It is not easy to learn why your dog is lying dull and not playing with its toys. That’s because they are not human beings, and they cannot communicate in our language. But they do have the ability to show some sick dog warning signs that will enable you to understand why your pet is inactive. Experts say that dogs will never give out signs of sickness because of the fear of vulnerability. Their physiological structure is designed in a particular way so that they can act normally and hide themselves to prevent hostile attacks from other animals.

But if you observe closely, your dog might be showing some subtle signs that it is sick. And it is time to pay a visit to your veterinarian.

To restore his health and make him fun and happy again. Check out the signs of a sick dog below:

1. Lies in one corner of a room

See if your dog is moving around and playing with your children. If not, then there are possibilities that your dog is suffering from something. Most of the dogs show signs of lethargy and dullness when they are ill.

They avoid jumping and hopping around. All your dog will do is look around and close its eyes again. Lack of energy and inability to stand or move is also one of the sick dog warning signs.

2. Moodiness- changes in behavior

A healthy pet will come running to you upon calling its name. Or when you say treats or food, they will sniff out their way to you. But if your dog has become unresponsive and looks uninterested in following your commands, then it is a clear sign that your pet is sick.

Also, some pets may become aggressive in touching them or going closer to them. They won’t do it otherwise when they are normal and healthy. So, if suddenly your dog barks at you, or becomes volatile, then you must take your pet immediately to a vet.

3. Just smells the food and avoids eating

Many pampered dogs become choosy about their food. They will sniff it and move their head if they do not like it. While some dogs are docile, and they eat anything that you offer. Be it pieces of fruits, vegetables, or meatballs they will not miss any chance.

But if your dog does not eat anything and avoids even its favorite food, then you must call a dog healthcare center. That is because he may be suffering from stomach issues or may have some other internal problem that is making him avoid the food.

4. Breathing abnormally or excessive panting

Dogs pant to regulate their body temperature, and that is normal. The problem surfaces when your pet pants in an unusual way and heavily. Labored breathing or incessant panting is a sign of weakness. It is one of the crucial sick dog warning signs.

I agree it is not easy to learn whether your pet is sick or not merely based on its way of breathing. But if you see that it coughs and pants heavily, then you must seek immediate medical help for your dog.

5. Weight loss or weight gain Changes in appetite

Your dog’s health is essentially dependent on what you feed it. The more frequently you change your pet’s diet, the higher the chances of your pet falling sick. So, you must consult an animal dietician before you start feeding your pet something new.

If there is a sudden weight loss or weight gain, then you must pay close attention to your meal portions. But if there is a consistent drop in weight, then you must consult your veterinarian at the earliest.

6. Red eyes or non-stop discharge from its eyes or nose

It can be one of the sick dog warning signs when your dog suffers from a runny nose or pale eyes.  All small dogs often have some discharge from their eyes, but that is normal. If you notice frequent discharge of mucus or a change in the color of the discharge, then it means there is something abnormal going on with your pet.

You can get wet wipes and disinfect the area around your pet’s nose and eyes. If the problem persists for more than two days, then you must take your pet to a nearby veterinarian. Also, if your pet has bad breath or you see an unusual sign around your pet’s eyes, ears, or nose, make sure you take it to a vet.

7. Wounds on the body or soreness.

Dogs are funny and naughty. They jump, run, and hop from one place to the other. Also, they often get hurt, so you may have to keep an eye on how your pet behaves. If your dog has wounds on its body, then it will not move much. Also, it will avoid playing with you even after being scratched on its belly.

So, if you notice that your pet is not enjoying playing in the park or running in the muddy puddle, then it may have some muscle spasm or may have hurt itself somewhere. Also, check for fleas or ticks in its fur. That can also be the reason for fever or high body temperature.

8. Frequent Urination or passing loose stools- It is one of the obvious signs of a sick dog

Some people say that dogs are carnivores, but scientists say that they are omnivores. That means dogs can survive on both plant-based food and animal-based food. So, if you want to provide your dog with a balanced diet, then get some advice from an animal dietician.

Do not feed your dog anything that you eat. Some fruits and vegetables are not healthy for your pet. Also, any random fruits or vegetables can play a foul game with your pet’s digestive system.  And that may cause frequent urination and diarrhea in your dog. If you notice any such sick dog warning signs, then call for immediate medical assistance.

9. Increase in licking to a particular body part- Often ignored signs of a sick dog

Like cats, dogs also clean their paws and other accessible body parts by licking themselves. It is a good sign that your pet cleans itself. But, if at any point it is licking a particular place on its body, then either it is hurt or something is bothering it.

Dogs try to keep the wounds clean by licking them. Also, if it is bitten by some insects it can irritate your dog. And maybe that is the reason that your pet keeps licking itself. So, if this action continues for a long time and frequently, then you must get some ointment and disinfectant spray for your dog. It is a weird sick dog warning sign, but you must not ignore it.

10. Incessant whimpering- One of the common signs of a sick dog

If you notice that your dog is whimpering for a long time, then it must be going through excruciating pain. Pain is caused because of being hurt while playing or while jumping from heights. If you have a cat as well, then your dog may imitate your cat.

That’s because dogs are great at emulating. Cats have the habit of climbing heights and jumping. So, if your dog tried to copy it and got himself hurt, then it will whimper at night. Non-stop whimpering is a sign that your dog is in pain and can be sick.


Dogs ideally lie low and hence it becomes incomprehensible whether they are sick or just wish to be inactive. However, some symptoms of sickness become visible due to the dog’s unfamiliar behavior. You should consult a vet if you notice changes in your dog’s behavior toward food.

You may also have to talk to the other dog owners who may have seen such changes in their dog’s behavior. Sickness cannot be gauged immediately so never waste time in self-medicating the pet. Remember dogs cannot communicate how they feel. So, do not rely on your instincts, just take them to the nearby vet center.

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