These days many people like traveling with their dogs. It is not just fun but a delightful experience as well. Not all dogs carry a fear of confined spaces. But if your dog is fearful of small spaces, then try to train it at home. Make some room for your pet with a dog safety gate. Play with him and make him feel assured that it is all good in restricted spaces. Once your pet gets accustomed to smaller spaces, then you can plan a road trip with a dog.

Also, take him to the park or mall in your car. So that he learns what it feels like to be ridden in a car. Avoid taking it for a long-distance drive in the first instance. Your dog may panic, and you will lose the motivation to take him on a road trip.

Here are some safety tips you must follow when going on a road trip with a dog.

1. First, let your dog get comfortable with a car ride.

I agree this is mentioned before, but what I mean to say is, your dog needs to know that it is a fun ride. If you have been taking your dog only to a vet in the car, then it will throw tantrums and look dispirited.

Before you decide on a road trip with a dog, drive your dog several times to a happy place. Take him to a dog beach, ice cream center, coffee house, or a dog-friendly restaurant. Once your dog learns that a car ride does not necessarily mean a vet visit, it will get comfortable over time.

2. Cover your car seat with a plastic sheet.

You must take all precautionary measures to prevent any mishap. In case your dog poops or pukes due to motion sickness, then your car will stink. Also, the journey will be ruined, as it will get difficult to drive with a foul smell lingering all around.

Also, a protective plastic sheet will help you in keeping your car interiors free of dog hair. Additionally, in case of an unpleasant circumstance, you can get rid of the plastic sheet.

3. Carry a crate or harness to protect your dog from jerks and bumpy roads.

If you are aware of the route, then you might have an idea about the condition of the roads. Also, in case you hit sudden brakes, your dog needs to be supported to prevent accidental injuries.

It is better to have your pet supported so that a hard jerk doesn’t make your dog fly out of the car. It can also hit the other fellow passengers in the vehicle. Dogs are essentially light in weight, and supporting themselves in moving vehicles is not easy.

4. Avoid having your dog ride shotgun if you are driving alone.

It is never safe to have your pet riding in the front passenger seat. Furthermore, if you are going on a road trip with a dog, then you will constantly lose focus while driving. That can lead to mishaps on a long-distance drive.

Place your pet in the backseat and buckle it up. You can also make use of a crate or dog safety chair meant only for in-car use.

5. Carry enough dog supplies- treats and food.

You never know if you can find dog treats or food on the road trip or not. It is safe to have extra eatables and other necessary dog supplies while going on a journey. Also, make sure you carry a poop scraper and plenty of poop bags and keep them handy.

It is necessary to continue feeding your pet with the same food or diet that you have been providing your pet. Change in the food may make your dog sick. Furthermore, climate changes also make your pet feel low and less energetic.

6. Feed your dog only when you are going to halt for two or three hours while on the journey.

Always keep track of your dog’s feeding times. Feed your dog a few hours before you start the journey. Also, while you are still traveling, keep your pet hydrated. Take short breaks and pour him some water.

But when it comes to feeding meals. Make sure you are taking long breaks and allowing your pet to settle down. A long break will ensure that your dog doesn’t get motion sickness. And it will feel less exhausted.

7. Ask your friend to travel along with you to take care of your dog.

If possible, avoid traveling alone with your dog. Preferably if it is a long trip, then you must have a helping hand. Take a friend or any of your family members on the road trip. That way, you will be sure you have someone to take care of your dog in the backseat.

Also, you can drive interchangeably so that you also get to enjoy yourself with your pet during the journey. A road trip with a dog needs some planning; so that you get the necessary supplies and essentials beforehand. Asking your friend to go on a journey with you in advance is also a part of the planning.

8. Take frequent breaks if it is relatively a long drive- When on a road trip with a dog remember pets also need to relax and move their body

Do not drive non-stop. That will exhaust you as well as your pet. Take breaks at an interval and offer some treats and water to your dog. Also, you can relax by stretching or taking a short walk.

You can also play with your dog and make him do some exercises. If you find a pet-friendly play park on the way, then do take a halt. Enjoy some time, or you can also take a nap in the car while your pet plays in the park. But make sure it is a safe place and not crowded.

9. Take the season into consideration- carry appropriate essentials.

If it is the winter season, then carry cover-ups, woolen blankets, and other supplies that will keep your dog from catching a cold. Always have a cushion and heavy dog-friendly blanket to keep your pet warm during chilly seasons.

Also, maintain the temperature in your car to the desired levels so that your dog doesn’t feel uncomfortable. See how you feel, if you aren’t comfortable in the environment, then your dog must be having trouble adjusting to the harsh conditions. Watch its body language and consult a vet if you see any unusual signs.

10. Do not leave your dog in the car alone- Remember this tip when on a road trip with a dog

During the pandemic, many people in the US adopted stray dogs and pets. The dogs got home, and the people got a new friend. Also, many US citizens took their pets on a long drive to relax and kill some time. And most of the time, they left their pets in the car.

But if you go on a road trip with a dog, ensure that you do not leave your pet alone in the car. It is risky, as the vehicle may accidentally get in motion and cause harm to your dog. Also, if you have stepped out of the vehicle for some reason, then keep the windows open for your pet. It can escape through the window in case of emergency.

11. While on the journey, keep the windows half open to prevent suffocation- Most pet parents forget this tip when going on a road trip with a dog

If it is not the winter season, then you need not worry about snowfall. In that case, you can keep the windows open and let in the fresh breeze. Always keep the windows next to your dog half-open.

It will ensure ventilation and keep your dog happy and excited. Dogs love it when the wind hits their jaws. So, once you see your dog enjoying the road trip, you will also get excited about future trips.

12. Take your dog to the vet before taking it on a trip. One of the crucial criteria when going on a road trip with a dog

Many pet owners suggest that you must always visit a vet before going on a road trip with a dog. A thorough check-up will ensure that your dog is fit enough to go on a long exhausting journey. Human beings get comfortable in long car rides, but animals take time.

So, take your pet to the vet and take the necessary advice. Also, you must have a vet’s number handy, in case, if you feel something is wrong with your dog, then you can call him immediately. Never put your dog’s health at risk. Also, do carry medicines and other medical supplies if you think your pet is not strong enough to withstand the long tiresome trip.


Take care of your pet and carry appropriate medicines in case your dog feels low. Also, avoid offering them street food or unclean water. If it is your first trip take suggestions and advice from other pet parents who go on road trips with their dogs. Experience from pet parents can help you deal with dog situations better.

Furthermore, you must visit your vet for health tips before embarking on a journey. Your dog’s health is as important as yours. So never put any health advice away. Keep all the dog essentials and food items handy. Drive slowly and enjoy a safe journey.

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