Ideally, nobody wants to get into a relationship where you will be forced to compromise. But what if you feel that the situations demand some compromises from you? And you give in to the situations just to fit into the relationship. If you are sacrificing beyond a certain level and giving up joy to be in a relationship, then you are choosing to stay in toxic relationships. Ironically, many women choose to stay in toxic relationships

I have mentioned in my previous blogs, that compromises and sacrifices to a certain level are necessary, and at times unavoidable. But if those compromises are taking away your self-respect, then you are not in a happy relationship. It is better you either quit or keep struggling to survive in that toxic relationship. It is your choice.

Now, let’s check out why some women choose to stay in toxic relationships, or rather, settle in an unhappy relationship.

1. You suffered abuse in your childhood

It is a very common reason among women who suffer torture from their partners. A bad childhood wherein you were ill-treated or were told that girls are supposed to be submissive, then you are bound to accept that women must survive under torment.

But, it is wrong. You are a human being, and you are not meant to be someone’s toy. Any kind of inhumane treatment means you are under exploitation and abuse. So, if you had a bad childhood that doesn’t mean you must accept abuse from your partner.

Change your path, choose happiness. You are not born to be someone’s slave; you deserve to enjoy freedom. Do not choose to stay in toxic relationships.

2. You have accepted this is your fate

Accepting your flaws or your shortcomings is different and accepting that you are destined to suffer the abuses from your partner is wrong. You are not a tree. Move out of a relationship where you aren’t growing as a person.

You are not born to suffer; you are here to bring a change in your life and discover your new self. But if you have accepted that you must stay where you are and must give in to the ill-treatment by your partner, then you have chosen to stay in a toxic relationship.

3. You don’t consider that you deserve a better man

When you suffer from an inferiority complex, you always undermine your needs and wants. You try to adjust to every situation just to keep the verbal spats at bay. But if you aren’t happy adjusting to the situations, then you are in a very unpleasant state.

Always keep your desires higher than your other half. It is not being selfish; it means you value yourself. If you suffer oppression from your partner even for minuscule mistakes, and you blindly accept the harsh treatment, then it becomes a behavioral pattern to stay in toxic relationships.

Get out of such an unproductive relationship, where you are the giver and sufferer. You deserve a better life with a man who will respect you for what you are.

4. You think you have nowhere else to go

It is another common reason, where some women think that they will have to suffer in the relationship because they have nowhere to go. This reason strengthens when you are not financially sound and you are completely dependent on your partner.

Hence, every woman must seek financial freedom and should rely on themselves. Once you achieve financial freedom, you will be free to make your choices. You will get the courage to make your decisions. For sure, you won’t continue to stay in toxic relationships.

5. You have accepted that you will never find true love in your life

True love isn’t a myth. But women who have had a bad experience in their love lives never believe in true love. So, if you have been through a bad relationship in your past, and yet you have been stuck in a bad relationship again, you are bound to accept that there is no true love.

But, if you quit the bad relationship and start focusing on self-development, you will see positive life changes. Wait and have patience; do not jump into a new relationship immediately. Time will show who is your true love.

6. You still think your partner will change for good or you can change your man

First and foremost, nobody likes to change for others. And if you have been living with this idea that you are capable of changing your partner, then how come are you still struggling in this relationship? It means your partner has not changed, instead, you changed and lost your identity.

This may sound harsh, but it is the reality. So, you must never think of changing anybody. You must accept the way your partner is, or you should have not married this man in the first place. If you don’t take any action, you will keep struggling in the toxic relationship.

7. You are with a toxic partner for your children

It is not a rare case, in fact, it is ubiquitous. Many women stick with a toxic man for the sake of their children’s future. The man may be ill-treating the woman but he loves his children. This is a very common case in a general scenario.

So, if this situation exists, it becomes difficult to quit the relationship. But I believe, once your children become twelve years old they start to fathom the society and its rules. If you are not happy with your man, tell your kids why you wish to start a new life without their father.

In most cases, the children understand if they have seen the torture you have been through because of their father. So, you can decide with your children’s approval. But do not stay in a toxic relationship.

8. You blindly believe your partner’s lies- Turning a deaf ear to certain situations in life make women choose to stay in toxic relationships

Having faith in your man and trusting your partner without questioning are two different things. How can you be sure that your man is not lying? There are two possibilities- either you know your partner is lying, yet you ignore it, or you don’t want to accept that your man can lie to you.

Your ignorance towards your partner’s unfaithfulness is making you stay in that relationship. But such a fake relationship never lasts long. After some point in life, you will face a traumatic heartbreak. That will be devastating. Hence, before you collapse mentally, stand for yourself and break the chain of submissiveness.

9. You think you will have to live alone for the rest of your life- Fear of being left in the lurch makes women stay in toxic relationships

Another worst fear that holds many women back is the fear of being left alone. Trust me, you will never be left alone if you find the right people. All you have to do is step out and join a group of like-minded people.

Once you experience your freedom from the toxic relationship, you will never feel like going back to the hopeless relationship. Have a fear of losing yourself in the process of keeping your loser man happy. Good people always find their perfect match.

10. You have faced too many rejections in life- It is because of this reason many choose to stay in toxic relationships

Yet another common reason. But isn’t it true? Fear of rejection and being left alone breaks you down. But does that mean you should ruin your life? How far can you compromise your freedom and your self-respect just to be in a relationship?

If you don’t respect yourself, no one will respect you. Your happiness must be your priority. If you love yourself, one fine day you will also find someone who will love you. But do not live under any fear.

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