Flirting, flings, and casual dating are all the activities that you do when you aren’t sure of having one life partner. But when you go through a series of breakups or dumping games, you realize you need a girl who will love you unconditionally. But believe me, there is no such thing as unconditional love in today’s world unless it is for a dog and human friendship. Animals shower a different level of affection on humans. We humans are just dumbasses who enjoy playing with others’ emotions. So, dear men, if you have not found that- she is the one yet, then here are some signs that will help you to identify who the keeper is.

Why she is the one you should get hitched to, here are the signs:

1. You have developed strong feelings for your best friend

It is indeed your good luck when you find a lover in your best friend. When there is friendship in a relationship, it flourishes. That’s because friends are better at expressing themselves.

You can open up to your friends and share your feelings. It becomes easier to communicate when you know you are talking to your friend. So, when you develop strong feelings for your best friend, it is a sign that you love her. It is time, you should approach her with your proposal as soon as you can because maybe she is the one for sure.

2. Her gestures indicate affection

Well, it depends on what kind of gestures make you believe that someone also has feelings for you. But gestures like hugging, giving pecks on the forehead or cheeks, holding hands, and patting on thighs or back are signs indicating affection.

Of late, if she has been showing these signs, then she is somewhat into you. Maybe you should pick it up as a sign and ask her on a date. If she agrees, then she is the one made for you. Treat her like a queen.

3. The communication is always smooth

The key to a successful relationship is two-way communication. And if the communication is smooth like butter, then, you are in a healthy relationship. The secret lies in the fact- how openly you can communicate with your partner.

Of course, no secrets and no foul language are the primary components of healthy communication. And if you and your girl have been doing it for a long, then you can be certain that she is the one you should be living with for the rest of your life.

4. She understands you well and shows concern

The way communication is important, likewise, understanding and concern also play a vital role in a relationship. Look how she treats you when you are sad or upset. If she shows signs of concern and understanding towards you, it means she cares about you.

Also, you should be showing care and concern towards her. If you are only the taker and not the giver, then the affection from her end will subside. Do not let that happen. A relationship is also about giving and taking. The more you give, the more you receive.

5. She never attempts to change you

If a woman loves you for what you are, she will never compare you with other men. That is the first sign that she does not want you to change. Also, she will never ask you to do things that will hurt your self-respect.

If you have found a woman who accepts you the way you are, you are a lucky man indeed. Once you get such positive vibes from a woman, then you can be sure that she is the one who will always keep you happy.

6. Her goals and ambitions are aligned with that of yours

It could be your friend or a colleague who shares everything about herself. If she shares her goals and you think that she is alike, then you two will get along well with each other. Try opening up your plans with her.

The more she gives out details about her ambitions, the more you will realize how close you are to her. A woman does not disclose everything unless she is sure with whom she is sharing her life. But actions and expressions will drop a hint that she is in love with you. So, what should you be doing? Yes, propose her!

7. She is the one because she confides in you

It is an open secret (LOL) if a woman shares her secrets with you, she believes you are her confidant. Who doesn’t like being a trustworthy man? If she treats you like a best friend and shares in and out about her feelings, then yes, you are the one for her.

That indirectly specifies that she is the one for you as well. You will never find a good friend and a life partner in the same person. But if you are lucky enough, you can get a best friend in your partner, provided she also feels the same about you.

8. There is no interference in your space, hence she is the one you should wife up

Nobody likes interference in personal space. And to have a healthy relationship, couples must give space to each other. It is necessary to have some breather so that you don’t feel suffocated in each other’s presence.

If your partner gives you space and respects your freedom, she is the one who should be valued. Also, it is your responsibility to give her enough space to enjoy her life on her terms. That way you both will be happy together.

9. You both have developed strong intellectual ties

You develop a strong bond not only by having similar ambitions and goals in life but also by having a strong intellectual connection. That way you are on the same wavelength most of the time. You will always have healthy arguments.

Also, when your mindsets match, you will hardly have any bitter quarrels. So, you will have a lot of topics to talk about once you grow older. When you turn 60 or 70, physical love fades away, and only the intellectual bonding flourishes.

10. She is the one you should marry because she understands that a few compromises are necessary for a relationship

Okay, so let’s be clear on this part- compromises are necessary, but they have to be done from both ends. You should not expect your partner to do the hard work and compromise her happiness.

If she is willingly compromising something for you, then you must adore and respect her. And if you have been compromising on something for her then ask for the same level of respect and admiration from her. Share the burden of problems equally. There should be a balance of love and compromise in your relationship.


Relationships are demanding. You need to invest enough time and feelings to make it work. In today’s digital world where you get access to meeting people through dating apps and other digital mediums, it is difficult to find someone who can stay loyal to you forever.

However, the points mentioned in this blog can help you learn whether you have found your match or not. Also, there could be other meaningful signs as well that your instincts would tell you. Pay attention to your gut feelings. If you find the one just put a ring on her.

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