Change is inevitable when you consciously decide to start a new journey in your life. Marriage is the same trip that demands your attention and efforts to give you a variety of experiences. In a true sense, life does undergo a series of changes unknowingly; and leaving it up to you to decide whether you accept the changes in the right spirit or the other way. But changes in life after marriage are incredible. And one can say that it is worth it to enjoy the roller coaster ride.

Here I have listed the 20 changes after marriage that every couple faces.

1. There is some sense of freedom

When I say some freedom, it means freedom from going on hopeless dates. Freedom from anxiousness of whether you’ll be loved by anyone. Freedom from being afraid to fall in love again. And freedom from the feeling of being left alone to die without a life partner.

You may find these thoughts of anxiety and feelings trifling, but they are not. You can ask your friends who have struggled to find a match and have stayed single for a long time in their lives. And believe me, freedom from such consuming thoughts is a relief.

2. Lifestyle changes leave an impact on your health

Marriage brings in a lot of changes. That also includes changes in your eating habits. Many couples gain weight. That’s because you visit your friends and family after a few weeks of the wedding. You consume calories, eat junk food, and exercise only when time permits.

That leads to a lower BMR and an increase in weight gain. And this is scientifically proven. Also, the most significant part of your life that is impacted is your dressing sense. You start wearing attires that your partner likes. You start doing things that your husband or wife likes. These changes look petty at first, but they leave a massive impact on your overall life and habits.

3. You realize the overburdening of responsibilities

Who behaves responsibly in the early years of a relationship? Every couple focuses on the fun part of their life. But once you get married, you realize that you are encumbered with numerous responsibilities.

Taking care of household chores, looking after kids, and managing expenditures, all these tasks get multiplied post-marriage. For some, these changes in life after marriage may look minuscule. But they are emotionally draining. However, your married life becomes smooth and easy if your partner is supportive and understanding.

4. You become prudent and diligent

One of the positive impacts of marriage on your life is that you learn to give importance to every task you take up. You work harder to finish the job in the best possible way. Some couples do it to impress each other, while others do it unknowingly.

But it is indeed a beautiful change in every couple’s life. That’s because it is a naturally occurring change in you. You do not force it on yourself. Accepting this change in life makes your life easier and keeps your partner away from complaining.

5. You try to keep your partner’s wishes first

Well, I find this change quite fascinating. How does one change their mind to keep the other partner happy? Isn’t it intriguing? Yes, you prefer your partner’s opinions before making any decision. That sometimes also gets into your bathroom kit.

You ask your partner which soap aroma they like, which shampoo they love, and which scented candles they prefer in the bathroom. This is just an example, but many couples start giving importance to their partner’s whims and fancies before theirs.

6. You start believing you are a team. Hence at times, you don’t get to do things alone

Well, there is nothing wrong with this. But in some instances, you might feel like enjoying your alone time. And you don’t get to do it because you become concerned about how your partner might feel.

You suppress your feelings and do things as a team. At first, you may enjoy doing it together, but after some point, you will wish for spare time away from your partner. I guess it is psychological. Such changes in life after marriage may take a toll on your mental health.

7. Life starts revolving around your partner and kids

Many women love this feeling of being around their partners and kids. And that is indeed wonderful for them. But what about women who don’t enjoy this? They start sulking and think negatively about their married life.

When you start thinking that your partner and kids are more important than your feelings, it means you have evolved as a woman. Then you are left with only two options, either you enjoy doing your job as a mother and wife, or you look for opportunities to enjoy your me-time. That way, none of the changes in life after marriage will bother you.

8. Your spending habits change- One of the drastic changes after marriage

If you come from a middle-class family, then you may struggle to manage your finances. But even if you come from an ultra-rich family, your spending habits will change. That’s because you’ll always aim to fulfill your family’s demands first.

Your focus will be to satisfy your partner’s and kids’ expectations. The focus will be more on spending on nutrition and nourishment. Furthermore, you will buy clothes and accessories for your kids of their choice; so that they don’t develop an inferiority complex. Also, you will try to compromise on your desires so that your family doesn’t have to compromise.

9. Your emotional stability becomes disturbed depending on how your partner treats you

It is crucial to choose a wise partner. The success of your marriage depends on how your partner treats you and how you treat him. Ill-treating and belittling your partner will only lead to a disastrous life.

Nobody in your family will be happy to live in a hostile environment. Also, it will lead to a breakdown in your emotional stability. You will get stressed on petty issues and jump into accusing each other. So, it becomes imperative to treat your partner with love and respect.

10. Compromising becomes a part of your daily life

A successful marriage depends upon how beautifully you manage each other’s desires and expectations. You start showing the signs of compatibility only when you learn to compromise for your family’s well-being.

So, yes, you start compromising to balance out everything in your married life. Sometimes, you may either feel happy compromising and at times, you may expect your partner to make some compromises for you. These are some of the unfavorable changes in life after marriage that pave the way to unhappiness and disgust.

11. You learn how to switch into different roles- One of the impactful changes after marriage

I would say it is a positive change and also a negative change. Switching between the roles of a mother and a spouse is not easy. But if you manage to do it, then you are a great artist. Marriage makes you learn different roles, and it is absorbing.

But it does have a minor impact on your mental makeup as well. You may undergo an identity crisis. You may develop the fear of losing yourself in the journey of making others happy. It is common in women who have been in a marriage for too long.

12. Your life becomes like an open book

Well, it is simple to understand. You can’t keep a secret in a marriage. Your life has to be as transparent as water. If you start keeping secrets, you may invite conflicts and verbal spats. That may ruin the bonding of your relationship.

Hence, many marriage counselors suggest that all couples should maintain transparency in their relationship. Let your partner know in and out about you. If your partner stumbles upon a lie, then that will be the first stage where your partner may start losing faith in you.

13. Money management becomes crucial- Most people experience such changes after marriage

Isn’t it obvious? Life becomes miserable if you have an insufficient bank balance. Marriage demands you to spend frugally. If you are to dish out a large sum of money, you will start thinking pragmatically. That may include house renovation, buying a new car, or spending on vacation.

It is a good change, but sometimes you may have to compromise more than required; to be able to save some money for future use. That is where you start thinking negatively about your married life.

14. At times you struggle to spend quality time together

Once you start married life, you will experience the responsibilities snowballing. So, you will be engrossed in fulfilling your duties. Furthermore, if you and your partner are working professionals, then it will be all the more difficult to find time to spend with each other.

You may try harder to be with your partner or talk to him whenever possible. Also, you would make efforts to be in touch with your partner because you can’t spend time together. If you do this, it’s a good sign, but if you don’t, then you may reach a plateau stage soon in your relationship.

15. Sometimes, you may become more controlling and dominating- The most common changes after marriage

Your conscientiousness will trigger you to be more careful when dealing with some tasks at home. You will ensure that you keep everything in place and up to date. That will also include getting groceries on time, stocking up supplies and essentials, and paying bills on time.

Once you develop this attitude, you gain the confidence to exercise dominance over your partner. You expect your partner to behave and act as per your orders. Such changes in life after marriage are common, but they sometimes ruin the relationship.

16. You try to keep your mind decluttered and free from chaos

To keep your mind free of stress, you practice meditation or join a hobby class. And that is a good idea to get relief from unwanted stress. Many couples practice their hobbies together. So, I believe such changes in life after marriage bring positivity to life.

When you are making efforts to keep the disagreements away, you are showing your partner that you value your relationship more. And it is a good habit to keep chaos and nuisance creators away from life.

17. You become emotionally dependent- One of the least positive changes after marriage

There is nothing wrong with being dependent on your spouse emotionally. But sometimes, it may wreak havoc in your mind. When there are fights, you may get emotionally weak, and your partner may take advantage of your behavior.

You can turn submissive at times and give in every time your spouse asks for something unpleasant. So, in a way, it’s not a good change if it alters your mindset.

18. You think of repercussions before taking any action

Yes, it is a favorable change. When you look before you leap, it means you have learned to behave more responsibly. You try to think of the consequences you may face before making a final decision.

You talk to your partner and discuss at length before jumping to any conclusions. It is also a sign that you respect your partner’s views. And you would like your partner to participate in all the decisions of your family’s welfare.

19. You learn to deal with complex issues more easily- One of the favorable changes after marriage

Marriage lets you experience the challenging tests in life. The more complex your married life is, the more eagerly you learn to manage the differences. You also master keeping your calm during a heated argument.

Once you learn the tricks to keep your cool, you try to apply them to issues at work as well. In a true sense, you communicate more politely to prevent the other person from getting enraged.

20. You learn to forgive quickly

For obvious reasons, you wouldn’t want your partner to keep begging for your forgiveness. That’s because even you would want to sort the issues quickly and amicably. All this would be only to keep your mind free from stress and unwanted thoughts.

So, if your partner apologizes to you for the mistake, you immediately forgive him. Not just to save your relationship but also to keep the discouraging arguments at bay. In simple words, to maintain your peace of mind.


Marriage is a beautiful journey. It is all about how you take it. It is a challenge when you aren’t prepared and it is a fancy ride when you know what you will be facing. So, you have to be psychologically ready to pick your battles. Also, the partners in the wedlock need to be patient with each other.

Don’t forget change is the only constant. So, life will change after a certain age. Marriage is just a part of life. You decide how you wish to draw the canvas of life. Even singles face changes. However, when you have a loving and caring partner it becomes easier to deal with the changes and challenges.

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