Did you think about going on an adventurous trip by reading the word ‘adventurous? No, it does not mean packing your bags and booking a flight to an exotic location. It simply means adding some spark to your relationship and making it more exciting. But how do we do that? Yes, that’s the right question. Here are some tips to make your relationship adventurous. But before that, you should ask yourself the following questions.

Why did you and your partner drift apart?

Are you living a loveless life? Why?

Is there anything that is making your relationship go sour?

Why did you think of adding some excitement to your relationship?

Okay, so if you have answered these questions and given a fair amount of reasoning, then you can move on to the tips part. The reason why you should answer the above questions is that it will give you some insight into your relationship status. Many feel that it is the boring life that is making their relationship sparkless and dull. But ideally, the reasons are different.

So, these questions will help you out in learning where exactly things have gone wrong and how you can resolve the problem. Additionally, the tips shared in the post will further boost the energy in your relationship.

Now stop wondering what is an adventurous relationship and start working on making one

1. Play some gripping games

You and your partner can pick up any game of your choice, but make sure you both love that game. Or else, if your partner suggests something, then at least participate for fun. Okay, so by gripping games, I mean it has to be super exciting.

For instance, drinking roulette, truth or dare, or creative-romantic wordplay can be some of the games on your list. Or else, you can create your fantasy games and enjoy playing them. Such activities will make your relationship adventurous. All you have to do is add some stimulating ideas to the game.

2. Choose an activity that makes your heart race

You and your partner can choose an activity that you are afraid to do. It could be swimming, sky-diving, snorkeling, climbing mountains, or going on a roller coaster ride in an amusement park. Whatever activity you choose, do it together.

Hold each other’s hands and just enjoy the moments together. If you simply wish to stay at home and do something stirring, then you can watch a horror flick together. Create a spooky environment, wear scary clothes, put on some Halloween makeup, and enjoy the night.

Can anything be more exciting than this? Then do it.

3. Do something that you have never done before

Another tip to make your relationship adventurous- do things together but choose something that you have never tried before. For instance, you can plan a night out in the woods and enjoy a campfire.

Of course, you should take necessary precautions to prevent attacks from wild animals or any other unanticipated event. But it is fun when you are out in the dark and sleeping under the sky. This is just an example. You can try out something new that you’ve always wanted to do together.

4. Stick with this mantra- Next weekend, new activity

Have you been doing the same activity every weekend- ordering pizzas and watching web-series? Of course, it is going to be dull after a while. So, try something new this time.

For instance, visit a new restaurant in your area and order something you’ve not had before. Go bowling, or call your friends over and play some indoor games. You can also book tickets to a concert and enjoy yourself with your partner.

5. Create a group of old-school friends and hang out with them

Okay, so this may or may not be a new idea, but it is a unique one. People always advise making new friends, to make new cherishable memories. But how many of you have been in touch with your old friends from school or college?

I believe only a few people manage to be friends with all their old friends. So, call all your old friends, even your partner’s old friends, and have a get-together. You have no idea how much fun it is to reminisce your old happy and fun memories.

That way, you will also come to know something wild about your partner. It will re-create the magic in your relationship after discovering some nasty and icky memories of your partner. That will be to make fun of your partner, but you will know how funny your partner was during his school days.

6. Interchange your pastime ideas

To make your relationship adventurous, do something that your partner proposes. Yes, ask each other what you like doing in your spare time. Picking up new hobbies and exploring something fun can be included in this adventure journey.

But, why not try something that only your partner has been doing these years and you haven’t? Also, when you swap the ideas of your pastimes, you will discover how amazing it is to engage in a hobby, and why your partner loves doing it.

So, when you interchange the idea, you both can enjoy doing the activity together that otherwise you would have enjoyed doing alone.

7. Couples in an adventurous relationship plan impromptu trips

A quick unplanned trip is fun. If you have not tried it, then do it once. I bet you will plan such trips frequently thereafter. Impromptu trips do not mean you should become a spendthrift. You can do it in your own way with limited expenses.

It is all about having fun with your partner. Have that goal in your mind. It should be only about you and your partner heading out to make memories. And such unplanned trips will make your relationship adventurous because they are diverting.

8. If you are asked for anything- Don’t say NO

Okay, so if your partner comes up with an exciting idea to rekindle the spark in your relationship, then say yes. Always say yes if it is to strengthen your bond. Do not give out negative vibes by saying this is not captivating, or let’s do it some other time.

Please do not come up with any excuses. Your partner may have worked hard to come up with that idea or she had been longing to do this with you. If it is an expensive affair, then at least say that you are arranging money and you can do it together in the coming months.

Such positive and kind words will restore the happiness in your relationship. But if you have promised to do something in the future, then stick to your promise and fulfill it when the time comes. Do not lie. It won’t make your relationship adventurous if you do.

9. Surprise your partner more often- It is an important aspect of an adventurous relationship

Well, this applies to both partners. Surprise each other in your fancy ways. It does not necessarily mean that you have to get expensive gifts. You can simply offer to cook for the weekend or do the household chores twice or thrice a week.

Also, you can make some hand-crafts and gift them to your partner as a token of love and appreciation for being such a lovely partner.

10. Now don’t get stuck on what is an adventurous relationship. Have an open mind and try to explore all the available ideas

Another best option to make your relationship adventurous is to have a broad outlook on life. If there is something that you have never tried and are scared to do, then do it with your partner (in terms of sports activity).

Furthermore, do not be too apprehensive to experience something new in your life. Go wild and crazy when it comes to doing some unexplored fun.


The motto of life should be to live an adventurous life. Why stay stuck in a rat race? Relationships are an integral part of your life. No love means you are either lonely or enjoying the perks of solitude. But if you are in a relationship and that doesn’t bring a smile to your face then maybe you need to make it adventurous.

Use the above tips to rekindle the spark in your relationship. Let it buzz electric and may it bring joy in your life. You can make it more adventurous by infusing your wild ideas. You get one life so enjoy it king-size. Let people make fun of you, at least you are enjoying your life, let haters be in a state of awe and sulk in sorrow. You make your love life adventurous.

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