We all know that a connection with someone even on a minor level can have a big impact on our lives. Human beings are not the only species that long for love, care, and attachment. Every living being on the earth craves these basic psychological needs. We are aware of Maslow’s theory that describes the hierarchy of human needs. Love and belonging needs are the most common needs that fall into the third biggest segment of the pyramid of needs. Love has variations; it is not restricted only to physical attachment.

When you love something, attachment, and belonging follow. It is in the universal law. Hence, when someone says that they are in love with something they will develop a strong attachment to that thing. Belonging is more of an emotion. It gives you a feeling of satisfaction that you have something that you can call your own. Now, you may ask what is the difference between feelings and emotions.

Feelings and emotions- Foundation of love and belonging needs

Well, there is a subtle difference- you experience feelings consciously whereas, you manifest emotions either through the subconscious or conscious power. For a better understanding, you must read a book by Dr. Joseph Murphy- The Power of Subconscious Mind. The author explains how our subconscious mind works tirelessly to manifest our dreams and expectations in life. One can also manifest love and belonging needs through the subconscious mind.

Now, let’s talk about why we all feel the urge to satisfy love and belonging needs.

You feel you have advanced in your life

Yes, if you have never been in love, then try to fall in love and see how it feels. Many people try to get into a relationship because they only crave to satisfy their ego. Or to show off to the world that they have someone in their life who loves them.

Whereas, others get into a relationship when they are genuinely in love with someone. If you check both scenarios you will find that one feeling is common. The need to feel progress in life. A life partner, a girlfriend, or a boyfriend gives you the satisfaction that you have prospered in life. And not everyone finds love. 

To feel wanted and adored

You may find it funny, but it is true. Especially, women crave this feeling- to be pampered, loved, and feel precious. We all know one thing is true in life- women, babies, and animals are loved for whatever they are. But men are loved only on one condition- when they provide and are financially sound.

So, if you carefully observe society’s functioning, we all have the urge to be loved. Some people expect money in addition, but love and belonging needs always top the list after monetary benefits.

To feel superior to others

Not many of you can relate to this statement. But ask the nerds or the girls and guys who were bullied. Love and belonging needs are a kind of trophies to such people who were deprived of love. Their innocence and kindness were killed by ignorant people.

When victimized people attain love and belonging, they feel they have achieved something greater. That was otherwise difficult for them to experience. They love that person from the core and pamper them immensely. If you have any nerd friends in your life, ask them how they feel about having love in their life.

To enhance your social connections

Basically, when your friends have girlfriends or boyfriends, you may also want to have one in your life. And there is nothing wrong with this idea. We are humans, and we love to copy and envy others’ lives. Otherwise, we would have been termed, monks or demigods.

You get to satisfy your love and belonging needs when you match the lifestyle of your friends, colleagues, or relatives. Especially, in terms of having a loving and caring life partner. That way you ensure that your social connections are enhanced, and people appreciate your partner choice and that indirectly satisfies your self-esteem.

To prevent the feeling of being left alone

Social animals mean human beings, that is the simplest term. No individual on earth can survive alone even if they are introverted. Also, unless you are some saint or god’s messenger, you cannot survive alone. We all seek attachment and connections.

People who don’t find love adopt dogs or get some pets to satisfy their love and belonging needs. Dogs are the best pets that love humans unconditionally. So, one way or another every person wants to have a partner and doesn’t want to live like a loner.

Well, now that we have seen why we all want to satisfy our belongingness needs, let’s focus on what we can do to help us find love in our lives.

Travel more often

Yes, it is one of the easiest ways to find new and like-minded people in your life. Visit places of your choice. Traveling enhances your spiritual mind and brings positivity as well.

You get to learn about different lifestyles around the world. Additionally, you see that people enjoy simple lives with limited resources if they have loving and caring partners. Hence, travel at least twice a year and try to visit a new place every time you plan a trip.

Join groups or social clubs- You learn more about others’ views on love and belonging needs

The more you socialize, the more you get to meet new people. Meeting different types of people will make you understand that life can be fun. And there is nothing wrong with being your true self.

If someone likes your mental makeup, then you will find love. Have a broader outlook. Appreciate others’ thought processes as well. Never undermine others’ opinions or views. Just go with the flow, and you will find your partner soon.

Go pub-hopping to fulfill your love and belonging needs

I know it is pretty common but better than joining a dating site. Also, many guys prefer to pick up girls for casual meet-ups at such places. But you see when you genuinely don’t have love in your life, nightclubs and pubs are the best options to meet people your age.

Just like you, many men and women go pub hopping in the hope of finding their love interest. Trust me, not all people who visit the clubs are bad. Some are wild, while some are sober. You can find your match if you love enjoying a crazy life.

Use your hobby to find love

Well, this may sound weird, but, yes, you can find love with the help of your hobby. Here’s how. Pick up a hobby, for instance, start learning a guitar, start painting, start teaching a language you know, or take online classes on self-development.

You have no idea these techniques can do wonders. When you start meeting like-minded people through such hobbies it is almost certain that you may find a person of your choice. Furthermore, if you start this as a business you can start making money as well. So? Isn’t there a dual benefit?

Try to become well-known to meet your love and belonging needs

Okay, so here I mean build a good online reputation. Use your social media profile to become popular. It is easy nowadays. Don’t just try to garner followers by showing off filtered photos and videos. But instead, show what you are made of.

What kind of human being you are? Build a nice image of being an altruist. Get dogs and show how kind you are. It may not work for some people who just want to build a fake image. But if you are genuinely a nice person then you can show this true side of yourself.

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