Marriage is a journey and not a destination. So, if you think love and romance are enough to keep your marriage going, then maybe you should re-think. One has to accept that every relationship has to face some ups and downs. That does not mean you should give up on your partner. But yes, if only you are the one who is contributing towards the relationship while your partner plays an idle role, then you deserve a better partner. That is when you can think of getting out of the trapped bonding. Or else, if you wish to save your marriage or want to give it a second chance, then use the tips from some of the best relationship experts.

Now, before you start using these tips to save your marriage, please bear in mind marriage works when both partners put in an equal amount of effort. For instance, if one is slogging all day long to make ends meet and the other is being indolent, then it won’t work. Likewise, you both need to be motivated to make your marriage work. And it is okay if one of you is taking the initiative, but make sure your partner also sees eye to eye with you.

Use the following tips to save your marriage

1. Tell your partner openly about how you feel about your marriage

A majority of the relationship experts will tell you that you need to talk it out if you want things in your relationship to change on a positive note. Discuss the problems you are facing in the marriage. Let your partner know what is bothering you.

Never keep your feelings hidden. The more you express yourself, the better your relationship. Do not expect your man or wife to learn about your feelings telepathically. Take your partner’s feelings and views into consideration as well when you discuss your marriage. Just do not impose your opinions on each other.

2. Give honest opinions

Do not go roundabout when expressing yourself. Keep your suggestions crisp and clear. Make a list of important topics to be discussed. Go step by step, and ask your partner about his views as well.

The more open and honest your views will be, the more easily you both will get to the solution. Marriage should not be a burden; it should be the reason to live a happy life. Not everyone in this world is blessed to have a happy marriage. But if you are in one, then you must value your relationship and try to save your marriage by focusing on the best things in your relationship.

3. Talk about what is going wrong and how you can fix it

There will be many instances in your life where your partner may not be paying attention to the problems you are facing in the marriage. So, point out the issues for him, and tell him how he can fix them. Do not impose your suggestions.

Let him also figure out what he can do to avoid major problems from arising. Discuss your problems at length. Do not fight. Arguments and verbal spats will only worsen the problems. So, stay collected and put forth your views in a calm and composed manner.

4. Ask your partner to contribute to your bonding

Once you point out all the problems and get the solutions to resolve them, work on your bond-building. Ask your partner to participate in fixing the relationship. You alone cannot do the job. It is like a bicycle; both wheels need to work together to keep moving.

The contribution has to be from both ends. If you wish to save your marriage, both partners have to bring their efforts to the table. You can also consult a marriage counselor if you want to get an in-depth analysis of your marriage.

5. Check your finances- Don’t let money screw up your marriage

Believe it or not, money plays a vital role in every relationship. Even if you wish not to let money be a problem in your relationship, you can’t help it. Money matters worsen the screwed-up relationships even more.

So, the only solution is to work on your financial matters. If your marriage is going through a rough patch due to money issues, then sit down and settle the matter. Do not let it be a big problem in your marriage. Save your marriage by saving some extra money.

6. Give 100% commitment and ask for 100% commitment- One of the best tips to save your marriage

No relationship can become successful if there are commitment woes. If only one partner works dedicatedly for the relationship and the other lacks commitment and dedication, then your marriage will reach a dead-end.

It takes trust, commitment, and love to make your marriage work. And these pillars are strengthened only when you give commitment and get commitment without any hesitation. Also, commitment does not mean that you can harass your partner to do things against their will. You both should be happy and willing to commit.

7. Let the past stay in the past. Think about the present

It is important to get rid of all the negative emotions attached to your past experiences. And to do that, you need to leave your past behind and focus on your present. Do not let the past rent space in your head.

The more you think about the negative thoughts, the more you will be dragged into the past. So, plan for your present and dream about a beautiful future. That way, you will stay happy and flourish in your relationship. It is one of the best tips to save your marriage.

8. Solve all the trust-related issues- No cheating hereafter

Infidelity or cheating causes more damage to a relationship than you can ever imagine. The first thing that goes for a toss is the trust factor. The second is the attachment that binds two people together in a relationship.

So, if you wish to save your marriage, make sure that you pledge not to cheat on your partner, and neither will you entertain any illicit activity from your partner. If you both have cheated on each other in the past, then this time take an oath not to repeat that mistake.

9. Do not let others make decisions for you- This tip will save your marriage for sure

Interference from a third party always ruins the bonding between two people- remember this. The more you allow others to interfere in your life, the more problems will arise. It is very difficult to sort the matters in a personal relationship where more than two people are involved.

So, ask your friends, in-laws, parents, or any other relative to keep a safe distance from you. Don’t allow them to make decisions for you. Of course, you can ask for their opinions and advice. But never impose those decisions on your partner or yourself.

10. Focus on your couple goals- It will save your marriage

Saving your marriage is teamwork. Sit together and discuss your goals in life. The efforts you put in together will reap benefits in the future. It is all about dedicatedly working for your marriage and making your marriage work.

Nothing comes for free, and nothing is easy. So, always put your best efforts forward. Help each other, support each other, and love each other unconditionally. Does the word unconditionally sound difficult? Well, get a dog and see how it loves you. That feeling of affection is called unconditional love.


Marriage needs dedication and determination to make it work for both the partners involved. You cannot impose duties on one partner to make the marriage successful. Experts have pinpointed that communication can help resolve 85% of your problems.

The other 15% require love, commitment, and trust. You have to be expressive enough to make your partner understand what the marriage means to you. Your feelings matter. Be vocal about it. Irrespective of your role in the marriage, if you aren’t giving 100%. You will not be able to save your marriage.

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