You might have heard your elders saying- expectations lead to regrets. That is true. We often keep saying that it is the human tendency to have expectations from others. But you can consciously curb that attitude and stop expecting from others. Leaders suggest that if you wish to be successful and happy in life, you must expect more from yourself than from others.

Believe in yourself and live for yourself. There is no point in having expectations from others. It will only bring you disappointment and discouragement.

So, here are the 15 things that you must stop looking for immediately. No more expectations from others.

1. To seek the approval of others

You must seek the approval of parents only during the school years. Once you become an adult, you should rely on self-approval. Never seek validation for what you like doing. For instance, if you love painting, then turn it into your career.

Why seek the approval of others? Your decision will have only two consequences: either people will dislike your work or appreciate your work. None of the ways are going to make you rich.

How successfully you promote your work will make you reach heights. So, no more having expectations from others, focus on your work, and keep polishing your skills.

2. To be with you when you need them

Stop being selfish when it comes to expecting favors from others. You should try to look for solutions on your own. People expect their family or close friends to be with them when they are emotionally down.

Nobody likes unnecessary drama, and no one will entertain it. So, if you want someone to be close to you to enjoy your melodrama, then keep your views to yourself. Avoid having weird expectations, and do not be selfish.

3. To stand for you

If you make a decision, you must stand for yourself. Why expect others to stand for us? For instance, if you decide to go against one of your friends for some reason. But your other friends aren’t with you.

They decide to stick with the other friend. So what? Will you sever the ties with all your friends? No, right? That’s how it works. You cannot expect others to stand for you every time. Even in your regular life, if you were to take any decision, make sure you are ready to face the repercussions. Do not expect others to stand for you.

4. To offer you financial support

If you have a bad habit of asking for financial support, then you are going to rely on others’ support forever in your life. People judge you when you ask for financial help. Even if they help you, they will belittle you someday in the future. It is one of the worst expectations from others you can ever have.

So, if you do not wish to get berated by your loved ones or anyone else for that matter, then never expect any support from others. You might return their favors, but you will be receiving tantrums for the rest of your life.

5. To shower you with compliments

Stay down to earth whenever possible. I believe it is always possible. You should be your own judge, and you should appreciate your efforts. Do not rely on others to praise you for good work. People in this digital world focus more on criticizing others.

So, if you do not want to be an object of ridicule, then keep doing your work and improving yourself. Comments from others should not affect you. If you wait for others’ fancy praises, then you will keep waiting forever your life.

6. To do things that you wouldn’t do for them

What I mean is, we often keep unrealistic expectations from our close friends. But in times of despair, we wouldn’t do the same for them. And that is the reality of life. So, you need to make up your mindset. Why expect something from others that you know is difficult for you as well.

In such situations, you should empathize. Think if you were in their place, would you do it for them? If your answer is no, then never have such unfeasible expectations from others. It will prevent you from having disappointments and heartbreaks.

7. To be compatible with you

People who have a dominating nature often expect others to be compatible with them. Why? If you know you always like taking the lead and be the dominant one, then enjoy yourself. Why do you expect others to be submissive and show compatibility with you?

Do not keep such high expectations from others. No one likes to get dominated and to show fake compatibility. Stick to your nature, and if possible, change your conduct. Excessive domination over others will make them boycott you.

8. To apologize instantly- Human beings take time to process their wrongdoings. So avoid such expectations from others

Firstly, no one likes to admit their mistakes. Secondly, even if they do acknowledge, they won’t apologize immediately. Instead, they will give you excuses as to why they indulged in peccadillo.

So, if anyone has hurt you, let them go away from your life. Never expect them to feel remorseful about their wrongdoings. If they wish to apologize, they will approach you. But never sulk over their bad behavior. People realize the mistakes, but apologizing takes courage. So, they never admit their mistakes in the first place.

9. To agree with you when you voice your opinion

It is in reference to the third point. When you are not supposed to expect people to stand for you, then why do you expect them to agree with you when you let your opinions out. Express yourself, let your views and ideas be known, but never expect others to agree with you.

Be open-minded to accept criticisms. If people like your views they will show agreement. But if they do not like your views, be ready to face the backlash. It is easy to voice your opinions, but it isn’t easy to make people nod with you.

10. To respect you when you don’t respect them- One of the insensitive expectations from others

Respect is an emotion. You show it through your actions and behavior. Just like the way you show love to someone. I also believe it is a mutual feeling. If you like someone, respect will follow.

But if you do not have a cordial connection with someone, you won’t respect that person. So, in simple words, if you dislike someone, then never expect them to love you back or show respect towards you. Such expectations from others are morally incorrect.

11. Do not expect others to be modest or humble

I believe those who behave modestly are attention seekers. I don’t know how many of you will agree with me. But that’s a fact. When you say some modest words, you expect people to call you humble and down to earth, even when you are not.

But either way, you should not expect people to have a modest approach. Let them be loud and extremist. Ideally, nobody likes to behave with modesty, but showing off brings some positivity from others. Also, if you helped someone during an emergency, then don’t expect them to acknowledge your helping nature, or they will tell others how helpful you are. If you are contented with your deeds, then praise yourself and leave them alone.

12. People like to cry foul. People will blame you- don’t expect them to spare you

Emotions make people go crazy. It is especially true when you are in your teenage years. The best example is a football match or any other sport. Teenagers face mental agony when they lose a game. Their teammates abuse them, say cuss words, and become violent as well.

So, if you were at fault, then accept it politely and move on. But if you think your teammates won’t blame you for losing the match, then you are inviting a big disappointment. Do not let any loss take over your peace. Winning and losing are all part of a game. And you also need to live life on a similar note.

13. To learn telepathically what is going on in your mind- Never have such expectations from others

Humans have a weird habit of not letting their emotions be known. They expect others to make out from your behavior about how you feel. And that is wrong. Nobody is going to come to know about how you feel and what you feel.

You have to be effable to let others know if you are in pain or sorrow. Also, people who are not expressive enough are often considered over-confident and mentally strong. And once you are perceived as strong, then nobody would ever care about you.

14. Do not compel anyone to love you back or stay in your life

If you try to force someone to love you back, then it’s the worst mistake of your life. Believe me, if people want to stay in your life, they will. You won’t have to make any efforts to make them stay and love you.

But if you force them to do something that they don’t want to, then you may lose self-respect. Also, the person who wants to leave you will feel confident about his decision. Unrequited love is painful, no doubt, but self-respect and dignity should be held high.

15. To forgive your misdeeds in one go- One of the unsympathetic expectations from others

Did you read the eighth point? Will you be ready to forgive someone instantly after they apologize? If yes, then great! But if not, then how can you expect someone to forgive you right after you apologize?

If you are sorry, people will acknowledge it. And you must show through your actions that you are ready to atone for your misdeeds. Maybe your actions might melt their hearts, and they will forgive you. But you can’t expect them to let go of your wrongdoing right away.

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