We live in a world where only balancing the rights and wrongs keeps you happy. Wondering how? For instance, if you feed only on junk food, you will become obese. But if you follow a balanced diet with a few cheat days in a month, you can maintain a healthy body without going overweight. Likewise, in relationships, you can’t expect to be living in a utopia. Things go haywire, and ties go sour. But with the help of a few adjustments and being empathetic towards your partner, you can have an idyllic relationship. In simple terms, you’ve got to make compromises in a relationship to keep your bond growing stronger.

Who said compromises are easy? Who said anyone likes them? The answer to both the questions is no one. It is not easy and of course, everybody on earth hates making compromises. Yes, I would have said dislike compromises, but the feeling that compromise gives you is far too disappointing than disliking them hence, everybody hates making them. But you have a solution- you can make it look easy and won’t feel disheartened if your partner and you both make an equal number of compromises. Here’s how.

Here’s how you can make compromises in relationship look easier for you

Let your partner know you are making a compromise

Yes, you should make your partner learn that you have compromised on something and that is a bit disappointing to you, yet you did it because you love your partner. What is the benefit? Well, your partner will know that you are unhappy and still making them feel good.

Result? Your partner will pamper you with more love. And he will not take you for granted. Every time you make compromises let your partner know about it. Or else, he will start believing that you are okay making compromises, and that will hurt you later. So, better you tell him and show him you care for him (so that you can demand a compromise from him in the future, LOL).

Please hear out each other before jumping to a conclusion- Such compromises in relationship will help you in the long run

Okay, make compromises but never fight without hearing out the other person first. There could be some reasons that your partner asked you to make a compromise. For instance, you wanted to buy a car for your daily commute and you can afford only a small passenger car.

But your partner is hesitant to buy one because he thinks it is a waste of money when you can travel to work using the metro or local transport. So, instead of arguing, hear out each other. List out the pros and cons of a particular decision.

Never say- either my way or highway

Always say let’s catch the mid-way, never say either my way or no way. It is easy to start a verbal fight. But it is not easy to keep patience and contemplate the options that can set things in the right direction.

However, keeping patience and deliberating over an important decision can bring numerous solutions. Hence, discuss and then conclude. For instance, if you are the breadwinner and your wife is a homemaker, it does not mean she should run the house as per your whims and fancies.

Understand what problems she faces while taking care of the children and running the kitchen. Discuss your office troubles with her. That way, you both will learn it may not be easy to be in a relationship, but if you open up your heart and share your bad phases, it can lighten the burden on your shoulder.

Should we spend time together indoors or outdoors?

One of the most common topics among the couples- should we just stay at the home or go on a short trip? And this question asks you to make compromises because the decision depends on your mood.

What if your partner wants to go out and you wish to stay at home and do nothing? If you both plan different activities you are bound to enjoy some time apart, and you may start loving it. So, is it wrong? I would say no because it is okay to enjoy some times in different ways and that too not with each other.

But that should not become a habit. Compromise, but do try what your partner likes and make your partner do what you like. Go offbeat and try something that neither of you likes doing. It is okay to be different sometimes.

Let’s take turns! One of the simple ways to make compromises in relationship look easy

Couples make use of this compromise when they have babies in the house. Compromising sleep and running errands take a toll on your health. But if you make compromises systematically, you can manage to have a healthy lifestyle.

So, prepare a timetable and decide who should be compromising when. Take turns so that you don’t miss out on having a healthy relationship. Compromising is nothing but valuing your relationship over your ego and selfishness. It is difficult at first, but love conquers everything.

Let’s do things together

So, making a compromise is way too difficult? Then, you can schedule it with your partner to do it together. How? Here is the solution. If you want to take up a new job in a different city but your partner is not willing to join you because of his career goals, then make him understand how important your career is to you.

Do not force him to join you, but you can ask him to take a job in the same city as yours. So, that even his career does not go for a toss and you both together can start a new life in the new city. Make it work at your convenience. Do not impose it on each other. Explain why certain things are important to you and find out the solutions to them instead of brooding over them.

Plan your romantic dates

Keep aside all your negative thoughts for at least one day a week. And plan a nice lovely getaway with your partner. Go out on dinner nights, spend time watching movies, get intimate, and share all the lovely things you love about each other.

It will reduce your stress and minimize the burden you have been carrying all these years in a relationship. Also, when you only focus on the good things in your relationship, compromises look trivial.

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