoms of drug abuse.

The drugs do induce hallucinogenic effects on the body. They make you feel, that you are in peace and your senses are neutralized. However long-term use of drugs can hurt your mind and body.


Living life in this fast-paced world is difficult. And every human being faces trials and tribulations in life. However, misusing drugs is not the solution. If you are having any issues in life, you must talk to your parents or elders. Also, many institutions help in dealing with such mental issues. Drugs only lead to disaster; you cannot resolve your life problems with them.

Seek medical attention and join a group or club that talks about mental health issues. Discuss your life problems with some experts or professionals. Do not believe that you are alone in this world. There are people out there who are willing to help you. Just ask and seek their assistance. Make use of social media for your betterment.

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