We often blame hormonal imbalances for rude behavior and mood swings. Also, some articles on psychological studies mention that hormones do affect our mental well-being. But hormones do not make you toxic. It is the people and situations around you that turn you into a negative person. According to an article on PsychCentral, you can study someone’s behavioral patterns and identify whether the person is toxic or not. And that’s probably the best way to pick out who is the most toxic person in your life. You can work on some tricks to get rid of toxic people in your life. Toxicity isn’t just related to alcohol abuse or drug abuse; it defines your mental health as well.

In my personal experience, people turn negative when they are forced to do something they aren’t willing to do. For instance, if you ask teenagers to follow certain rules, they often do the opposite. It is their innate feeling to turn rebellious if they are resisted to do something. Obviously, during their teenage years, they undergo hormonal changes. But it is the time when parents and teachers must help them to understand the situations, rather than imposing rules on them.

Most of the toxic people either have a disturbed childhood or have been mentally tortured in the early stages of life. This is why they turn negative from the core, and they start believing that hurting others and harming others’ mindsets is the right way to live life. So, these toxic people find solace in hurting others and they thrive on this detestable feeling.

Now that you have learned negative people can damage your mental peace, then how will you get rid of toxic people? Let’s check out some tips for dealing with these people the right way.

Tips to Get Rid of Toxic People

Confront Them

Yes, it is crucial to let them know that their behavior is hurtful. Their actions are affecting your mental health and you do not wish to be ill-treated. Be careful when you say these things to them upfront. Choose a silent and soothing location when confronting them directly.

Ask your friends and parents to stay close by. In case, you need any assistance, you can call them immediately. It is indeed tough to let toxic people know that they are menacing. But if you stay calm and collected, you can handle the situation really well. Do not use harsh words, just put your views before them courteously. It’s one of the easiest ways to get rid of toxic people.

Call for Help from Their Family

It is easy to have your friends and family around. But it is even more useful to call the toxic person’s family members for help. Many times, the family is unaware of how their children behave with the outside world. Most of these toxic people wear a mask and live like an imposter.

They are never themselves when it comes to showing their true side. You’ll discover their wild side only when the situation around them turns miserable. For instance, when they lose a job or lack financial freedom, they start developing an inferiority complex. This eventually, makes them skeptical and critical towards others’ success.

Ask Them to See a Psychiatrist

After you confront them about their toxicity, they will be enraged. To become infuriated at petty things is one of their behavior patterns. You must note this and show them it isn’t easy to deal with them anymore; and that they must seek medical advice.

Also, you must not forget toxic people are good at dramatizing the situation. They develop a unique quality of concealing matters at face. Put forth a condition that if they do not visit a doctor, you won’t be with them. A majority of the time this works but you never know that the person is completely healed. Toxicity is always at the core, it isn’t easy to get rid of toxic people that soon. Hence, it is best you run away from their life.

Be Helpful but Stay Wise

Toxic people have the inability to understand others’ feelings. That is the reason they manage to inflict pain on others both mentally and physically. But in this process, the victim’s mental health is drastically affected.

So, help them to seek medical advice and support them by showing some concern. But do not try to make them understand why they are toxic. It is because even if you make them understand, they will never reciprocate positively. Instead, they will start blaming you for their behavior.

Don’t Allow them in your Social Circle

It is important to keep negative people away from your social life. And even you must not engage with the toxic person’s friends. The reason being, they will start spreading hateful news about you. The main intention of such people is to portray themselves as the victim.

Whereas, the reality would be altogether different. But this behavior may ruin your social life and you may start losing some friends. And this is the toxic person’s real desire to deprive you of your best friends and make you feel lonely. That way you can be their easy prey. So, on discovering the toxic people’s intentions just keep them away from your friend circle. Guess, that’s not an easy option to get rid of toxic people, but you have to keep trying to protect yourself.

Avoid Going on a Vacation with them

Once you confront them, the toxic people will try to show some unwanted good side of themselves. They may have ulterior intentions to take you away from your family for some time and brainwash you.

It will be easier for them to force you to do certain things once you show some concern. But it will be best to avoid their proposal and stick with your family. Remember they may come up with some unique excuse to convince you for a vacation. All you need to do is politely turn down their offers and stay busy with your work.

Get Rid of Toxic People Immediately by Stopping Financial Aid If Any

Let’s understand the basic motive of toxic people. They thrive on us either for financial assistance or to satisfy their ego. Some are even sadists and purposefully create a situation where they can hurt you even more.

So, you must stop giving them money the moment you realize that you are being used. No parasite can survive on a host that is dead. So, just tell them that you cannot support them any longer and they can look for money somewhere else.

One of the Finest Tips to Get Rid of Toxic People- Don’t Give any Assurances

Remember toxic people have a callous attitude and they may not pay heed to your helpful nature. So, if you have been showing some superficial concern for some time, then just stick to it. Do not become a victim of their sweet talks.

They will try to persuade you so that you help them again. But just stay calm and composed and do not promise them anything. They may even say that they will change for you, but you stick to your decision and do not give them any hope.

Start Distancing yourself Completely

It won’t be easy at first to maintain distance from toxic people, because they may keep intruding in your life. But gradually you can take steps by moving out of town for a while. Or keeping yourself aloof from their family members.

Avoid talking to their friends and stop inviting them to your place. If you are a married couple, then you should leave the house where you stayed together and move somewhere else. You need not disclose your details and ask your family/friends to avoid talking to your toxic spouse.

The Final Step to Get Rid of Toxic People- Block them from Calling or Texting you

Once you start distancing yourself, you can easily block their numbers on your phone. Block them from sending you messages, calling you, or following you on social media. Also, try blocking all the common friends you have.

This is the last step that helps in discarding toxic people from your life.

Every human being has a right to live a happy life. But toxic people are a few of the nasty beings that ruin others’ happiness. So, make sure you take every single step to maintain peace in your life. It is easier to keep toxicity at bay than to live a life in hell. You get one life, do not let some parasites destroy it.

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