Have you read these inspiring travel quotes? “Jobs fill your pockets; adventures fill your soul”. “The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page”. Aren’t these quotes compelling? I love traveling, and I love visiting unexplored places. That too mostly solo. Yes, traveling solo is intriguing and it helps in learning new things. But when I am on an excursion all alone, I always follow the traveling solo tips. According to travel statistics, 84% of the women have commenced traveling solo. Post-pandemic there has also been a surge in solo traveling.

Many would say that traveling solo isn’t a great deal. But you must understand there are some precautions that you need to take before you plan to travel solo. Keeping traveling solo tips in mind will ensure your safety as well. You won’t have trouble during the journey if you know some tips beforehand.

15 Traveling solo tips that every traveler must know

Keep Your Travel Documents Safe and Handy

Traveling alone requires proper planning. Since you’d be alone on the tour, you must get yourself organized for the trip. Just carry limited luggage, like a backpack or rucksack. Also, do get a travel pouch to keep all your travel documents in one place.

The most essential travel documents are passport, flight tickets, ID proofs, hotel reservation copy, cab-booking copy, forex card, visa, and travel insurance. Although you can keep the details of these documents on your phone. It is advisable to have their hard copies for quick reference.

Paste a Few Emergency Numbers on Your Bag

It may sound weird, but yes, it is absolutely necessary to paste emergency numbers on your bag. Now, why is it necessary? Well, if in case, you encounter a mishap, then how will your fellow travelers help you? It is through the emergency numbers, right?

Make sure you have at least three or four emergency contact numbers (including the hotel manager’s number). Paste them on the noticeable location of your bag. So that in times of crisis, your family and friends can rush to your rescue.

Hire a Guide If It’s Your First Time

Obviously, if you are a regular traveler, then you won’t need a guide. But, if you are traveling for the very first time and you have no idea about the place you are visiting, then you must hire a guide. This is one of the key traveling solo tips that you must not ignore.

A guide can be an additional expense. But it is indispensable to have one, for your safety. You may not understand the local language or you may not know how to hire a cab if you are a newbie traveler. Hence, you must get a guide on your first trip. Also, if you are going to a place unexplored before, it is necessary to have a guide.

Download the Map on your Phone

Remember google maps work only if you have internet access. If you are traveling to a remote location where the internet connectivity is poor, you won’t be able to access the map. Many online apps allow you to download the maps for offline use.

Also, if you have a map handy, you won’t get lost. Once, you learn the routes, you won’t need the map. But till then it’s useful to have maps downloaded on your phone.

Memorize the Route to your Hotel

If you are staying at a particular hotel for a long time, then you must learn all the routes to your hotel. This is specifically important when you are visiting an extremely remote location. Also, what if your phone’s dead? When you are on the go, mark the landmarks that guide you to your hotel. It is easy to remember the name of the landmarks than the street names.

For instance, keep a note of the hotel names or building names that come on the way back to your hotel. Look for some specific places like Mc Donald’s or Pizza Hut outlets, they are easy to remember. It is one of the easiest traveling solo tips.

Keep Track of your Expenditures- Budgeting is One of the Important Traveling Solo Tips

If you are a budget traveler then you must cut out all unwanted expenses. Plan your stay in shared guest houses or dorms. If you do not want to spend too much on meals, then cook your meals.

Go walking instead of hiring a cab. If it’s a long-distance commute, go for local transport. Once you start traveling solo, you’ll get to learn many ideas on how to save money on a trip. Keep a diary, and jot down your daily expenditures. That way you won’t spend frivolously.

Take Care of your Belongings- One of the Crucial Traveling Solo Tips

If you travel to capture memories, then you must keep your camera and related equipment safely. Avoid too many bags when you are on a video shooting spree. Always carry limited weight in your bag. So that you have enough room to keep your belongings safe.

The other best traveling solo tips are not carrying expensive valuables and keeping your bags locked. Even in the hotel, if you are sharing a room, please make sure you get a separate locker. Avoid sharing your things with strangers, unless you feel they are good people. Trust your instincts, be cautious.

Plan your Small Trips (Within the Tour) in Advance

It is necessary to plan your connecting trips at the beginning of the tour. By connecting trips, I mean, if you wish to visit a place that isn’t a part of your main tour, but you would like to visit the place if you find the time.

The reason to plan your small trips is to cut short your expenses. You should know from which location it will be easy to reach the destination. The shorter the route, the easier it will be on your pockets. Also, you won’t face any trouble if you have a cab booked before you embark on the journey.

Study the Location and Its Culture for Safety

You will find many travel groups online that share their experiences about the countries they visited. It is crucial to learn some basic information about the country you are planning to visit. Many countries have certain rules and restrictions in regards to attire, alcohol consumption, driving conditions, etc.

For instance, many Islamic nations ask their visitors to wear clothes that cover their arms and knees. Also, alcohol is banned in some territories of different countries. Like there is a prohibition on consumption of alcohol in northern communities of Canada.

Also, some northern territories in Australia have banned the consumption of alcohol because it ignites violence among youngsters. So, if you are planning to have an absolute riot with strangers, then you must prefer visiting some liberal countries.

Carry Sealed Medicines and Body Lotions- Regular Travelers Never Forget Such Traveling Solo Tips

People who travel frequently by flights must be aware that you cannot carry unsealed bottles on board. The quantity of the lotions or cream cannot be over 100 ml. Hence, if you are required to carry medicines and lotions make sure they are unused.

Also, keep all your medicines in check-in luggage only. Do not carry it in your cabin luggage. During the frisking process, if the security person checks your bag and finds unsealed or loose medicines, they will confiscate your products. This is one of the most important traveling solo tips to keep in mind.

Always Get a Travel Insurance

Travel insurance has many benefits like it provides protection against losses during travel. It also compensates medical expenses, provides coverage against changes to the trip itinerary, and covers accidental liabilities as well.

Accidental liabilities also mean personal liabilities. Wherein, the insurance will cover the damages caused to a third party. For instance, if by any chance, you break your fellow traveler’s bag, then your insurance company will pay the expenses. Or you may get reimbursement for paying the charges.

Make Friendships to Discover More Places- It is One of the Most Promising Traveling Solo Tips

Of course, traveling solo is exciting, but you must make friends on the go. It is one of my favorite traveling solo tips. When you befriend your fellow travelers, you get to learn which other places you can explore. You gain insights into new and happening places that can be much more promising than your current list of places.

Also, in case of emergency, you can have some helping hands. You must also act friendly to the local people. Locals can be of great help to you if you cannot find a place you are looking for.

Be Prepared to Cook Your Meals and Nosh Alone- One of the Important Traveling Solo Tips

Even if you make friends during the journey, it’s not necessary that they will be with you throughout the trip. Traveling solo helps you to learn how to manage things all alone. It also includes how to cook your meals, make dishes, and arrange your bed.

You have to be mentally prepared to do all the tasks on your own. At first, it may sound strange, but enjoying the meal all alone can be very relaxing. Try seating in an open area, and cook your food in the lawn, just like barbeque. Before doing this, do seek the hotel’s consent.

Do Not Ask Others to Shoot your Videos/Photos

Traveling solo itself means doing the tasks on your own. If you like shooting videos and photos then do it yourself. Learn to click pictures with a supporter or tripod stand. Become self-dependent, do not ask other travelers to shoot for you.

Asking for quick help is fine, but do not bother others all the time. If you have plans to shoot the entire day on a particular location, then hire an assistant for a day. Pay the aide wisely and get your pictures clicked as per your wish.

Do Not Carry Illegal Products or Consume Any Drugs

It will be good for you if you stay sober the entire trip. It is because you will be alone and there won’t be any easy access to immediate help. Also, avoid keeping any harmful products with you like dry cell batteries, illegal weapons, toy replicas of firearms, aerosols, etc.

Additionally, if you are in a country where drug consumption is banned, you must avoid consuming any. Many countries have strict rules on consuming cannabis too. It is better you get complete information of the location before you plan on buying any recreational drug.


If you follow the aforementioned tips, you’ll make your journey an awesome experience. Try to keep everything simple. Just focus on your enjoyment. Once you go on frequent travel trips all alone, you may come up with your own tips. Traveling makes you much wiser because you experience it yourself.

Do plan solo trips once every six months. It will keep your stress levels at bay. The above tips are just the basic ones. However, the more you travel, the more you learn about travel tips.

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