Okay, so have you experienced anything unusual in your relationship in the early days? Did you post a status on your social media profile about your relationship too soon? You also invited your friends to a party to meet your partner, just to give him a surprise? Do you think these were good ideas? It simply means that you are over-excited about your relationship, and you just want to declare that you are finally in love. The actions that you take in a state of over-excitement may trigger negativity in your partner. According to relationship experts, habits that you think are cute may be causing damage to your relationship. This is what kills a relationship slowly.

If you wish to know what those habits are, then go ahead and read the blog.

What kills a relationship slowly? The following ten habits that you think are cute but are ironically not.

1. You continue to live the life as per your rules

Once you get into a relationship, you should also ask your partner for her expectations and desires. Let her express how she wishes to live her life with you. You need not necessarily accept the idea but at least appreciate it.

If you have lived your life on your terms, then it may be time to make some changes in those terms. You will have to compromise and make some amends to make your new partner fit into your routine. Flexibility and adaptability are also crucial when getting into a relationship.

Also, getting into a relationship and falling in love are two different things. So, if you are in love, make sure that you consider your partner’s feelings. But if you got into the relationship just for the sake of having a partner, then better be flexible and respect your partner’s feelings.

2. You are self-obsessed, and you talk only about yourself

When you are too self-involved, no one likes you. Not even your partner will appreciate your behavior. You either have to change yourself, or you need to speak consciously. Self-obsessed men or women do not understand how they link the topics to their stories.

And when you purposely show off how great you are, your partner is going to run away. It is true in the case of rich spoilt brats. They highlight how much money they spend, how many cars they own, what accessories they have, and how many girls they have dated.

If you say all such silly things in the initial days, you are bound to lose your partner. So, take note of this- the habits that you think are cute are ideally not cute, they are relationship killers.

3. You Unnecessarily interfere in your partner’s problems

You intentionally interfere in your partner’s problems because you want to prove that you are concerned about her. There are efforts from your end to solve the problem, but ideally, they aren’t that big of a problem.

Getting involved in unknown matters and interfering in your partner’s problems will only worsen the matters. However, if your partner asks you to sort the problems for her, then it is a different story. But you should stick to your business, and let her resolve the problems independently.

4. Trying to stay connected even during busy hours

It is lovely to stay connected with your partner. But you should fix a time slot where you can easily chat or speak to each other without disturbing your work. If you think that calling your partner during working hours, to tell him that you miss him, then it is one of those bad habits that you think are cute but ideally are ruining your relationship.

You must call your partner to stay connected, but not during a busy schedule. Even though you may be busy at work, you are trying to stay connected to show how much you love your partner, which is wrong.

5. Sharing the details of your relationship with your friends or on social media

Of course, it is fun to post lovey-dovey moments on your social media profile. But have you asked your partner how she feels about this? Does she have any objection? If your partner has no problem, then it is fine.

But before you post any details about your relationship online, you must seek consent from your partner. Also, if you give away the intimate details of your relationship to your friends, you are likely to hit a bad chord with your partner.

Not all partners love to share the relationship status publicly. And if you jump into giving away the details in the early days, then you are paving the way to break up. So, these habits that you think are cute can contribute to the destruction of your strong bond.

6. What kills a relationship slowly? Having assumptions about your partner’s expectations

So, in the early days, you start developing some assumptions about your partner. But in reality, you are just doodling some pictures in your mind. And this indirectly leads you to assume things about your partner.

You start thinking about what your partner wants and how you would be fulfilling her expectations. But, you must stick to reality. Never assume things. Talk to your partner and ask her what she wants and how she sees the future with you.

7. Lying to your partner and not sticking to the promises you made

I don’t get why people lie if they cannot stick to their promises. Always live with this motto- if you can’t stick to your words, then better don’t lie or make any fake promises. If there is anything that you can’t do or help, then say it upfront.

It is okay to say that you are helpless rather than lying to your partner. Lies will only destroy your relationship. Also, your partner will never find you trustworthy. She will build an unfavorable image of you in her mind and will think twice before committing to you.

8. You compare a lot with other friends- This is what kills a relationship slowly

In excitement, you often tell your partner how romantic your other friends are with their respective partners. And out of nowhere, you start comparing your love life with theirs. But you must think twice before you start saying something about your friends and your partner.

Your partner may not like how you behave or compare your relationship with others. It may upset him or her, and you will land in soup. You will unnecessarily make your partner go away from you. So, these habits that you think are cute are not cute, they ideally ruin the relationship.

9. Being unnecessarily extravagant

Many couples try to impress each other by spending on lavish gifts. But if you aren’t financially sound, then you must spend with some restrictions. You cannot go overboard when it comes to managing finances and expenditures.

The reason why you shouldn’t be extravagant is that you cannot keep spending in the coming years of your relationship. And once you stop spending on your partner, she will think that you have found someone else and you are cheating on her. That will again create rifts between you two. These habits that you think are cute may not necessarily do good for your relationship.

10. What kills a relationship slowly? Talking too much about your past relationships

It is the worst mistake that many couples make in the initial days of their relationship. You must share the details of your past relationship with your partner. But you also have to make sure that you won’t be talking too much about it later.

The more you talk about the past, the more you will be worsening the bond. How? Well, you are giving signs that you are only comparing your relationship with your past relationship. It is obvious that your partner will not like this behavior or habit and will start losing interest in you.


The trick to keep your relationship protected is to learn how your partner responds to certain behaviors of yours. If he is vocal about the issues he noticed through your behavior then you better try to correct your mannerisms. Also, if some inherent traits are benign, you should talk to your partner.

You need not alter your personality for someone to love you back. However, you also need to learn if your habits are costing a lot to your partner, then eventually it will lead to separation. So, keep an open forum for discussion if there are constant rifts. Communicate more often without having negative emotions.

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