Studies have shown that human beings have a special affinity with dogs and cats. They seek love and happiness from animals. That’s the reason a majority of US citizens own at least one dog. Some like having cats and dogs. But the real problem is, that some develop a strong attachment with a dog and others with a cat, while some struggle to decide whether they are a dog person or a cat person. That further leads to a vague question, are dogs better than cats? If so, how is that? And in what way?

So, if you are still stuck with a question- are dogs better than cats? Then here are the ten reasons why dogs are more adorable than cats.

1. Dogs adapt to their environment with ease

Dogs do have peculiar traits. Irrespective of their size or inherent characteristics; dogs are blessed with the ability to adjust and adapt to a new environment. It may take time, but once they get comfortable in the new place, they mark their territory with their scent.

Also, it’s nature’s contribution as well, that helps the dog shed its excess fur during hot seasons and get acclimatized to the new surroundings and temperature. However, if you wish to have a dog that does not shed much, then; you must go for a non-furry breed. Also, you must get a pet that will be suitable for your climate.

2. Cats are temperamental/moody, whereas dogs are not.

You may find cats hissing at you when you touch it unknowingly. Unlike dogs, cats are way too moody and aggressive. Cats are not friendly like dogs. Pups need a few months of training, and they will learn how to respond to your touch.

Also, cats don’t like sharing their space. But they love to trespass in others’ territory. Have you ever seen a domestic cat sitting on the floor? No, right? Cats like being pampered, and they prefer a king-size treatment. Maybe that’s because cats belong to the Felidae family. So, what do you think are dogs better than cats, or not?

3. It is easy to train the dogs.

First of all, cats have a limited attention span. So, even if you wish to train a cat, it will move its attention to something that interests it. Unlike dogs, the puppies love playing with you while you teach them how to obey your commands.

It is much easier to train dogs and respond to your actions. Cats won’t pay heed to your action unless it’s a sign that you are feeding it. That’s the only thing that cats understand without any training. So do dogs, but dogs showcase patience and maturity while feeding them.

4. Cats poop in the yards and bury it there, whereas dogs have a schedule.

You cannot train a cat to do its job in a specific place. It is probably nature’s law that they are taught to do their job in a certain way. So, most of the cats poop in the backyard and bury it.

But as far as dogs are concerned, you can train them to do their business at a specific place and specific time. Over a while, dogs learn that they are not supposed to litter around at home. Also, they poop according to their body schedule when you take them for a walk or play in the park. Does that answer your question- are dogs better than cats? I say yes.

5. Dogs are highly active, and cats are dull and lazy.

To me, cats are nothing but lethargic furballs. All they do is keep licking themselves, eat, sleep, and repeat. I don’t hate cats as such, but you cannot bond well with cats. They get enraged instantly; if you try to train them or touch them.

But furry puppies are cute and active, and they ooze happiness. You’ll love playing with dogs. They instigate the zeal within you and make you play with them. Dogs are fun to have around. They sniff out foul things effortlessly, they also show guilt for chewing up shoes, and they shower a warm welcome once you get home from work. That’s why dogs are better than cats.

6. Dogs act as protectors; cats are timid.

Why do police prefer dogs over cats to search for illicit substances? That’s because dogs have a brain that is 40 times more developed than humans to analyze different smells. Dogs work as defenders when it comes to catching burglars or thieves.

Your house will be well protected when you have a dog in the house. But cats won’t attack the robbers. Instead, they will run to protect themselves. So, I’d say a dog is 100 times better than a cat if you are looking for someone to protect you from theft and love you unconditionally. Are you still confused- are dogs better than cats?

7. You can expect loyalty from dogs but not from cats.

All dog breeds are friendly and funny. Even if you befriend a stray dog, it will recognize you and start showing love toward you. That’s the beauty of dogs. Cats have a carefree attitude; they behave like they don’t give a damn even if you are feeding them or being around them.

Dogs have an extremely loving nature. They will remain loyal to you even if you go bankrupt. That’s the reason probably a dog is called a man’s best friend. Also, it is said, that if a dog loves you back, it means you are indeed a wonderful human being. I wouldn’t ask anybody- are dogs better than cats because I know they are.

8. Dogs help in boosting the desire to be fit.

Dogs are active and funny. So, their actions will stir up the desire in you to play with them. You will love to jog with them and work out with them. Dogs love the fetching game. So, once they run, you’ll feel like chasing them, not just to control them but to be close to them.

You can’t feel this with the cats. Cats know how to take care of themselves. They will never accompany you for jogging. So, the best companion you can ever have is a dog. So, what do you think now? Are dogs better than cats or not?

9. Dogs will wait for you to feed them; unlike cats, they won’t attack you.

Cats are unpredictable. They possess a weird desire to show dominance over their owners. It’s their psychological trait; that can be treated with love and patience. But dogs aren’t dominating in nature.

They are predictable and easy to control. Also, dogs never attack their owners arbitrarily. Once you give them signs that it’s their feeding time, they will wait patiently; until you serve them. But cats hiss and purr for no reason.

10. Dogs are smarter than cats.

To answer your question- are dogs better than cats? I would say yes, that’s because you can have an additional smart member in your family if you get a dog. Dogs are intelligent enough to understand how a particular system works.

For instance, dogs have a good understanding of the treat dispensing machine. Unlike cats, they don’t get confused. Once your dog looks at the cam in the dispensing machine, it knows you will interact with it. And that you will dispense some treats. Cats aren’t smart enough to understand how to interact through a camera.

Now, let’s move on to the next question: Is it easy to love both pets equally? If you get a dog and a cat together?

The straight answer is NO. Here are the reasons why:

a. A cat behaves like a recluse and is sometimes incorrigible.

I know only introverts and some human beings can be termed as a recluse. But a cat is also a living being. And if you get one, it becomes a part of your life and family. If you get a dog and a cat, there are chances that you will get closer to your dog than the cat.

That will lead to less attention toward your cat and more toward your dog. I believe that’s natural because cats love to live a solitary life. They aren’t very friendly with humans. Though they make good pets, their erratic behavior sometimes disappoints you. As mentioned before, their random attacks and displays of dominance make you lose interest in treating them with love and care.

b. You will feel a greater attachment to your dog than the cat over the years.

It is the super active behavior of your dog, and warmth oozing affection will bring you closer to your canine friend. Your dog’s sloppy licks and wagging tail will melt your heart. And believe me, it never stops in years. That will lead to a deep attachment with your dog.

But you will not have the same level of attachment with your cat. No doubt, the cat will love you; it will sit next to you and lay its arms on your lap. But the intensity of affection will be less as compared to your dog’s. You will experience it over the years.

c. Cats are selfish and less responsive; whereas dogs are not.

We all need a positive response to our good deeds. But what if you do not receive any? Of course, you will feel bad. Cats sometimes behave indifferently and give out negative vibes. That will make you lose the connection with your cat.

Unlike dogs, cats reciprocate in a very different way. And it is not positive sometimes. But with dogs, you will feel elated. Dogs help in relieving stress, and so do cats. But dogs use a better approach when dealing with their pet parents. That is why you cannot love both pets equally. Those who give you diplomatic replies, avoid them. They are trying to be neutral. The truth is dogs are way friendlier than cats.

d. It takes time for both pets to get acquainted with each other.

You may have to be very patient when training your pets to be together. However, studies have shown that dogs and cats can live cordially, but only under ideal conditions. So, you may have to spend ample time making your dog and cat understand each other.

But there are chances that your dog and cat may not stay happy in each other’s presence. That may overburden you with numerous possibilities. Forcing your pets to stay together may or may not prove beneficial in terms of having a friendly atmosphere in the house.

e. You will miss your dog in its absence, but not your cat

It would probably be because of the attachment established with your dog. But you will surely miss your dog much more than your cat. You will feel the urge to cuddle up with your dog and relieve yourself from the stress.

But you will not feel the same with your cat. That also depends on several factors- if your cat is not friendly enough or gets incensed with anger upon touching, then you will for sure never have a strong bond with your cat. Hence, you will love your dog more than the cat.


You may find that post in favor of dogs and having a biased opinion on cats. However, many pet owners find dogs friendlier than cats. And so do I. I love dogs and prefer them over cats. So if you are a cat lover please do not feel disheartened. You can have both pets and love them equally.

Eventually, it is your choice. You are going to raise them like your kids. So, get a dog and a cat and see who loves you better. Once you start having them you may also learn which pet you love the most. Just ensure that you take care of your pet and provide them with timely vaccinations.

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