“I am living such a boring life, let’s indulge in something exciting!”. Yeah! Perhaps this is the first thought that crosses your mind, the moment you feel you lack thrill and romance in life. Some weirdos on the earth also look at an extra-marital affair or romantic relationships in the workplace as an adventure. But in reality, it is one of the riskiest adventures. According to an article by PeopleHum, more than 33% of American employees got into a romantic relationship after the pandemic. A survey by SHRM discloses that more than 70% of the US workers are fine with office affairs.

Avowedly, it is acceptable that you spend the majority of the hours at your workplace. Hence, it isn’t easy to meet new friends or socialize during weekdays. But just because you can’t manage your working hours, you must not get involved in romantic relationships in the workplace. And there are several reasons to avoid an affair.

Romantic relationships in the workplace may jeopardize your reputation at work and harm you in many ways. Let’s have a look at some of those reasons.

There will be an Adverse Impact on your Performance

First and foremost, your workplace is your bread and butter. You must avoid unethical activity that would compromise your performance. In various organizations, there is a code of conduct that defines your interactions with other colleagues. You may have to sign an undertaking that specifies, that you will face immediate termination if you get caught red-handed with involvement in a romantic relationship with a colleague.

Office affair is an unethical activity in a majority of the corporate sectors. The reason is, that workplace romance degrades your performance. Your focus gets sidelined from work, and you get into an altogether different mindset. Meeting your partner becomes the only reason to come to work. And in later stages, this leads to an adverse impact on your productivity.

Rise in Unnecessary Gossip, Rumors, and Politics

Of course, if you are in a relationship with your co-worker, you will often meet in the office lobby or cafeteria during breaks. When you increase your frequent meet-ups on the office premises people will observe your behavior.

Initially, it won’t be a problem for you, but gradually people will gossip about you. That will give rise to the spreading of unwanted rumors. You may also fall prey to office politics. Others with evil intentions can victimize you by turning you into a scapegoat.

Your Boss May Shelve Your Promotion

Many people with a higher designation often take undue advantage of their position to lure their colleagues into an affair. But other colleagues may raise objections and bring down your reputation. Once your office affair is out in the open, your superiors may not take it in the right spirit.

So, if in your tenure you had been a good performer, this one bad remark can spoil your image, and stop you from climbing up the ladder. Also, don’t forget, that everybody wishes to grab hold of your position when you are on the top. Once you lose your hold, you may not be able to flourish in that organization.

You will be Put into the Spotlight

Everybody at work makes mistakes, but scrutinization of your mistakes takes place only if you carry a bad reputation. Many reputable organizations regard office affairs as a nuisance. You’ll be blamed for enjoying office romance when your affair becomes a hot gossip.

Even absenteeism or frequent leaves will be attributed to your romantic indulgence. All these negative actions will hold you up as an object of ridicule.

There will be an increase in Unexpected Expenditures

It is clear when there is romantic involvement with someone you will spend on your dates. Gifts, surprise parties, lunch dates, dinner dates, and shopping will drain you financially. If you go the Dutch way it’s well and good, but if not, then imagine the amount of money you’ll lose.

Also, if you wish to keep your office affair a secret, you may have to bribe your colleagues to keep it undisclosed. Bribing can drain you financially. Again, bribing is an unlawful act at the workplace.

If you break up, the Environment May Turn Hostile

Various studies show that office affairs last only for 12 to 18 months. Or sometimes even more if you continue to work in the same organization. But if you do not commit to a relationship or do not legalize it, you may end up losing your partner on an awful note.

Furthermore, if you break up with your office colleague the repercussions are always worse. Your teammates may make fun of you, ridicule you, and pester you with unwanted jokes. The office environment becomes bitter and you won’t be excited to work there anymore.

If You are Married, You May Have to Face a Nasty Divorce

In a true sense, it is a red flag, if you end up having an affair with a married man or woman. On top of that, if your spouse becomes aware of your office affair, you may go through a lot of drama and emotional trauma.

Divorces are worse when not a mutual one. Most of the time the married partner may ask for exorbitant alimony and leave you bankrupt. Honestly, an office affair can cost you a lot both psychologically and financially.

People May Develop Preconceived Notions About You- Another Reason To Avoid Romantic Relationships In The Workplace

When you get into an office affair, colleagues and subordinates will always carry negative thoughts about you. Additionally, if you are having an extramarital affair, then your reputation will be tarnished to a great extent.

People will spread rumors and every rumor will have a different version of you. It may have damaging effects on your status in the organization. And once you are termed devious and untrustworthy, then that will lead to a sense of distrust among your superiors too.

Romantic Relationships In The Workplace May Make You Lose Your Job

There are no second thoughts about this. You may lose your job if you do not conform to the rules of your organization. As mentioned before, some organizations have a strict code of conduct. They do not entertain office romance and other undesirable practices.

If you end up having an affair in the office, either you will be asked to resign or will be terminated without any notice. And a termination letter can cost you a lot when looking for another job.

Mental Health Will Hit a Setback Once You Get Into Romantic Relationships At The Workplace

Every office romance comes with a set of emotional traumas. Whether you end on a good note or a bad note, you have to go through a traumatic phase. Even while in a steady affair you have to go through trials and tribulations.

Imagine the mental agony when you break up and look forward to a new beginning in life. You lose focus on life, some people move towards alcohol abuse and drug addiction. Everything goes haywire and that’s where you start losing your mental health. Protect yourself from the stress. Love yourself first.


No doubt attraction is quite common at work. But you should always keep a safe distance from your attraction. Never disclose your feelings on the office premises. Step out of your work, invite that person to a social place then open up. Even if you get into a relationship with someone from your work, quit the job and keep it to yourself. Do not reveal the reason.

Even if you marry the person from your office, you should quit the job. Studies confirm married people working in the same organization often have to face disastrous life situations. In that case, it may lead to another office affair or even a divorce.

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