Does your heart race when you see your best friend? That can also be a sign that you are infatuated. Or are you wondering- are you in love with your best friend? Well, many couples experience strong emotions towards their best friends. Also, according to a study, men often feel that it is easy to start a new life with someone who is already a best friend.

At first, it may start as a platonic relationship, but gradually, it becomes an intense romantic bonding. Furthermore, there is nothing wrong with having romantic feelings for your best friend. However, you must be ready to face the repercussions if the friendship goes sour. Oftentimes, if your best friend discovers that you have affectionate feelings for them, then the camaraderie you share goes for a toss.

So, before you jump to a conclusion about your lovey-dovey feelings for your best friend, you should contemplate a few crucial things. Then we’ll discuss how you can open up about your feelings to your best friend.

Analyze, are you really in love with your best friend?

1. Jot down how you feel about your best friend

Take a notepad, sit in a quiet place, make sure there are no distractions, and stay relaxed. You have to understand first your best friend and you, share an amicable bonding. Your feelings towards your best friend can lead to discord in your life.

Also, you must ask yourself how you see your future together. Why and how you developed feelings for your best friend. Which instances in life made your feelings grow fonder for your best friend? Now ask yourself again- are you in love with your best friend?

2. Take advice from someone who is older than you and already in a relationship

People from your age group will give you rubbish ideas. Especially, if you are in your college years, then you must never take advice from your friends who are of your age. Someone senior to you can guide you in the right direction.

Talk to someone whom you can confide in. Tell your senior friend how you feel about your best friend. Most people will give you positive advice. But, you should make your analysis as well; whether it is the right decision to let your feelings be known.

3. Note the things that you like about your best friend

There could be many reasons why you fell for your best friend- the reasons why you trust your best friend, how your wavelengths match, how you have fun together in little things, etc. You may be under the impression that you won’t find another girl/boy with whom you can establish similar bonding.

That may also be the reason why you feel you are in love with your best friend. Make a list of positive points and negative points about your best friend. Judge for yourself- are there too many pros or cons? But do not purposely write the best things. Try to give equal weightage to all the points. Now ask again- are you in love with your best friend?

4. It is necessary to get a clear picture- Is it infatuation? Are you in love with your best friend for sure?

Infatuation could be a result of admiration. When you foolishly or obsessively admire someone, you feel you are in love with your best friend. There is nothing wrong with being infatuated with your best friend.

But is that true love? Will you be able to stay good friends even after being in a relationship? Whoever has been in love with their best friend has always been through a platonic phase. Are you ready to feel the spiritual energy flowing through you? That’s because having feelings for a best friend is way too different than having it for a regular girl or boy.

5. Are you trying to get her just because you lack love in your life?

Your best friend should not be a substitute for your ex. If you get into a relationship with your best friend just because you miss having love in your life, then you may lose a flourishing friendship if you break up with your best friend.

Lack of love is not the reason to have a best friend as your love partner. You will be making unforgivable mistakes if you make wrong decisions about your love life. Respect your best friend and do not look at her as a substitute.

6. Are you in love with your best friend because she is available to support you?

Whenever you feel sad, you know you have a best friend to give you a shoulder. You know he/she gives you moral support and stands for you in times of distress. Is that the reason you are in love with her?

If you see this as a reason, then soon you will miss having that shoulder as well. It simply means you are seeking someone’s support and not affection. Maybe you love your best friend for a purpose, and that is not true love. It is just known as being pragmatic in love.

7. Is it a rebound? Is your best friend just a replacement? Are you sure you are in love with your best friend?

The reason why you should be asking these questions is, you better get a clear understanding of how you look at your best friend. Maybe you just have been through a breakup, and you are looking for a rebound relationship.

And since you are aware of how your best friend treats you, you are certain that she/he will offer you strong support, and will never break up with you. But believe me, this sole idea can ruin everything you have – you may lose a best friend, you will be termed selfish, and you may lose faith in the notion that true love exists.

8. Is there loneliness? And you think your best friend can fill that void?

Making your best friend a love partner can never be a good solution. If you are lonely, then make new friends. Date someone from your neighborhood, find someone online or join a dating app.

Do not look at your best friend as a tool to bring happiness to your life. If you have a best friend means at least you have someone to care for you. You can get rid of loneliness by picking up a new hobby as well.

9. One wrong move and you can lose your best friend forever

All the things that are mentioned above can make you lose your best friend. You cannot have your best friend as a mere substitute or a replacement. There are real signs that will tell you whether you love your best friend.

When you are with your best friend, you enjoy every moment with her. You forget all your worries and stress. All you look forward to is meeting your best friend every day. Your best friend enlivens your life. If these are the reasons you love your best friend without any purpose then yes, you are genuinely in love with your best friend.

10. Soliloquize- See how it feels when you talk about your feelings

Lastly, after making a thorough analysis of your feelings, move on to the next step. By now, you will be clear whether you love your best friend or you are looking for a quick change in life.

Draft a speech for yourself, and mention all the details- why and how you developed feelings for your best buddy. Write everything from the bottom of your heart. Your speech must envelope all the adorable things about your best friend. It does not matter if the speech has some cheesy lines. Sometimes cheesy lines bring joy and jubilation in matters of the heart.

Listen to your speech, and see how it feels. If you feel it right, then go ahead and take the next step- Expressing your feelings.

Ways to express yourself and let your feelings be known.

11. Keep it simple- Do not dramatize

If you have already made use of some cheesy lines, then there is no need to dramatize your proposal. Do not ask your other friends to get information about how your best friend feels about you.

Be confident and approach your best friend without apprehension. You know the outcome will be either a yes or a no. If it is a yes, celebrate your triumph. But if it is a no, then instead of pursuing her, ask her why it won’t work. So that you can work on the solutions and win her love. Just do not give up; show her your worth.

12. When in love with your best friend, go to a serene place to open up your heart

It will be easy for you to express yourself if you do not have any distractions around. Make sure it is a safe place and not a secluded one. Start with how you enjoy your best friend’s company and why she is special to you.

A calm place will ease your mind, and the thought processing will not be hampered. You won’t even lose the thread when you are expressing yourself in a peaceful place.

13. Discuss over a coffee table

I know almost everybody tries this idea because the truth is it always works. If you have coffee, you will feel energetic. The caffeine in the coffee does all the magic. You will have force in your speech, you will be confident, and you will not look pale or dull.

Also, many coffee houses participate in making your proposal act a big success. Additionally, the chances are that you will not get a No for an answer. So, that is the reason you must book a date with your best friend in a coffee house.

14. Go the traditional route- Express with flowers and chocolates

Do you have any idea why this idea works? It is all psychological. From my experience, flowers change negative vibes into positive ones. They exude pleasing fragrance and brighten up the moment.

Also, the chocolates have a similar effect. The shape, size, and flavor of the chocolates elevate the mood. Also, according to experts, chocolates are known as comfort food. That is the reason why people in the yesteryears used this trick to propose to their partners.

If it worked back then, how it won’t work now? Why not try? There is no harm in proposing to your best friend the traditional way.

15. Throw a surprise party to express that you are in love with your best friend

Just invite your best friend and arrange a small surprise party. Get a cake or set of muffins with your message embossed on it. It works wonders, and possibly your best friend may love the idea of expressing your feelings to her.

Do not think about the answer or reply. Just go with the flow and enjoy the moments. If you keep worrying about the response, then you will never be confident about your next relationship. Do something special to make your best friend feel special.

16. If you are sure about a positive reply- then take your best friend on a short vacation

You may have an idea about how your best friend feels about you. Even if you have the slightest idea about your best friend’s feelings, then plan a short trip. Propose to her when you reach the destination.

You need not make an expensive plan; a short trip of two or three days is more than enough. The only risk you carry is if you get a no for an answer. So, before you plan a trip, make sure you know your best friend loves you too, but she is awaiting an initiative from you.

17. Propose while going on a long drive

Yes, I agree it is a typical way of proposing. But this idea is enthralling. If you haven’t tried it yet, then you must. The best part about proposing while going on a long drive is that there will be no one but only you two.

You can propose by playing your best friend’s favorite music track. You can make some edits to the track; and customize the lyrics to suit your proposal. It is not just romantic but also a fascinating idea to get a positive response from the love of your life.

18. Arrange a tent in a park or on the beach

You may have to seek some permission to do this. But you can do it in a private location, or you can go to a beach specifically to propose, and then you can infuse magic in your proposal. It will get easy to express yourself because you will establish a romantic environment.

The idea of having a tent is pleasant and promising. It will give you a cozy environment and an idyllic atmosphere to make your proposal look special. Making your best friend feel special will add weight to your way of expressing feelings.

19. In love with your best friend? Propose with a gift card at a restaurant

It is a simple and inexpensive way of expressing yourself. Just take your best friend to her favorite dining place.

And arrange a gift card with your handwritten message on it. Customize the card to make it look appealing.

20. Make sure your message is loud and clear

You can opt for any idea mentioned here. But just ensure that your best friend receives your message in the right way. Your words and feelings need to be loud and clear.

You have to show her what place she holds in your life. She means the world to you and you are happy to have her as your best friend. And now you wish to fortify the bonding by making her a significant part of your life.


To be in love with your best friend can be quite perplexing. You may be in dual thoughts- if you tell your best friend that you love them, you might lose them as a friend. And if you keep your feelings to yourself then you will never know what your best friend thinks of you.

So, be mentally prepared before you express your feelings. It is okay if your best friend gets annoyed and stops talking. They will realize that you had genuine feelings and they will resume talking to you again. It may take time for them to understand you. But they will for sure.

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