We all know not all relationships grow strong. Some live happily ever after while others drift apart. But if you want your relationships to flourish, you need to make efforts. The inputs have to be from both ends; this is what experienced couples do. And you should follow their path to keep your relationship strong and healthy. For instance, if you are a working couple and you wish to buy a house, then both couples must contribute money to invest in a property. The financial burden should not be laid only on one partner.

You may have also heard many people ask why should women contribute to meeting household expenditures. But my question is, if you ask for equality, then equality must be followed in every aspect of life. Why only in pay and perks? This was just an example. But the point is if you are in a relationship, then you have got to be a team that works together to make the relationship grow stronger.

Keep Your relationship strong and healthy with the help of the following tips from successful couples.

1. There are no blame games

One of the most important tips to follow, you should not blame your partner for every mishap in your relationship. Minor emotional issues and financial crunch are common problems in every relationship.

But if you keep blaming your partner for the problems in your relationship, you will either end up separating or stop loving each other. So you must practice accepting the problem and look for solutions instead of blaming each other. This is what many happy couples do to keep their relationship strong and healthy.

2. They stand for each other in all the situations

Bad situations often sneak in unanticipatedly. When life is good, everybody is with you, but what about unforeseen circumstances? That is the time when you realize and understand who is with you and who is for you.

The couples who stand next to each other in the hard times know the value of their relationship. The drive to keep each other safe from problems makes their relationship strong. So couples who fight for their partner in all situations are true lovers. This is what some couples do to keep their relationship strong and healthy.

3. They look for opportunities to spend time together

Okay, I agree in order to spend time together you must be madly in love with each other. So, my question is, if you aren’t in love with each other, why are you together? Many couples do not understand the importance of prioritizing.

You have to make your partner and your children your priority. Spending time with your partner will help in building a stronger relationship. You get to learn more about your partner, her feelings, her day-to-day life, and how she looks forward to spending time with you. The more you spend quality time together, the more you will be happy.

4. They do not judge each other

Well, when you are too friendly with one of your colleagues at a party, does your partner come and ask you why were you so friendly? If he does, then he is judging you, and he is not comfortable with you being friendly with other people.

So, thereafter you will never be yourself in your partner’s presence. You will try to pretend what you are not. So, this will never build a strong relationship. You have to let your partner be what he or she is. Once you try to change your partner for your convenience, you will never be happy in that relationship.

5. They plan their future together

If you and your partner plan things together, then you value each other’s presence in your life. Every couple that shares similar life goals tends to have a beautiful bond. When you have similar goals, life becomes easy.

The division of tasks and responsibilities becomes easier. A happy couple does not encumber only one partner with additional duties. They plan their tasks and perform them together. This is what most happy couples do to keep their relationship strong and healthy.

6. They do not allow their past to linger in their present

Every human being has a past. But past experiences teach us how to lead the present time. And the present builds a strong future. So, couples who understand this never allow their past to spoil their happy life in the present.

The problems from the past often lead to unwanted conflicts. Most of the issues are petty, but they can create rifts in the relationship. So, mature couples bury their past and move on to live a happier present. That’s the best deal to fortify your relationship.

7. They respect each other’s feelings to keep their relationship strong and healthy

If your partner is hurt, then it is your job to make her feel better. Do not take the word ‘job’ literally. It simply means you should offer a shoulder to let her feel the warmth of your love. You have to make her comfortable.

Also, when your man is feeling low, you should shower him with affection and a warm hug. Respecting each other’s feelings means that you aren’t inhumane. You know how it feels when you are sad and that you should comfort your loved ones in times of hopelessness.

8. They leave no scope for mistrust

No relationship is successful if there is a lack of trust. Trust and love have to be blended to build a healthy relationship. For instance, if you think your partner purposely spends time outside to avoid cooking at home, then you are showing distrust in her.

Women work as hard as men. If men return home late after work, so can women. But there should be faith in each other. Trust is the only thread that binds two people together in a healthy bond.

9. They know compromising is inevitable, so to keep your relationship strong and healthy you must be compassionate

Every relationship requires some compromises and both the partners need to make some. Compromising in a relationship is a sign that you love your partner. And that you can go to any extent to make your relationship work and keep it protected.

Some may say that women make the most compromises. But the truth is even men make many compromises. For instance, if you have children, then as a woman you get to stay close to your children. But the man of the house has to win the bread and butter. So even if he wants to stay close to his children, he can’t because he has to earn to feed them.

So, a happy relationship requires some sacrifices and some compromises to keep it healthy. Never judge a couple and their sacrifices unless you have stepped into their shoes.

10. They love each other no matter what, so should you to keep your relationship strong and healthy

Love is the real deal. You can’t help your relationship grow if you don’t love each other. Every relationship has some ups and downs, but you can’t fortify it if there is no love in the bonding.

You may have seen couples fighting badly. But at the end of the day, they hug and forgive each other. The reason is, that they love each other without any condition. Every couple has to accept their partner for whatever they are. If you try to change your partner, you will never have a happy relationship.


All relationships are different. The expectations of couples from each other are also different. So, avoid comparing your relationship with others. However, you can take tips from happy couples to make your relationship strong and healthy.

Eventually, it is up to you and your partner to make your relationship grow. Have trust in your partner, keep open communication system in place, and never trivialize the concerns of your partner. Be compassionate and understanding toward your partner. Above all, love them without holding second thoughts.

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