It is not easy to understand a person in the first meeting. Some couples date for years, yet they do not know in and out about each other. It is not a problem until you start losing yourself in maintaining the relationship. The day you start realizing that you are emotionally draining, then it will be one of the silent red flags in a relationship. Ideally, the first red flag in every foul relationship is you becoming submissive.

If your partner dominates you or pushes you to do something that you aren’t happy about, then you are in a toxic relationship. Also, if this dominance is a frequent recurrence, then you are trapped with a man who does not love you, he simply wants someone who would obey his commands. Now, let’s have a look at the other silent red flags in a relationship so that you get to see a complete picture of your current relationship. And always remember- neither victimize nor be a victim.

The Silent Red Flags In A Relationship You Often Overlook:

1. He always asks you to dress as per his choice

Okay, so you may be wondering, what is wrong with that if my man asks me to wear a dress that he likes? Once or twice is fun, but what if he controls and rules your wardrobe? Would you be happy? It is the first sign, that your partner does not want others to notice you. Or he feels that you are way too attractive, and hence, he feels overprotective of you.

But how many of you agree that controlling what you wear is justified for his over-protectiveness? None, right? Will you control your partner for what he wears, unless he seeks your advice? It is one of the common red flags in a relationship that many girls ignore. Remember- if he controls you now, he will keep controlling you forever.

2. He asks you to behave the way he wants- One of the silent red flags in a relationship that most women ignore

First and foremost, this point is altogether different from the first one. Asking you to behave yourself is different, and asking you to behave according to his terms and conditions is the red flag. For instance, in many Asian countries, women are asked not to hug others as part of a greeting.

They can say hello and give a warm smile, but not a hug. Some men even find women shaking hands with other men awkward. Since now we are recovering from a pandemic, maintaining social distance is mandatory.

But hugging and shaking hands as a part of greeting have been in existence for a long. Yet, men do not like their partners doing it. If your man controls you and asks you to behave in a certain way, then it is a red flag. Think twice before you commit to him.

3. He takes money from you to spend on you

Not many women recognize this trick, but it is used by many men to exploit their partners. Of course, every girl feels her boyfriend should spend on her, get gifts for her, and pamper her with surprises, isn’t it?

But, what if you are given gifts with your money? Will you be happy? Money borrowing starts with a minuscule reason. Your man may say that he needs some additional money to take care of the expenses or some other personal needs. But he uses that money to spend on you.

That means, your man isn’t taking any additional effort to keep you happy. He is simply taking money from you to spend on you. And sometimes, you won’t even ask him to return the money. So, who is the winner here? Your partner. Beware of such silent red flags in a relationship.

4, He seeks all the information about your friends but does not disclose anything about his friends

Some people are born only to take advantage of others. They love to collect the information from their partners and, then they use that information against their partners. If you have faced or been through such a situation then you are in a toxic relationship.

The moment you get vibes that your partner has hidden motives, get serious about quitting the relationship. Always remember, people who deceive others or misuse others for personal advantage can never be trustworthy.

Also, ask yourself how much do you know about your partner and his friend circle? If you know nothing, then you don’t know anything about your man. Such silent red flags in a relationship are hard to notice, but they are concrete proofs that your man does not love you, he is only using you.

5. He is way too pretentious

Well, in certain cases you can easily make it out that your man is feigning. But, when your partner feigns yet he has something additional to prove his worth, then it becomes difficult to ignore his words.

For instance, in the initial days of dating, if your man gives you special treatment, but over a while, he stops doing it by saying he doesn’t have enough money or is running into losses. So, he asks for money from you and then continues to take money from you. What does that mean? He pretended to be well-off, and all of a sudden, he is bankrupt. Is he believable? Or trustworthy? You decide and better watch The Tinder Swindler.

6. He ignores your opinions on purpose- Maybe not predominant ones but it is a silent red flag in a relationship

How many times your partner asks for your opinion? Are the decisions about your life and the relationship taken by your partner alone? Then why are you in the relationship? Just for the sake of being in one? Then basically, you are ill-treated by your partner.

If you are never asked for your views or even if you are asked, your suggestions are not taken into consideration, then you are in a poor relationship. The relationship that does not have respect in it, is not a relationship.

It is only an agreement where one partner dictates and the other follows. If you are happy being a follower, then good for you. But if you are not, then take a firm stand and make your voice heard.

7. Asks you to stay away from your family and friends- It is an obvious silent red flag in a relationship

Why would a man ask his partner to stay away from her family and best friends, unless, the partner has toxic parents or friends? So, if your man tells you something wrong about your parents or friends, then try to get to the root of the issue.

First, confirm the news, then believe him. If you are constantly told that you should stay away from your loved ones then there is a hidden agenda. It is one of the common silent red flags in a relationship, but you should not take lightly. Always remember, parents and close friends are the only true people you can have in your life. So, never disown them over trivial matters.

8. Keeps a close watch on you, even on social media

Does your partner constantly track you? Does he ask you questions about your whereabouts every day? Have you asked him, why does he track you? These are some baffling questions that may ruin your good bonding. But it is an unavoidable fact, that your partner is over-possessive and overprotective of you.

If you are okay with being watched, then not a problem. But what if you hate being asked questions about where you had been or how long were you away from your place? It is a sign that your man does not trust you. Hence, he prefers to keep a watch on you. Such silent red flags in a relationship are often ignored, but if you are suffering due to this, then it is time you move out of such a relationship.

9. Blames you for the mistakes and his failure

You may be wondering how can someone blame you for their failure? But the truth is, many men blame their spouses or girlfriends for their setbacks. Ideally, one should hold oneself accountable for their own mistakes, but this blame game is common in every relationship.

So, if you have been facing such blames, then it is time that you become an exception. Don’t stay in such a “common” failed relationship. Respect yourself, set your standards high, and walk out with your head held high.

10. You are living a guilt-filled life

This is one of the worst reasons because of which many women slip into depression. Many men over-burden their partners with guilt. The motive behind this guilt instilling is that you get control over your other partner.

Any person who is under guilt will never argue or pick up a fight, right? That is the reason, most of the women feel encumbered with negative feelings. This leads to a toxic relationship and further afflicts your mental health.

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