Of course, it is an awful feeling when you learn that your man is not what he portrays himself. And by the time you realize this, you are either way too involved with him or have planned a future with him. But how do you learn whether your man is lying or not? What are the lying partner signs? Ideally, everybody lies, but playing with somebody’s emotions is way too disheartening.

So, if you do not want to go through the trouble of getting stuck in a bad relationship and then regretting later, better take quick steps now. Here are some tips that will help you to learn how your man behaves and what his intentions mean.

The ten lying partner signs that will give you a clear understanding of where your relationship is going.

1. He is always confused and uses vague words

Okay, so this is the first sign where you can see how your man reacts to future life questions. Ask your man how he plans his future life with you. Does he see you and him together in a happy place? Is he planning on working hard to ease your lives together?

Observe his reactions and words. See what he replies. Does he use words like “maybe”, “we’ll think about it later”, and “why so soon? Is there any rush?” If he responds in this pattern, then he does not intend to stay with you longer. Your man is lying about the commitment.

2. He backpedals more than often

He changes his mind quickly. First, he says something, and then he flips out. Does this happen to you? If it is a frequent recurrence, then your man is fickle-minded. He is not sure about himself, and he is fooling around with you for some fun.

Most often, women come to know through instincts who are playing with their emotions. But the signs are way too subtle and can go unnoticed. But if this is the case where your man has the habit of changing his opinions or views too soon, then maybe he is not the one you should be staying with. It is time you run away from him before he does.

3. There are new excuses every time

All couples have a set of goals to accomplish once they start living together. Even you would have some relationship targets to achieve, right? So, is your partner doing it right? I am pretty sure you will be working hard on your part, but what about your significant other?

Is he on the same level where you are? No? Does he come up with excuses? And a majority of those excuses are lame? Yet you still believe him? Well, you must learn by now that your man is lying to you. And he does not intend to stay committed to you. He has different plans for himself. And surely, you are not a part of it.

4. His actions and words never match

It is a very common sign. How often do you notice this behavior? For instance, if your man is jobless and keeps telling you he is looking for a job but does not land any job. He sits idle at home and either watches TV or plays mobile games.

It is a clear sign that your man is not interested in living an ideal life with you. He has some other plans, or he is waiting for another opportunity that he is not willing to share the details with you. So, if there is a mismatch in his actions and words, it is a sign you should move on and not waste your life with such a loser.

5. He often tries to change your mind about what you agreed on before

It may not be an obvious sign because we all do change our minds after some experiences. But how far can you be indecisive? You cannot switch from one decision to the other instantly, right?

Also, if you and your partner agreed upon a certain situation, then all of a sudden, your partner changes his decision, how would you feel? And what if this has been a frequent recurrence? It is a sign that he does not respect the mutual decisions you both make, and he does only those things that are convenient. That is the reason he tries to change your mind whenever possible.

6. You both are never on the same page

There could be instances where you and your partner may have agreed upon something, but after a few days, your man says he did not agree with you. He was not ready with an answer, only because he was under pressure he did nod in agreement. But did not approve of anything.

How would you feel? This is related to the point mentioned above. But won’t you feel your man is lying? First, he says he agreed, then he says he just nodded, and now he says he doesn’t agree with you at all. How will you both be on the same page if your partner is indecisive so much? He has different intentions, but he is keeping them undisclosed.

7. He never sticks to his views and mocks other people- Some behavioral traits that put lying partner signs in focus

You and your partner may have planned something about the future, right? But how often does your partner stick to his words? You may feel that your man is lying. For instance, you both decide that you want to buy a house in the next two years and start a life together.

But after a few months your man says that he doesn’t want to buy a house, he prefers to rent a space. But he often mocks people who live in a rented apartment. You see, he is dual-minded. How would you trust such a man?

8. You tell him what you want, and he denies that by saying what you want

Okay, so this is a clear picture that he is correcting you by saying what you should get. Your wants and needs are overlooked by your man because he no longer loves you. He is just taking you for granted, and he is not looking forward to spending the future with you.

You see, he has different intentions. But he doesn’t want to open up before it is the right time. But these subtle signs will help you to determine whether you should continue to be with this man or not. That’s because you will somehow come to know that your man is lying.

9. You are always made to feel guilty about your choices- Manipulation is one the most overlooked lying partner signs

Well, we all make wrong choices, and based on that we also make wrong decisions. But our partners must support us instead of making us feel guilty, right? But what if your partner likes to make you feel guilty about the wrong choices you made in the past?

He purposely brings the topic in public to embarrass you. And when you get back and you confront him, he just says- he was kidding, there was nothing serious. Will you believe him? No, right? That’s because you’ll learn that your man is not in love with you and he is lying about his feelings.

10. He gets arrogant when you confront him about his lies- One of the most common lying partner signs

If you haven’t lied anything, then why would you react arrogantly? You behave defensively only when you know what you have done is wrong. No one would react with aggression if they hadn’t done anything wrong.

But what if your man behaves rudely and responds erratically when you catch him red-handed? He will be in shock and will react differently. That is when you must learn that your man is not what he claims to be. He has different intentions, and they are not in your favor.


You may have heard your parents or guardians saying that lying is not bad if you say to protect or guard someone. However, many couples misuse this phrase to manipulate their partners. It is not okay to lie to your partner just to keep them in your life.

Lying frequently can lead to unbearable repercussions. The foundation of your relationship may weaken and you will lose your partner’s trust as well. Are you willing to risk all the good things you have in your relationship? Also, why play with anybody’s emotions by lying? Stop lying and be truthful to your partner.

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