People these days look for animal companions more than life partners. That’s because animals know how to love unconditionally, whereas humans seek material benefits in return. According to a recent survey, around 66% of households in America own at least one pet. And out of them, 65.1 million people own a dog. Do you know why? That’s because dogs have a unique ability to leave a positive impact on our mental state. There are numerous benefits of having a dog in your life.

Also, studies have shown that dog owners are often found in a happy state of mind. That’s because being in the company of dogs helps their bodies release a hormone called oxytocin. This hormone is associated with feelings of affection and happiness.

So, let’s have a look at the other benefits of having a dog.

1. You will no longer crave to have a best friend

If you don’t have a dog, then try playing with a stray dog or your neighbor’s dog. You will notice how friendly they get once you pat their backs or scratch their belly. Dogs love a soft loving touch. That is all they expect.

Dogs will play with you, eat with you, lie on the floor with you when you take a nap, and stay by your side when you are feeling low. That is how they play the role of a best friend. Once you get a dog, you won’t feel the urge to have a new best friend. You will find a great companion in your dog.

2. Your dog will make you feel how wonderful a human being you are

One thing is for sure your dog will treat you like you are an angel. No matter how you look, how old you are, and what your bank balance is, your dog will always love you. Their selfless love and sloppy licks will make you feel you are praiseworthy.

You will also feel proud of yourself once you own a dog. You will realize the importance of commitment and loyalty as well. And gradually, you will also become a reliable human being. It is one of the most notable benefits of having a dog.

3. Your mood will switch immediately from sad to happy

All you have to do is play with your dog and spend some time with your pet. You can take your dog on a long drive or to a park and see how he enjoys himself. Looking at your dog playing joyfully will change your mood instantly.

Even you will feel a positive vibe running through your body. There will be a rise in enthusiasm which will make you play and enjoy with your dog as well. One of the best benefits of having a dog- you can change your bad mood to a happy mood without any charge.

4. You become more patient and responsible

Taking care of pets requires you to be patient and calm. Training your dog to obey your commands and react to your actions takes time. But gradually, your dog learns to respond to your commands and behaves appropriately.

Simultaneously, you also learn how to be calm and understanding while training your pet. As your dog doesn’t understand your language you become more tolerant towards animals. It also leaves a positive impact on your daily life.

5. If single- your dog can make you look more attractive

A recent study has shown that women tend to get attracted to men who own dogs. Many believe that people who love animals and care for them are never inhumane to others. Such men are the epitome of selflessness.

Hence, if you get a dog, the chances of dating your choice of men or women may increase considerably. You can also meet more people who have a similar mindset. Usually, men who own dogs are said to have 80% more chances to meet a woman of their choice.

6. Your kids will have a great companion

Dogs have an innate quality of being protective of children. They play with care when there are babies in the house. Dogs treat human kids just the way they treat their puppies. Also, if your kids have no friends to play with, then dogs can be their great companions.

Dogs love to fetch, run, roll on the grass, and dig a hole in the sand. And kids also love to do these activities. Then why can’t a dog be a good playmate? You need not get a dog to play with your kids. Instead, you can adopt a rescue dog and make it a valued member of your family.

7. It will become easy for you to make new friends- One of the most loved benefits of having a dog

The way humans need to socialize, likewise, dogs also need dog friends. You can take your dog out and introduce them to other dog breeds. You will find other people taking out their dogs for a walk.

When you take your dog for a walk with you, it will get easy for you to strike up a conversation; while your dog and their pets play with each other. Isn’t this one of the amazing benefits of having a dog? Furthermore, it is a convenient way to meet new people and befriend them. Even your dog can have a good dog companion for itself.

8. Your dog will give you the motivation to look after your health

Dogs will keep you active for a long time if you find time to play with them. Dogs require a healthy diet and an active life. So, if you have been lethargic for many years, then your dog can transform you into a fitness enthusiast.

You can take your dog for a run or jog. These days there are pet-friendly swimming pools also available to keep your pets healthy. Playing and exercising with your dog will infuse zeal within you. And you won’t need any driving factor to keep yourself fit.

9. Depression will no longer be a part of your life- One of the peaceful benefits of having a dog

Do you know this? Only human beings hurt other humans, but animals can’t hurt you, at least emotionally. That’s the reason why people get a dog. And I believe this is one of the best benefits of having a dog. Your feelings won’t get hurt because your dog knows only to love.

Get a dog, and you will not feel depressed anymore. Your stress and anxiety will vanish away the moment you hug your dog. Animals are God-gifted; they can understand other being’s pain.

That is also another reason why dogs get attached to humans. After a few days of togetherness, you will discover how deeply attached you are to your dog too.

10. You will get a protector and a friend both in your dog- One of the best benefits of having a dog

Dogs have a great sense of sniffing out the threat. Your dog will alert you in no time if it senses some unusual activity around your place. No burglars and thieves attempt to break into a house that has a dog.

It is indeed one of the cool benefits of having a dog that you can enjoy. You will get a true loving friend in your dog along with the ability to protect you from getting robbed.


There is a reason why a dog is called a best friend of a man. Dogs are the friendliest of all animals. They have the ability to shower unconditional love. That human beings don’t value these days. That is the reason why many people are still living a lonely and loveless life.

Having a dog in life can take away the boredom. You become a free-spirited person. Dogs can sniff the anxiety and stress in you. So, they try to be more playful when you look sad to them. There are innumerable benefits of having a dog. However, the best one is that a dog can be your loyal friend forever.

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