You may have heard many relationship experts saying that all relationships are like glass. Once a glass breaks and you refix it, you will still be able to see the cracks. That is how a relationship is; once you take your relationship for granted, you will never see it flourishing thereafter. But the question is, how does a relationship go sour? This blog will familiarize you with the signs of poor communication in marriage and relationships.

We often demand our partners to understand our feelings. But how will they fathom our unsaid feelings? You aren’t telepathically connected, right? If you are, then wonderful. But if you are not, then you have to express yourself in words. Assuming things and reacting vaguely are the signs of poor communication. If you wish to have a strong relationship with your partner, then avoid doing the following.

These signs of poor communication in marriage and relationships can weaken the strong foundation of your love life

1. Your conversations are limited only to texting

Why do we say she is my partner, we love each other, and we stay together? That’s because you have to be living happily with your partner and not just to show off others that you are in a relationship.

If you are in a relationship just for the sake of being in one, then you are losing the most precious years of your life. Sacrificing your entire life on a loser partner would do no good. Minor compromises are required in a relationship to grow, but living a life like a stranger with your partner is ridiculous.

So, when you and your partner are living together and aren’t talking much, you are living an extremely sad life. Chatting and texting will never help your relationship grow. You have to be alive and happy in that relationship. So? Speak up, talk more, and drop your phone.

2. You share your problems in an incomplete way

It is another sign of poor communication in marriage. How can you expect your partner to solve your problems unless you share them with her? You have to be loud and clear when you share the problems.

Using a muffled tone or using language with hints will never work. When you are in a problem, do not play any guess-games. Letting your partner know what is bothering you will help her find the solution. Fighting the problems together will strengthen the bond.

3. You cut off the conversation mid-way

Honestly, it is difficult to have a conversation with someone who doesn’t let you complete a sentence. For instance, if you are putting your views forth about an upcoming event, and you wish to offer a helping hand to your partner, but he asks you to stop talking abruptly.

How will you feel? Insulted? Not worthy to be his partner? For obvious reasons, you will start self-doubting. But you should not get into self-analysis. It is your partner’s problem. He is the one who doesn’t entertain others’ opinions and views. So, you simply can’t help it.

4. Lies play a big role

If you see your partner cannot do anything without lying to you, then he has developed a habit of lying. He believes he can prevent a verbal fight if he lies to you. But it is also one of the signs of poor communication.

Lying doesn’t help. At some point, your lie surfaces. Then how will you protect your relationship? Just to avoid a spat, if you lie, then you are adding trouble to your happy relationship. Avoid lying and admit your mistakes. It will build the trust factor in your bonding.

5. There is passive aggression in your every action

Communication is not possible if only one person speaks and the other person gives a cold response. You just shrug your shoulder and give a naïve smile doesn’t mean you are communicating effectively.

Passive aggression means treating others with hostile silence. You just don’t respond to your partner and never reply to her questions means you are not caring enough in the relationship. The relationship is a burden on you that are carrying for no reason. Such behavior builds up toxicity in your mindset. It is a perfect example of poor communication.

6. You impose your opinions on your partner

Not asking your partner for her opinions and imposing your views on her is not a sign of good communication. If you are planning to do something or you wish to change something about your life, then you have to discuss it with your partner.

You cannot impose your views or opinions on your partner. That is called dictatorship. And a dictator and a follower cannot have a healthy relationship ever. So, if you have been a dictator all your life, it is time you change yourself for the sake of a healthy relationship.

7. Your replies are mostly yes, no, or one-word- These signs of poor communication in marriage can be rectified if paid attention at an early stage

Now you can imagine how it feels when someone replies in one word. You definitely do not expect an elaborate reply, but small talk and a little conversation will not do anything bad, right? It tells your partner that you love talking to her, and it feels nice to have a little conversation.

But one-word responses are a big No-No… You must try to respond more proactively. Poor communication will only weaken your strong bond. If you are an introvert, then try to open up with your partner. Seek some professional help on how to be social and active in others’ presence.

8. You are too loud when it comes to disagreements

You start yelling and abusing when you are unable to handle a conflict. If you want to prove your point, you shouldn’t be too loud and don’t use cuss words. Specify your point politely, and ask your partner to calm down.

You should also sip a glass of water and sit in a warm and cozy place to start a conversation in a new way. Avoid abusing each other, it is not a healthy way to deal with conflicts. Understand one thing- every relationship has some problems. Learn to deal with those issues effectively.

9. You blame your partner when you feel low- Such signs of poor communication in marriage and relationships can ruin a strong bond

It is the worst thing you can ever do to your partner. Your failures or losses are your problems. You shouldn’t be blaming your partner for that. Also, if you treat your partner like she jinxed your life, then you are a terrible partner.

Treat your partner with respect. If you are suffering from setbacks, then ask for help and guidance. Blaming your partner will do no good. Also, how is your partner responsible for your failures? So, stop the blame game and learn to have a positive conversation.

10. You live in the past and you often mention past experiences- One of the worst signs of poor communication in marriage and relationships

Another sign that is not healthy for your relationship. You should never bring up the past in your present arguments. Let the past be buried in the past. If you had some unresolved arguments in the past then try not to get it in the current situation.

When you are taking a break or on a vacation, then you can come up with such unresolved problems. Try sorting out them when you are in a calm state and give rational reasoning. Digging into the past and bringing up unwanted experiences in present fights will only worsen the matter.


Relationships are soft bonds that link two individuals together. It takes patience, care, and affection to nurture the bond. Every relationship goes through ups and downs hence, it becomes imperative to have a free exchange of thoughts among the partners.

Effective communication is the key to a healthy relationship. Set this mantra in your mind. The more freely you share your views and thoughts with your partner, the more healthy your marriage will be. If the problems are unresolvable seek professional help. But make sure you have an open approach while communicating with your partner.

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